48 Hours a Day

C.1367: Clues And RewardsFeb 21, 2023

Chapter 1367: Clues And Rewards

Zhang Heng’s appearance was like a pebble that had fallen into a pool of water. It caused a ripple in the little girl’s originally peaceful life.

Although Zhang Heng spent most of his time in his own cave, other than eating, he would make a trip to the little girl’s Cave whenever he was out, whether it was to cut down trees in the woods or dig up wild vegetables to hunt, he would ask them if they needed anything.

At first, the little girl was a little shy, so she mostly hid behind the old man. However, she gradually grew bolder. One time, she even quietly followed Zhang Heng. When Zhang Heng saw her, he did not wave his hand to chase her away, instead, he took the initiative to teach her some knowledge about plants.

From then on, every time Zhang Heng went out, the little girl would follow behind him. Therefore, Zhang Heng also taught her how to make traps to catch rabbits and how to fish with rocks. As for climbing trees, Zhang Heng did not need to teach her, the girl was quite skilled herself. She even took out bird eggs to give to Zhang Heng as a gift.

Unfortunately, happy times were always short.

Ten days later, a convoy drove into the small village deep in the mountains. From the SUV at the front, a man wearing a bulletproof vest and sunglasses got out.

He waved his hand to drive away the spectating kids. Then, he walked straight into the village committee’s door. Ignoring the village officials who were welcoming him, he walked straight to a middle-aged man who was about forty years old, he asked, “Where is he?”

The middle-aged man, who was the village secretary of this small village, immediately said to his deputy, “Go, get the broadcasting station to call Chao Ying over.”

However, just as the man took a step forward, he was stopped by a man wearing a bulletproof vest. “Come back.”Then, he looked at the village secretary with a half-smile on his face. He looked around the office that was about to be filled with people, “Do you still remember what I told you before? The target is a very cunning and fierce fugitive who has taken more than 20 lives. You must not alert the enemy before you make your move. In the end, you made such a big welcome. Are you afraid that people will not know that we are coming?”

The village secretary smiled embarrassedly when he heard that.

“Forget it. I Don’t blame you for the welcome, but you must not use the radio. Find someone to lead the way. We will find the person called Chao Ying Ourselves.”

“Okay.”The village secretary wiped the sweat from his forehead and hurriedly agreed.

Therefore, three minutes later, the person who was sent to the radio station also got into the SUV and came to a field at the westernmost part of the village. A farmer named Wang Chaoying was fertilizing the field, the Man in bulletproof clothing saw the figure of the head of the field from afar. He jumped out of the car and walked to the front of the man without caring about the muddy road.

“Ten days ago, were you the one who saw a polo drive into the mountains?”

“What kind of broken gong?”Wang Chaoying was a little confused and didn’t know what the man on the other side was talking about.

The Man in the bulletproof vest wasn’t in a hurry. He took out a photo from his pocket and handed it to Wang chaoying. “It’s the car in the photo.”

“OH.”Wang chaoying wiped his hands on his clothes and took the photo with his calloused palm. He looked at it carefully a few times and finally said in an uncertain tone, “It should be this one.”

The Man in the bulletproof vest smiled. He knew why the farmer in front of him was hesitating. It was not because he did not see it clearly at that time, but because he was afraid that he would get into trouble after seeing today’s situation, that was why he subconsciously did not want to say it out loud.

The Man in the bulletproof vest did not make things difficult for him. He only continued to ask, “There is only one person in the car, right?”

“I think so.”

Wang chaoying answered while looking at the convoy beside the field with some fear.

“Thank you for your cooperation. I have nothing more to ask. I wish you a good harvest this year.”After saying that, the man in the bulletproof vest put away the photo and returned to the car. He said into the walkie-talkie, “It’s confirmed. He’s here.”

After saying that, he put down the walkie-talkie and let the person in the back seat take out a heavy, large suitcase from the trunk and hand it to the village cadre who had come with him, “This is the reward for providing clues. Don’t worry, it’s legal income. You can use it for anything.”

The village cadre opened the suitcase and saw the one million cash inside. He felt as if his breathing had become heavier. It was true that some villages were very wealthy, and every household had two or three scooters, but their village clearly did not belong to such a situation.

There was even a moment when he did not want to return to the village committee. The idea of taking the box of money and running away flashed through his mind. However, the box was so heavy that he could not run far even if he wanted to.

“Send a car to send him back. After that, we will prepare to enter the mountains.”After the man in bulletproof clothing dealt with the clues, he refastened his seatbelt, “Tell everyone to get ready for battle. Our opponent this time is not easy to deal with. It is best for everyone to use their strength to deal with the gods.”

“Aren’t you exaggerating a little too much?”Seeing the village official being escorted out of the car, another person in the back row spoke up, “The three large guilds have all made their moves. Three of the top ten players on the player leaderboard have already made it. No matter how powerful Simon is, there’s no way he can escape like last time, right?”

However, another person, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly spoke up, “What did the arc of light say? Do they still want to talk to Simon at this time?”? “We don’t have much time left, right? If Cthulhu really takes over Simon’s body, then the entire world will be in danger. Did the arc of Light’s group lose their heads? After their guild leader was heavily injured in the siege in February, they suddenly changed their attitude. Are they planning to put down the butcher’s knife, eat vegetarian food, and pray?”

The man in bulletproof clothing sneered when he heard this. However, he did not explain much and only said.., “Ignore them. Although we don’t want to admit it, there are indeed many experts in the arc of light. If February’s siege was not heavily injured, it would not be a problem to say that they are the leaders of the three great guilds. We still need their help for this operation. At the very least, our initial goal is to capture Simon first. “What happens after that is nothing more than a bullet. As long as our hands are fast enough, the arc of Light’s people won’t be able to do anything about it.”

“Alright, you’re right.”The two people in the backseat checked the weapons in their hands and also put on bulletproof vests like the person in front of them, one of them was holding the fire qilin, which had once been the most popular weapon in a FPS game.

The team continued to drive deeper into the mountains in a somber atmosphere. They were clearly the attackers in the battle, but most people were not relaxed. There was nothing they could do. The shadow of a famous tree.., simon was too famous among the players. The battle at the headquarters of the deputy building proved this point once again.

Therefore, even those who thought that this operation would succeed did not think that the following battle would be easy.