Defense Specialization and Daily Life

After some time, winter began in earnest, and [New World Online] also changed.


“It’s snowing!”

Maple and Sally stared at the rain of snow falling from the sky.

After December, snow started to fall in each area.

Although it wasn’t a large-scale one, an event was held every season, in which they had to collect and exchange the drop items of monsters.

Snow graced every floor—from the 1st to the 9th.

“Seems like it’ll keep snowing until Christmas. Apparently, the surface of the water on the 8th Floor is partially frozen.”

“Maybe it’ll aid with the exploration?”

“However, it means that you can no longer dive. There are pros and cons.”

“I see…”

—At any rate. This time, their goal was to leisurely collect drop items. Time was aplenty. If they log in every day and defeat some monsters, they could easily obtain all the exchange items.

As expected, there were no medals, and instead, there were potions, materials, golds, and stylish costumes. But apparently, near the end, one would be able to obtain items that could increase status for guild home, so it was worth it.

But they also had another reason. Maple and Sally went to the field on the 9th Floor.

Although event items could be obtained from any floor, the 9th Floor was ideal because the monsters weren’t that difficult, and the field was easy to explore. They could easily level up there.

As they approached the exit of the town, they saw two people waving at them.


“This way!”

 “Y-Yui! Coming right up!”

“Right, Tsukimi!”


“Let me give you a ride.”

Maple and Sally were picked up by Tsukimi and Yukimi, who’d grown into giants, and jumped straight out onto the field.

“Please go to this place.”

“I understand!”

The two rallied Yukimi and Tsukimi. Although only two people could ride at the same time, they were much faster than Syrup, whom they forced to fly. Even though normally, Syrup could only walk on land.

The four of them arrived at an extremely dangerous area where flames were erupting from all over the place, creating multiple damage zones both in the air and on the ground.

“This place is full of monsters… But you see, you can temporarily extinguish the fire using water magic.”

The three understood what Sally was getting at.

“It’s my time to shine!”

Maple activated [Helping Hand] and prepared to protect everyone. The falling flames and the burning earth were powerless against Maple’s defensive power.

“Now, we’ll be fine!”

“You’re a great help!”

“With this, we can venture inside…!”

“It’ll be a different story if the damage is fixed…”

If it was lava instead of fire, Maple, who’d experienced the former in the past, would get her hands full.

As the three of them stepped inside, fireballs spewed from here and there, dyeing their vision red.

“We’ll cover you, so I leave the rest to you.”

““Of course!””

Mai and Yui returned Tsukimi and Yukimi to their rings, and brandished eight great hammers.



As the water spread under their feet, the flames disappeared, and in an attempt to stop them, the monsters rushed towards Sally.

From the opposite direction, the monsters aggroed by Maple’s [Provoke] were rushing towards her. At the same time, a mass of irons spun around the four of them.

The monster charged towards them, but the six sledgehammers laid them to waste.

Due to the effects of the [Decisive Battle], the greatly enhanced giant hammer became an impenetrable wall that ward off any approaching monsters. In fact, they weren’t even given a chance to fight back. All of them were defeated in an instant.

“We’re doing great, it seems.”

“Let’s go forward while spinning like this!”

“More are coming!”

“I can still conjure more water with my skills, so let’s take care of them. This is a little-known spot, and I believe only Maple can see through it, but still, be careful…”

If any players came into contact with the spinning sledgehammer, they’d surely be bounced off. God knows how far they’d be flown off, but it certainly wouldn’t be comfortable.

“Oh, they dropped something!”

Drop items scattered underneath the sledgehammer that’d turned into a crusher.

A bright red Santa hat.

No doubt about it, it was a drop item for the new event.

“I’ll pick them up, so concentrate on taking the monsters out!”

“I’ll cover you!”

“Of course!”

“Go, go!”

Mai, Yui, and Maple.

The three of them, who boasted unusual strength in battle against monsters that they weren’t disadvantaged against, could do ultra-high-speed hunting as long as the environment was accommodating. It wouldn’t be strange if there were no players who could top Mai and Yui’s clearing speed. Now, all they had to do was defeat and summon monsters. If no one was around, it’d be perfect.

It was the perfect hunting ground that met all the conditions. Sally stared at the orbiting sledgehammer as she collected the drops.

“You’re getting better at it.”

“Do you mean the sledgehammer? Or the [Helping Hand]?”


Maple was scared at first, but as she continued to use [Helping Hand] in her daily routine, she grew accustomed to it. Although she was still hesitant to explore the 6th Floor, with [Helping Hand], she might be able to do it.

“How about you, Sally? I think Sally can use it better!”

“Ah, I’ll think about it…”

“I can teach you anytime!”

“Fufu, thank you.”

As per their goal to collect items, the monsters exploded and the drop items scattered like fountains.

The two of them watched at Mai and Yui’s stampede, thinking that the two had become the stars again.