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Chapter 10 Became the real daughter of a top wealthy family

"Then are you left-handed or right-handed? Do you usually hold the knife with your left hand or your right hand during surgery?"

He was really curious.

"I'm fine with both hands."

"You... are you really human??"

At this time, an old man who rushed over yelled, "Everyone, let's all, hey, Xiaoyan girl, why are you here?"

Ouyan's eyes were clear and bright, she was a little surprised to see this person, "Grandpa Tang?"

"Girl Xiaoyan, you were also invited by Boy Si to perform surgery on Old Man Si? I don't know if I have the honor to help you?"

"I'm done."

"What? Finished?"

The traffic jam on the road just now caused him to run all the way, and he was almost out of breath. In the end, his surgery was finished!

"You, did you do it alone?" Tang Changhai asked panting before he came up.

"And him."

Tang Lao Xun looked at the reputation, saw the person standing next to her clearly, and suddenly said in astonishment, "Stinky boy, why are you here?"

"Grandpa..." Tang Yiyang replied helplessly, "This is where I work."

Sure enough, grandpa forgot again...

However, the grandfather, who has always been eccentric and proud of his talents, actually spoke softly in front of a little girl, and even seemed to be flattering!

Tang Yiyang was really shocked!

Who is this Ou Xiaoyan?

To make his grandfather admire him to such an extent, besides his excellent medical skills, what other identity does he have?

"You boy, being able to be Xiaoyan's assistant is a blessing you have cultivated in ten lifetimes!"

An assistant...a blessing from ten lifetimes? ?

Is there something seriously wrong with his grandpa's brain?

Although the little girl has excellent medical skills, she is not so exaggerated.

"I asked you to take care of the old lady Bai in Room 301, have you taken care of it?" Tang Changhai asked casually.

Tang Yiyang had no choice but to say: "I go to see it every day..."

"What every day!" Mr. Tang interrupted before he finished speaking, "From now on, there will be three quarters a day at a fixed time, and you must go see it!"

"Grandpa, I'm busy..."

It's not like you can be around Granny Bai 24 hours a day!

"Let you serve some snacks, you really don't care! Xiaoyan girl, wait, I'll teach him a lesson first!" Tang Changhai was not polite, he raised his hand and hit him on the shoulder, "You brat, I haven't seen you for too long It's rough, right..."

"Grandpa, this is a hospital where noise is prohibited..."

"You brat, you still run, you think I can't catch up, don't you? I just ran three kilometers..."

ten minutes later.

The distinguished Rolls-Royce drove into the gate of the lake villa on the other side.

33 sets of luxurious private villas stand beside the lake, supreme.

The car passed through the spacious green road and stopped in front of one of the villas.

A couple had been waiting outside the gate for a long time, and when they saw the car coming from Old Liu...the two looked at each other, obviously stunned.

"What's going on?" Li Yuanfu asked first.

Why did the car look like this?

Where's his baby girl? ? ?

Are you all right? ?

The image of the driver getting off the car stunned Song Qiaoying. Song Qiaoying couldn't believe it. "Old Liu, your glasses, your clothes... There was a car accident on the road? Where is Yanyan? Is she okay?"

As they spoke, the couple hurriedly looked at the back seat of the car...

"Miss Six is ​​fine, I was accidentally rear-ended by a truck on the way to go by myself..." The driver hurriedly opened the door and said respectfully, "Miss Six, your home is here!"

Ou Yan raised her eyes, and met the two eyes outside the car.

Song Qiaoying was so beautiful when she was young, even more beautiful than the entertainment actresses of that era, but now she is fifty years old, her whole body exudes a gentle and dignified aura.

When she saw Ouyan, she couldn't help but her eyes turned red, "You are Yanyan? My precious daughter."

Ouyan's feet just hit the ground, and the next second, she was hugged by Song Qiaoying.

"finally found you!"

Ouyan was not used to the sudden hug, but felt a little warm.

"Let mom take a look." Song Qiaoying held Ouyan's face in her hands. The child's facial features are very good, and her skin is fair and tender. With tears in her eyes, she asked lovingly, "How have you been in the Bai family these years?" ?”


One simple word made Song Qiaoying shed two lines of tears, it's good, it's good that she didn't bully her precious girl!

"Daughter is back, we should be happy..." The person who spoke was Li Yuanfu, his eyes were a little red, "If you have anything to say, don't let the baby girl get tired..."

"Yes, Yanyan, come in..." Song Qiaoying said, taking off Ouyan's backpack and handing it to Li Yuanfu.

Li Yuanfu held the bag without any famous brand logo, and looked at Ouyan's back, and couldn't help but feel a sore nose. Is the girl doing well these years? You are a big girl, why are you still carrying such an ordinary bag? Not even a designer dress?

Thinking of this, he slowed down and waited until they were far away before taking out his mobile phone, "Order one hundred pieces of clothing, one hundred pairs of shoes, one hundred bags for my daughter, and I want a unique style in the world! It must be delivered before sunset today." Come!"

"Yanyan, from now on, this is your home." Song Qiaoying took Ouyan's hand and walked into the gate of the villa.

The garden is full of exotic flowers and plants, such as nine million fire lilies, ten million Juliet roses, etc., can be seen everywhere here.

In the middle of the garden stood thirty servants, including butlers, drivers, doormen, cooks, gardeners, servants and bodyguards...

They all bowed together: "Welcome Miss Six home!"

Pass through the fairytale-like garden and enter the main hall, where you can see precious calligraphy and paintings and expensive antiques everywhere...

Didn’t it mean that her family is poor?

Ou Yan's eyes fell on a painting. At the auction not long ago, this "Five Kings Returning Drunken" sold for a sky-high price of 300 million!

This is an excellent work by Ren Renfa, a famous horse painting master in the Yuan Dynasty. Ou Yan can tell that it is an authentic work.

Song Qiaoying followed her gaze, as if she had found a topic, and asked happily, "Yan Yan, do you like that painting? Shall I have someone hang it in your room?"

"No need." She was just surprised that there are so many collections in her home, but it's a pity that this "Five Kings Drunk Returning" hangs among the pile of modern art paintings, which looks abrupt and out of place.

"Don't you like Yanyan? Come on, put away the painting!" Li Yuanfu who followed immediately ordered.

The housekeeper on the side was a little bit reluctant.

You must know that this painting "Five Kings Returning Drunk" was originally collected in the Qing Palace, and it is a rare and high-quality treasure. The master actually wants to put away the painting because of this sixth lady who has never seen the world!

The point is, Miss Yusha likes this painting!

Ou Yan could see the hostility in the housekeeper's eyes. The hostility was obviously directed at her, but she didn't care. By the way, she gave a suggestion to her parents, "You can hang it inside."

Her gaze fell on a tea room not far away, where there were several works by Ren Renfa, which matched with the antique tea room style, especially showing the taste.

But the butler felt distressed. Such an expensive painting was meant to be hung up for others to see. Sure enough, this country girl didn't know the value of this painting!

"I also think it's good to hang inside!" Song Qiaoying was the first to support, "My precious daughter is really discerning!"

Butler: …

(end of this chapter)