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Chapter 695 Beat me up

"Ah..." Li Yusha just screamed, and the red wine flowed into her mouth.

Even if she closed her eyes tightly, some of the red wine still flowed into her eyes, making her uncomfortable.

There are also ears, because she was pressed on the dinner plate with her face sideways, and a lot of red wine was poured into one ear.

Ou Yan grabbed her hair vigorously, poured two bottles of red wine directly on her face, her expression remained unchanged.

Li Yusha waved her hands behind her back and beat her desperately, trying to hit Ouyan, but was held down by two waiters.

Two bottles of red wine were poured all over her head and face. Even though there was heating in the restaurant, she was still shivering from the cold of the red wine flowing into her clothes.

Damn Ouyan, how dare you...

How dare you humiliate her in front of so many people...

Ouyan let go of her hand after pouring the wine, and easily threw her aside.

Li Yusha lost her balance and fell to the ground, hitting her head on the chair next to her.

Manager Hao and several waiters hurried forward, surrounded Ouyan and asked, "Miss Ouyan, are you okay?"

One of them handed Ouyan a sterilized wet towel to wipe her hands, the other carefully wiped the wine stains on Ouyan's body, the four cleaned up the messy cups and plates on the table and put on a new tablecloth, and the other squatted down to give Ouyan Yan wiped off the wine stains on the shoes, and hurriedly mopped the floor alone...

On the other hand, Li Yusha was in a mess and no one cared about her.


Could it be that this **** just spent a lot of money and became a VIP guest here? !

"Miss Ouyan, I am really sorry to have surprised you. I have brought you a bad dining experience. I will ask someone to drive her out!"

Manager Hao hurriedly called the security guards, and said, "If you see this lunatic in the future, don't let her in!"

"What lunatic... let me go, let go..." Li Yusha was dragged out.

Che Suyun received a call after going to the bathroom. It was her subordinates who were reporting to her. She was a little impatient after listening to the other party's rambunctious talk, "Looking restaurant, 69th floor, come and tell me."

After listening to his long talk for about 20 minutes, her precious niece also waited for 20 minutes...

Che Suyun put away her mobile phone and stepped on her high heels impatiently. As soon as she appeared in the restaurant, Manager Hao hurriedly followed her footsteps, carefully explaining what happened just now.

Che Suyun saw that all the other guests in the restaurant had left, and the table for her and her niece had been rearranged. A bunch of waiters stood neatly by their table, as if waiting for criticism.

"Miss Ouyan's position is a blind spot for monitoring, only the table legs, and the position below the man's waist were important pictures were captured." Manager Hao handed the ipad to Che Suyun with trembling hands.

Che Suyun's face was cold, she was originally glamorous and domineering, but now she became angry, and the aura all over her body was like a sharp knife, ready to cut people into pieces at any time.

It is true that only the person below the waist appears in the surveillance, and she is only known to be wearing a pink skirt, a pair of snow boots, and red wine flowing to the ground...

"What a mess!" Che Suyun didn't have the patience to read it all, and threw the ipad back to Manager Hao, "I just went to the bathroom, and my niece has been wronged so much, if I go home to get something, Is it okay to come back?"

Manager Hao has never seen Che Suyun lose such a temper, especially in the last sentence, Che Suyun raised the volume, which frightened the people present, and they bowed their heads.

"Mrs. Song, don't be angry, I'll ask the people below..." Manager Hao couldn't bear Che Suyun's anger, so he could only quickly find someone to back him up.

He angrily questioned the waiter in front of him, "Say, who put that lunatic in?"

A terrified young girl stood up and was so frightened that she almost cried.

"I'm sorry for the manager. She said she knew Miss Ouyan, and she wanted to say a few words to Miss Ouyan. I saw her wearing a limited-edition suit and dressed like a wealthy daughter. I thought she was Miss Ouyan's friend, so I didn't dare to neglect her. Let her in..."

After all, Miss Ouyan's friend, she doesn't dare to question too much!

If she obstructs in various ways, she might be criticized...

"I never thought she was a psychopath...I'm sorry manager, I was wrong, and I will never dare again..." Xiao Shu was so frightened that she burst into tears, looking at a loss.

"Do you think you'll be fine if you say I'm sorry? Didn't you see Miss Ouyan splashing champagne? Do you know how much Miss Ouyan's clothes cost? I'm afraid I'll scare you to death!"

"I'm sorry, manager, I'm really sorry, I'm going to apologize to Miss Ouyan..." Xiao Shu came to Ouyan again, kept bowing and admitting his mistake, and cried, "I'm sorry Miss Ouyan, I'm sorry Mrs. Song...I really I don't know her identity, if I knew she dared to do such a crazy thing, I wouldn't let her in even if I killed her..."

"Stop crying and crying to affect Miss Ouyan and Mrs. Song's mood! Now that things have happened, what's the use of apologizing!" Manager Hao scolded angrily, scaring Xiao Shu into crying even more aggrieved.

"I don't blame you." Ou Yan looked up at the girl in front of her, but she was about the same age as her, but she came out to work to earn money.

Seeing that things had turned around, Manager Hao hurriedly scolded, "Miss Ouyan is generous, I don't blame you, why don't you hurry up and thank Miss Ouyan! You must know that Miss Ouyan's clothes really cost you, you have to pay fifty I can't afford to pay for it for a year!"

Xiao Shu naturally knew how expensive Ouyan's clothes were, and she really had no money to pay for them. Miss Ouyan was kind and magnanimous, so she was about to kneel down in gratitude.

Ouyan immediately reached out to stop her, "You are right, why are you kneeling?"

If every customer has to go through detailed questioning before entering the restaurant, will the restaurant still be open? Which guest dares to come?

Who can guarantee that the guests will not lie? Is a nice guy?

"Besides, you have wiped the wine stains off my clothes for the first time, and I thank you."

Xiao Shu didn't expect Miss Ouyan to say thank you to her in turn, tears streaming down her face.

Che Suyun knew that the source was not from the restaurant, but the pink skirt in the surveillance reminded her of someone.

She couldn't help asking, "Yanyan, is she the one who robbed you of your clothes on Liser Street today? Do you know each other?"

Ouyan said frankly, "It's her, I know her."

"You all go down."

Che Suyun couldn't swallow this breath, she took out her mobile phone and sent it to Leonor, "There is a girl who left from the viewing restaurant, wearing a pink suit, snow boots, and brown curly hair, find her and put it in a cloth bag for me Take a beat."

Leno is the subordinate she received from Alex, and she is loyal to her.

After Che Suyun gave the order, she put away her phone again, and looked at Ouyan, "Did you suffer just now?"

Ou Yan smiled lightly, "No, she is the one who suffers."

(end of this chapter)