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Chapter 701 Can you take me there?


Che Suyun knocked on the door of Ouyan's room, and personally delivered the dress to her.

"Tonight is your third uncle's birthday party, your uncle is not free, let's go."

Ouyan's third uncle is the third brother of the grandfather and the third uncle of the mother.

"Here is your dress, we will leave in half an hour."

After Che Suyun went downstairs, she put on a long red dress for herself. The silk velvet fabric kept her warm and comfortable. Her beautiful short hair made her look elegant, her earrings were eye-catching, and her necklace was bright.

Ou Yan went downstairs after changing clothes, and saw Che Suyun's graceful appearance from a distance.

She was already beautiful and charming, but with the embellishment of jewelry, she looked more elegant and noble.

"Have you changed?" Hearing Ouyan's voice coming downstairs, Che Suyun looked back, smiling with appreciation and approval, "Not bad, it looks good."

The long dress she chose for Ouyan was majestic and beautiful. The main theme was light purple. Ouyan simply tied her head with a ball. The whole person looked a little more cold and noble, like a little fairy walking out of a fairyland .

Not everyone can control this style and color well, but Ouyan did it simply.

"Your skirt is made of warm fabric, and there are heaters in the car and your third uncle's house, so it won't be cold." Che Suyun said softly, "Tonight, my aunt will speak first. If anything happens, you can protect yourself." Just do it."

Ou Yan heard that this banquet was unusual, raised her eyes and asked, "What about aunt?"

"If my aunt is not sure, she won't participate." Che Suyun smiled, her red lips raised, confident and beautiful.

at this time.

A figure got out of the car and came to the gate of the villa. The security guard recognized her identity and immediately became surprised, "Miss Yusha, why are you here?"

"What, I can't come?"

Li Yusha is wearing a Chanel tweed suit today, looking dignified and beautiful.

When she was beaten last night, she tightly protected her face. Although she couldn't see any injuries on her face, only she knew how painful she was all over.

When she took a shower last night, she saw with her own eyes that there were countless bruises on her body, and almost none of them were intact...

"No, no, no, Miss Yusha can come, not to mention the husband and wife, I am also very happy... It's just that the husband has gone abroad, so I will tell the wife right away..."

"No need, I want to give my aunt a surprise, open the door." At this time, Li Yusha resisted the pain all over her body, and kept everyone's ladylike smile, "I have some greeting gifts in the car, and you can ask someone to move it in for me later... "

"Miss Yusha is really filial, every time she comes, she will have a gift to honor Mrs. and Mrs...."

"You also have a share."

Before coming here, after thinking about it, Li Yusha always felt that Ouyan came to the uncle's house one step ahead of her, and would definitely bribe the servants here...

She can't be inferior!

"We also have a share?" The security guard said in surprise, "I thank Miss Yusha on behalf of the others..."

The door opened, and Li Yusha walked in gracefully.

There are a few servants cleaning the fountain pool in the garden.

"Have you heard? Yesterday, a rich lady who was self-sufficient offended his wife on Liser Street. The wife ordered all shops not to sell to her."

"Is it true? Is there anyone in this world who is so ignorant? Having such gall to make my wife unhappy? Isn't this asking for trouble?"

"No, it's probably because she is used to being arrogant and pampered at home, thinking that the whole world has to give in to her, but she doesn't know whose territory this is, even a strong dragon can't overwhelm a local snake!"

"It's probably not from our side. If it is, everyone has the guts to come forward... Especially yesterday, my wife took her niece out shopping and she was in a good mood, but someone came to her in front of her. How can she not clean up..."

"I don't know who this poor young lady is. This story has been widely spread. I'm afraid it will be difficult to get married in the future."

Li Yusha subconsciously clenched her fists.

At that time, many owners of luxury cars were watching by the side. Those who could afford to visit Liser Avenue were not ordinary people.

In case it is passed around, it will be passed back to the country, and it will be passed to the ears of teachers and classmates...

If those suitors know...

That's embarrassing!

I don’t know if passers-by secretly took photos, and whether there are videos circulating in private...

If there is, it will be troublesome...

Several servants continued to whisper.

"Did you see the clothes, shoes and bags my wife bought for Miss Ouyan yesterday? They are so beautiful."

"My wife's aesthetics has always been online, and her taste is well-known in the entire upper class..."

"It looks like it must be tens of millions smaller, my wife is really kind to Miss Ouyan."

"After all, she is my own niece, so she finally got her back, can you please?"

When Li Yusha heard this, she clenched her fists tightly!

At this moment, whoever spotted her figure was so frightened that she hurriedly got up, bent down and said, "Miss Yusha, why are you here?"

The other servants followed the prestige, put down their work one after another, stood up and bowed one by one, "Miss Yusha, I'm glad you can come, sir and wife must be very happy to see you."

Li Yusha raised a decent smile, "Where's Auntie?"

"The wife is inside."

"I'm going to give her a surprise, you guys are busy."

Seeing Li Yusha leaving gracefully, the servants just wanted to say something, but they didn't have time to say it.

Miss Yusha probably doesn't know that his wife and Miss Ouyan are going to a birthday party...

Li Yusha put all the unhappiness behind her and walked lightly into the living room. Seeing that Che Suyun was smiling and talking to someone, she jumped out and shouted happily, "Aunt—"

As soon as her smile bloomed, she saw Ouyan who was also wearing a dress standing opposite her aunt...

Where are they going with this posture? ?

"Sasha? Are you here?"

Che Suyun heard that she came to France last night, so she was not surprised to see her at this time, but her smile was full of doting.

"Long time no see, she's getting more and more mischievous, and even jumped out on purpose to scare my aunt."

Li Yusha laughed, looked at Ouyan again, and called her sister sweetly.

Ouyan ignored her, but the sharp-eyed Che Suyun noticed this, Che Suyun smiled calmly, "Aren't you going to ask my aunt to send a car to pick her up?"

"Auntie..." Li Yusha hugged her suddenly coquettishly, and said with emotion, "If you hadn't stood in front of me alive, I really couldn't believe that I would still be able to hug you in this life...It's really amazing that you can come back alright!"

When she said this, her voice was still a little choked up, "Auntie, I miss you so much... It seems that my visits to those temples were not in vain, and my wishes were not in vain. Seeing you standing here is really worth everything ..."

"Did you go to the temple to pray for me?" Che Suyun looked down at the child and smiled, "Why are you still crying?"

"It's okay..." Li Yusha laughed through tears immediately, "I'm so happy to see my aunt coming back, I couldn't hold back..."

"You silly boy." Che Suyun smiled.

"Auntie, you and your sister are wearing dresses, where are you going?" Li Yusha hugged Che Suyun's hand coquettishly, "Can you take me with you? I'm so bored by myself..."

"Your third uncle's birthday, I will go with your sister." Che Suyun said with a smile, "Go pick a room to rest for a while, we will be back soon."

I still have important things to do tonight, so it's not convenient to take her with me.

She has been raised and raised since she was a child, and tonight's occasion is not suitable for her...

(end of this chapter)