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Chapter 714 Eat Fried Chicken Together

On the way to the hospital.

Song Chengzhi called another group of subordinates, but no one answered.

He had a sullen face, pondering, "Those people I sent to surround the villa, none of them can be contacted now, and it is very likely that they have been detained there by King's Landing..."

"Second brother, this is actually a good thing. There are at least two hundred people in your group. King's Landing will definitely send a lot of people to guard them. This shows that there are not many people he can mobilize. Tonight is really The best time for us to strike!"

Song Chengzhi's eyes flashed with hatred, "In short, only success is allowed, and failure is not allowed!"

In the hospital.

Che Suyun sat on a chair in the corridor, looking a little heavy.

The elevator door opened, and Song Chengzhi walked out with his third brother Song Zhengde, second cousin and third cousin.

"Suyun, why are you alone? Where is King's Landing?" Song Zhengde pretended to be concerned.

Che Suyun raised her sad eyes, "Why is Third Uncle here? Second Uncle, Second Cousin, and Third Cousin are also here?"

"Your father is lying in there, to be honest, we are also responsible..." Song Chengzhi pretended to blame himself, "I really can't sleep, come and have a look..."

"It turns out that the second uncle still has a little conscience. I thought that the second uncle's conscience was eaten by dogs. Now it seems that at least the heart is not so thoroughly black..."

"..." Song Chengzhi's face sank, but he had to lower his posture and said, "I know you hate Second Uncle. What happened tonight was because Second Uncle was impulsive, scared you, and left a bad impression on you. , Second Uncle apologizes to you here! Second Uncle agreed to all the conditions you made with your Third Uncle, and your Second Cousin and Third Cousin also said to go home and discuss with their partners..."

The second cousin and the third cousin hurriedly said, "Yes, that's right, we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible."

Che Suyun suddenly said leisurely, "Everyone promised so quickly, it always makes people feel cheated..."

"You child, we are elders at any rate, how could we still lie to you as a junior..." Song Zhengde hurriedly said, "Besides, you have King's Landing by your side, who dares to lie to you?"

"Then when will you guys give me a result?" Che Suyun seemed a little convinced.

"Before sunrise tomorrow, my second uncle assures you that I will convince your second and third aunts to write all the equity in their hands in your name!"

"A deal?"

"It's a deal!"

At this time, a voice came over: "What is a promise?"

"King's Lin..." All the elders looked together, and seeing this junior, they couldn't help being a little bit scared.

Song Zhengde was the first to ask, "Junlin, how is your father?"

"Third uncle seems to have forgotten that my dad will lie in it, and everyone here has something to do with it. What are you doing here now? Do you think my dad's condition is not serious enough? Do you want to get mad at him again?"

"Junlin, what happened tonight was a misunderstanding. If you don't believe me, you can ask Suyun... Your father and I are brothers. Seeing him lying in there makes me feel bad." Song Zhengde said in a low voice.

Song Chengzhi's tone was also a bit heavy, "As long as we think of your father still suffering inside, we will be restless... No, we have to see him with our own eyes to be at ease..."

In the operating room.

Song Dajiang and Ouyan toasted quietly. They sat on the ground drinking drinks and eating fried chicken.

"This chicken is good, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It would be even better if there were a few skewers..."

Ouyan couldn't help laughing, "Grandpa, you just recovered, you still need to eat lightly. Besides, the smell of grilled skewers is too strong, and people outside will definitely smell it after a while."

Although they opened the windows, they still felt the smell of fried chicken wafting through the operating room.

Not to mention skewers...

"Yanyan is right. The skewers are too strong. Fried chicken is fine. Grandpa is already very satisfied with fried chicken!"

At this time, Song Dajiang picked a big one and handed it over, "Yanyan, this one has a lot of meat, I'll give it to you, you're too thin, eat more."

Ou Yan took it with a smile. She usually likes to eat meat, but she never gains weight, which may be related to her love of drinking tea and lemonade.

"This is the first meal that grandpa and you ate. I didn't expect to eat it in such an environment... It's impressive."

Song Dajiang ate the fried chicken with big mouthfuls, thinking of the white-eyed wolves outside, he felt a little bad again.

Ouyan saw Grandpa's emotions and comforted her, "Although the truth makes people sad, it's better than being kept in the dark. Grandpa wanted to take care of and support them for many years for the sake of brotherhood, but what they want is Grandpa. uncle, and aunt's life and money."

Having said this, Ou Yan took out her mobile phone again, "I'll add my grandfather's WeChat account."

"Okay, okay..." Song Dajiang's mood improved a lot, and he hurriedly took out his mobile phone, "Do you scan me or I scan you?"

Ou Yan didn't expect her grandfather to know so much, and said with a smile, "Anything is fine."

"Then I'll scan you." After scanning her WeChat, Song Dajiang sent a friend request, and after Ou Yan agreed, he changed the note to her, "Little padded jacket Yanyan."

Ou Yan sent him a document, "I copied all the chat records in the mobile phone of Tang Steward at the third uncle's house, monitored his mobile phone, and found that they were plotting tonight's action, and that grandpa and grandma were in distress several times before, It's all related to them, I sorted out the information a little bit, and it's all here, and grandpa will treat it as an appetizer, don't get too angry after reading it, your body is important."

Song Dajiang didn't expect Baobao's granddaughter to be so powerful and get so much evidence.

Several times before he was in danger, he vaguely felt that it was related to the people around him, but he couldn't find any evidence...

did not expect…

The granddaughter was found out for him at once.

He read all the materials, gulped down his drink, and clicked on the surveillance video that Suyun had just sent him in the car.

"As a junior, he didn't even attend your third uncle's birthday party. Does he still see elders like us? Who does he think he is?"

"You are not afraid of death, you want to follow your husband, do whatever you want, but the girl next to you is innocent... She was finally found back, she hasn't enjoyed the glory and wealth, she just disappeared..."

The more Song Dajiang listened to it, the more he felt that there was a thunderbolt. It turned out that where he couldn't see, his brothers and feet turned out to be like this!

Not only caused the plane his son was flying to explode, but also wanted Suyun to transfer all his shares and property to them, and also bullied his granddaughter...

"A wealthy family, how can there be any family affection?"

"For the sake of brotherhood, we will save his life. He has been proud of his life for half his life. It is time for him to see our scenery, especially after the death of his proud eldest son. Next, he will be more I can experience all the flavors of life, and I can imagine his mood behind..."

(end of this chapter)