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Chapter 723 It's not your turn to teach me

Ouyan asked several places in a row, all said pain, "There is obvious edema in the local area, which is muscle tissue damage. As for whether there are fractures or ligament damage, it is best to go to the hospital to take a lumbar spine X-ray to clarify it further."

Although based on her experience, there is no such thing, but to be on the safe side, it is better to go there.

"If it's a muscle injury, how long do you need to rest?" Che Suyun on the side couldn't help asking.

Ouyan didn't expect her aunt to come too, and said truthfully, "Generally speaking, you need to stay in bed for three or four weeks, and you also need to take some medicines to promote blood circulation and relieve pain, but grandpa is getting old, it may take four to five weeks to fully recover. In addition, some medicines conflicted with his heart medicines, and the medicines had to be adjusted."

Li Yusha, who was sitting by the bed, couldn't help but murmured, "It's been so long..."

"If it's a fracture, it depends on the extent of the injury. Minor fractures require bed rest for eight weeks, and serious ones require surgery. You go out first and call someone in to help. I want to help grandpa change his clothes."

It's uncomfortable to lie down like this.

"I'll help." Che Suyun stepped forward and said confidently.

Li Yusha could only walk away and turn her back, but her ears were still listening to their conversation.

"Just cooperate with me in a while." Ou Yan used to turn over and change clothes for Grandma Bai, and she has long been proficient.

Che Suyun looked at her familiar movements, and suddenly felt distressed. How many times did this child repeat such movements to be able to do so easily...

Changing clothes for a person who can’t move, and he’s still a man, requires skills and physical strength…

Ou Yan happened to see the emotion in her aunt's eyes, and explained softly, "I used to change clothes for Grandma Bai, so I have experience."

"Is it your adoptive parents' grandma? Why are you a child doing this kind of thing? What about adults?"

Do adults not care? ?

"They're not doing as well as I am."

Ouyan's words made Che Suyun guess something, and he felt even more distressed about her from the bottom of his heart.

Fortunately, it was winter, and Song Dajiang's clothes were only wet outside, so he didn't need to change inside. After Ouyan helped him change, he and Che Suyun helped him move a place.

At this time, Song Junlin heard the news and rushed over, and saw his wife and niece moving the old man on the bed, and only Li Yusha stood aside.

Song Junlin hurried forward to help, and asked after a while, "Yanyan, is Grandpa okay?"

Ou Yan briefly explained the diagnosis results to him, then asked someone to call a basin of hot water, and explained, "Grandpa can't rub this medicine, it will interact with the medicine he's currently taking, and cause allergies, so wipe off all the other medicines." of."

"I'll come." Song Junlin took the towel, soaked it in hot water, wrung it dry, and then gently wiped off the bruise ointment on his father's waist.

Ouyan raised her eyes and looked at the servant not far away, "Who gave the medicine to grandpa? Why didn't you ask me before going?"

Now, the servant no longer dared to hide it, bowed his head and said, "Miss Yusha said, just apply some ointment, don't alarm everyone..."

Li Yusha was a little anxious, didn't I tell you that you can't say it, and you still say it, you are really a cowardly guy who is afraid of death!

Ouyan's eyes fell on Li Yusha again.

"I heard that my grandfather kept crying for pain, so I wanted to rub some medicine on him..." Li Yusha made an excuse and said, "Didn't uncle talk to you? I was afraid of disturbing you, so I didn't ask you..."

Song Dajiang was afraid that the two sisters would quarrel because of him, so he hurriedly said, "I'm fine, don't worry, it's just a small injury..."

"I'll go back to my room to get some medicine." Ou Yan didn't continue to argue with Li Yusha, and only told her uncle when the medicine came, "This medicine is applied thinly three times a day, it can reduce swelling and blood stasis, and relieve pain."

"Pain relief is good, pain relief is good..." Song Dajiang is in pain and can't move, just in need of this medicine.

"Come with me." Ou Yan glanced at Li Yusha.

Li Yusha followed her a little unconvinced.

"You put the ointment on Dad, I won't read it, I'll go outside and wait." Che Suyun found an excuse and quietly followed their footsteps.

Ouyan came to the tea room next door, and looked at Li Yusha who came in coldly, "You are the one who advocated taking grandpa for a walk in the garden?"

Her cold face made Li Yusha a little apprehensive, she couldn't help but whispered, "What's none of your business?"

Ou Yan's eyes were full of displeasure, "Haven't you remembered what happened last time?"

"As I said last time, I didn't do it on purpose... I just wanted to push my grandma to the garden to see the snow scene, but unexpectedly the road was icy and the wheelchair slipped... I didn't expect these things... If I knew it would make my grandma fall, I will never push her out no matter what!"

Ouyan said coldly, "The last time grandma's body hasn't recovered, you pushed her outside to blow the cold wind. The servants reminded you, but you insisted on going your own way. This time it was minus seven degrees, and you suggested that grandpa go for a walk outside? Wearing non-slip slippers? What do you think?"

"I, I really don't think so much... I just want to go for a walk with my grandfather like when I was a child, and relive the memories of that year..."

"When you were a child, would adults take you for a walk in the ice and snow?"

"..." Li Yusha was suddenly speechless.

"You should be thankful that grandpa didn't fall as badly as grandma. Last time grandma sat in a wheelchair and fell face-on to the ground. She rolled twice and hit the landscape stone, with wounds all over her body, although these injuries were not fatal. , but the old man is old, how many days will he have to suffer for this fall? Fortunately, the **** was not long at that time, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous!"

"I said I didn't do it on purpose! Why do you speak to me in such an accusatory tone? It's as if I deliberately murdered my grandparents!"

"Just because you speak and do things without thinking through your brain, don't you just want to shorten the distance between you and your grandparents? Are you afraid that when I return to this home, all the love will lean towards me? You are left out? You have nothing to do with the old man Drinking tea and chatting indoors, they are still very happy, but you drag them outside to suffer from the cold and get hurt.”

Li Yusha said angrily, "I said I didn't do it on purpose! It was snowing suddenly outside, and I just wanted to drag my grandfather back to the house quickly..."

"Did you drag an old man to run faster on a snowy day? Really you..."

"Ouyan!" Li Yusha gritted her teeth angrily, "Don't think that if I call you sister, you can put on airs like a sister in front of me. It's not your turn to teach me a lesson in this family!"

"Don't forget who let you stay in this house! I managed to heal the person, but you injured him once or twice."

"I even said I didn't do it on purpose!" Li Yusha was really angry. Does this person not understand people's words? ?

(end of this chapter)