Chapter 731 Full of gas

"There will be no regrets between us."

Si Yechen's eyes froze for a moment, as if a star suddenly appeared in his eyes.

"You arranged it very well." Ouyan smiled, "Every time I come out with you, I am very happy, especially today."

Si Yechen was a little moved, and couldn't help lowering his head to kiss the girl's lips.

The melodious violin music came to an end, and bright fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

Many tourists were stunned. This is a rare sight, and they took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

"What day is it today?"

"Could it be another surprise that the boy prepared for the girl?"

"That girl is so lucky to meet a boyfriend who dotes on her so much..."

"She should be the happiest person in the world, right?"

Ou Yan looked up at the fireworks in the night sky, needless to say, it must have been prepared by Si Yechen again.

"I've never realized that the scenery around me can be so beautiful." Ouyan looked at the fireworks and said, "After being with you, I suddenly feel that the time that slows down is not bad. Every flower, grass, and tree that I didn't notice before Yimu, this world, this mountain and sea, can be so refreshing."

"It's mainly people." Si Yechen looked at her and said dotingly, "When I'm with you, I feel better, so everything I look at looks good, everything I eat feels delicious, and everything I do makes me happy."

"It seems to be so reasonable." Ou Yan smiled at him, and snuggled into his arms.

ten minutes later.

Ouyan fell asleep in his arms.

"Yanyan, grandma is relieved to see someone taking care of you."

Ouyan woke up from her sleep when she heard the voice, but she didn't expect that the person standing in front of her was Grandma Bai.

"Grandma." Ouyan's tears welled up in her eyes, and she held grandma's hand for the first time. The feeling was so real that her tears burst out of her eyes quickly, and she choked up, "Are you finally back?"

She hugged the old man in front of her at once, and cried, "It was my fault last time, I failed to save you..."

"Silly boy, why are you crying?" Grandma Bai wiped away the tears from her face lovingly, and smiled kindly, "Grandma's life is exhausted, and it has nothing to do with you. Grandma knows that you are still worried about this operation. You are living in self-blame and pain, how can you feel at ease when grandma is under the nine springs?"

Ou Yan heard the words "Under the Nine Springs", and looked at the grandma in disbelief. Whether she was alive or dead, for a while, Ou Yan couldn't tell.

"The past is already in the past. People have to look forward. Grandma is fine now, but you. In the past, grandma was always worried that no one would take care of you. Now that Chen is here, he is a good boy. You will be very happy with him. of."

Ouyan's tears welled up again.

"Grandma can leave in peace, you have to be well."

"no, do not want…"

Ouyan subconsciously felt for grandma's pulse, but there was no pulse. She was completely stunned. Could it be that all this was just a dream? ?

Grandma came to see her in a dream?

The entire Seine River turned into a vast expanse of white fog, the boat was swaying in the fog, and the grandma in front of me dissipated little by little...

“Stop blaming yourself.”


"be happy."

"No, don't, don't go..." Ouyan stretched out her hand to grab, but couldn't catch anything.

"Grandma is very proud to have a granddaughter like you."

"In the next life, we will be a family..."

"Grandma promises that she won't leave so early in her next life, and grandma will still watch you get married..."

The human form turned into a white mist, gradually drifting into the air.

Ou Yan couldn't grasp anything, and cried heartbreakingly on the spot.

"Yanyan, Yanyan." Seeing the girl's face was full of tears, Si Yechen couldn't help calling softly, "Can you hear me?"

Ou Yan opened her tearful eyes, and found that she was still lying in Si Yechen's arms, the boat was still moving slowly on the Seine River, and the surrounding iron towers, buildings and other cruise ships were still there...

The one missing is Grandma Bai.

Everything just now was really a dream!

"What did you dream about?" Si Yechen wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes distressedly, "You keep saying no, don't go...Who wants to go?"

Ouyan was still immersed in great sadness, she buried her face in Si Yechen's arms to calm down silently.

Seeing her being so sad, Si Yechen guessed right away, "Is it Grandpa Yan or Grandma Bai?"

Only these two people can make her emotions so overwhelmed and make her a real little girl of the same age.

"It's grandma."

"She came to see you?" Si Yechen caressed her hair, and said softly, "You must be obsessed with the operation. She can't stand it anymore, so she came to enlighten you personally."

Ouyan's nose was sour, and tears appeared in her eyes again.

"You did your best. It's not your fault. It's the entire history of medicine that has no better idea for a condition like this. You've been great."

Ou Yan's eyes were red again.

"Don't cry, don't worry grandma." Si Yechen wiped the tears off her face distressedly.

After a while, Ou Yan said, "Grandma is here to praise you."

"praise me?"

"She said you are fine and will be happy with you."

Si Yechen was a little surprised, his eyes warmed up, "I will definitely take good care of you, I will never let grandma worry, I will make you the happiest person."

Ou Yan reached out and caressed his face.

This was the first time she touched him so close.

Si Yechen covered her hand and let her touch it all, his eyes were full of affection.

I don't know how long it took, the boat approached the shore.

Li Yusha rushed off the boat angrily, and Ji Tiancheng hurriedly caught up with her, "Sasha, I'll take you to eat somewhere else."

Li Yusha was so full of gas, how could she be in the mood to eat!

Ji Tiancheng heard a lot from the people on the boat just now, they were all praising Yechen and envious of Ouyan...

Li Yusha heard too much, so naturally she didn't eat a bite of food, she just wanted to leave this place quickly!

Just as they were about to get in the car, suddenly a group of bodyguards surrounded Si Yechen and Ouyan and came towards them...

Their car was also parked here. Li Yusha saw that Si Yechen was driving a sports car with a limited edition worldwide. According to previous news reports, one car cost more than 100 million.

Looking at the car Ji Tiancheng drives, it's just an ordinary luxury car with tens of millions of dollars. Compared with Si Yechen, it's a lot worse.

Si Yechen didn't notice that there were other people in the parking lot. He opened the door of the passenger seat for Ouyan and put her seat belt on.

Li Yusha's heart was bleeding, she didn't understand why Si Yechen liked Ouyan so much! Like it so much!

Seeing that he kissed Ouyan for a long time, he let her go and got into the driver's seat.

Hundreds of millions of sports cars drove away, and a group of bodyguards drove behind them, raising their exhaust fumes...

Li Yusha was in an extremely bad mood, and got into the car with a dark face.

(end of this chapter)