Chapter 745 Decision

After Ji Tiancheng returned to the office, he found that the vice president of the company was sweating profusely from fright, and seeing him seemed to be seeing a savior.

"President Ji, you are finally here!"

In front of Ji Mu Jiang Lian, he was so frightened that he didn't dare to breathe out, and kept bending over and standing aside, his whole body panicked.

Tea and snacks have already been served, but Jiang Lian didn't eat a mouthful, and sat on the sofa coldly all the time, without saying a word, with a displeased face, as if she had been angry for a long time.

Ji Xirou sat on the side, and completely ignored him. When he saw Ji Tiancheng coming in, he even gave his younger brother a supercilious look.

"You go out first." As soon as Ji Tiancheng finished speaking, the vice president showed grateful eyes, as if he was grateful to President Ji for helping him out of the sea of ​​suffering.

As soon as the office door was closed, Jiang Lian threw the video of Li Yusha swearing at the shopping guide on Lishe Avenue to the desktop. Sha's story was repeated.

"I have never seen such a vulgar young lady."

What Li Yusha did really surprised her! incredible!

The point is that this kind of person is still her son's girlfriend. I heard that it took six years of hard work to catch up with her...

"Let me be ugly, you can play with her, but if you want to marry her, I will never agree." Jiang Lian showed her usual strength and ruthlessness, and threatened, "If you dare to hold a wedding with her, I jumped off the Seine on my wedding day, and you know I always walk the talk."

"Mom." Ji Tiancheng didn't expect his mother to have such a big opinion of Li Yusha, and even threatened her with death.

He understands his mother's character very well, but there is nothing she can't do...

"If you don't mind losing a mother, just go against me!"

"Mom, Sasha is not what you think."

Although Ji Tiancheng watched the video, he also felt that Sasha's words and deeds were a bit rude that day, but it wasn't enough to disgust his mother to such an extent.

He looked at his sister again.

"That's what I said, why, if she doesn't do this, I have nothing to say, who made her so weird?"

"..." Ji Tiancheng knew that his sister had great opinions on Li Yusha, but he didn't expect that she would really move his mother out to sit in charge.

"Our family is in troubled times, you have a weakness, the end is already obvious! I will never allow such a girl to drag our family into the abyss! We have been dormant for many years, just for this moment! Her existence is like a bomb , It is possible to blow up our efforts over the years to ashes at any time!"

"Mom, I will take care of it." Ji Tiancheng assured seriously, "Whether it's our family's affairs, or my affairs with her, I will take care of it."

"Where there is gain, there is loss!" Jiang Lian knows this truth better than anyone else, "No one can have both! Let alone a girl who can't be on the stage, our Ji family is not uncommon! If you don't mind and Let's cut off the relationship, don't mind not getting in touch with us forever, don't mind if the black-haired person gives the white-haired person, then it's up to you, anyway, my ugly words have been put here, you only have one chance."

After Jiang Lian finished speaking, she picked up her bag and stepped on her high heels to leave.

"Mom!" Ji Tiancheng immediately stopped in front of her, "I asked Sasha to come out, you have a good chat with her, you will find that she has many advantages..."

"I'm face to face with her? Watch her act?" Jiang Lian sneered and pushed her son away, "Don't mention her name in front of me from now on."

Now that her son is grown up, and she founded a group by herself, even if she doesn't rely on her family, she still has enough money for Li Yusha to squander...

Jiang Lian can't control him in terms of money, and can't let outsiders know that their family is at odds over a woman, so what she can do right now is to sever the relationship except to force her to death.

Ji Tiancheng looked at the back of his mother's resolute departure, then looked at Ji Xirou, "Sister, you don't know Sasha, she is really a very easy-going girl in private, she is very popular at school, everyone says she is kind She is gentle and general, although she has a little temper occasionally, but it is harmless, I have no problem getting along with her..."

"Is the water in your brain brainwashed by her? Do you still think of such a strange thing as a treasure? I really opened my eyes! Let me put my ugly words first, one day you marry her, mom will jump into the river, I Just beat the gongs and drums and send her old man's body to your wedding site, where I will cut my wrists and commit suicide after holding the funeral for my mother!"

"You..." Ji Tiancheng didn't expect his sister to come and threaten him, "Why don't you meet her and get to know her well?"

"Are you stupid? Sometimes what you see is someone pretending to let you see it on purpose! The one who yelled at the shopping guide on Lisie Avenue is the real her!"

"Instead of letting her in and making the whole family uneasy, it's better to close your eyes and see nothing!"

Ji Xirou also stood up, and said cruelly, "If you insist on choosing her, you will pretend that you don't have my sister!"

"..." Ji Tiancheng still wanted to persuade.

"Oh, by the way, let her restrain herself, otherwise I won't be polite if she hits me with a gun!" Ji Xirou dropped these words, and angrily slammed the door and left.

Ji Tiancheng stood helplessly where he was, when he received a message on his mobile phone from Li Yusha.

"Today I'm going out to dinner with my grandparents, we'll make an appointment another day."

At the end, I also sent a kiss expression.

Ji Tiancheng suddenly felt that all the bad emotions disappeared, he replied, "Okay, have fun."

JY Sky Restaurant.

Knowing that the big boss Song Junlin was coming to eat, the manager of the restaurant vacated a large box with the best view and rearranged it.

When Ou Yan was held by her grandma when she first arrived, she immediately saw the grandeur of this private room, which was more than two hundred square meters, with a beautiful terrace and a great view.

"Mister, Madam..." The manager of the restaurant is a foreigner, but he can speak pure Chinese. He greeted everyone respectfully, "Boss, madam, Miss Yusha..."

When it was Ouyan's turn, he couldn't call out his name, and looked at Che Suyun apologetically.

"This is my niece Li Ouyan." Cha Suyun officially introduced, "When you see her in the future, it will be the same as seeing us."

The manager of the restaurant was a little surprised, but he quickly said respectfully, "Miss Ouyan, this is your first time here. If there is anything you don't like, just call me."

"Okay." Ou Yan's eyes revealed a trace of gentleness.

The restaurant manager noticed that from the beginning to the end, Che Suyun and Zhuang Peilan were holding Ouyan's hand, and they seemed to have a deep relationship with her.

What is the origin of Miss Ouyan, she has never appeared before...

How did she become Cha Suyun's niece?

The last name is Li...

What's the matter…

(end of this chapter)