Chapter 748 Self-eating

"Speed ​​up." Che Suyun softly ordered the driver.

Even though the speed has reached 120, Li Yusha still felt that it was too slow, and the seconds felt like years.

The characteristic of this medicine is that it does not attack in the early stage, but it can make you scratch your heart and liver in the later stage...

After finally arriving at the villa, Li Yusha opened the car door and rushed down, not caring about anything else.

"Did this kid eat the wrong thing? Will he need it for a while..." Before Zhuang Peilan finished speaking, he smelled a bad smell straight to his forehead.

Li Yusha's fart was so stinky that Zhuang Peilan smelled it as soon as she got out of the car...

Always elegant, she couldn't help retching impolitely, and almost fainted from the smoke.

"My wife..." Song Dajiang smelled the stench as soon as he got out of the car, and almost suffocated with black eyes.

Li Yusha felt that she couldn't hold back any longer. She rushed straight towards the main building, but the road in front of her seemed to be a staircase made of white clouds. She had hallucinations, and she seemed to be unable to run to the end no matter what...

"Miss Yusha, Miss Yusha??"

Xiaozhu heard that the old lady was back, and was going to pick her up. She didn't expect to see Miss Yusha running in front of a tree impatiently as soon as she walked out of the main building?

Is this exercise? ?

Didn't Miss Yusha go out to eat with the old lady? Why did you exercise as soon as you came back? Still using such a strange posture and expression? ?

Li Yusha heard a fantastic voice, looked up, and saw a huge octopus greeting her, and staring at her suspiciously, as if wondering what she was doing...

Maybe frightened, Li Yusha subconsciously hit Xiaozhu hard with the bag in her hand...

As if hitting this giant octopus...

Xiaozhu screamed, and the whole person was dumbfounded, "Miss Yusha?"

Is Miss Yusha crazy? ?

Why does it look so weird? ?

Li Yusha pushed away the giant octopus and ran forward. Along the way, she saw many large creatures greeting her...

Although she knew that this was a hallucination after taking the medicine, she was caught off guard and was frightened several times, either bumping into the vase that the servant was cleaning, or tripping over the sofa stool, or rolling down the spiral staircase...

In short, everyone was stunned by her actions, and they were stunned for a while in disbelief before stepping forward to help her.

However, to Li Yusha, their approach was like a group of terrifying large creatures surrounding her...

She stretched out her hand in shock and stopped her, "You don't need to help me, I just drank too much, back off!"

At this time, she noticed that her hand had turned into a monster's hand, which was ugly and ferocious.

She was scared out of her wits, and looked at it in disbelief, "How did my hand become like this?"

Everyone was at a loss and puzzled. Miss Yusha's hands are obviously fine, what happened to her?

Li Yusha was still in shock and ran upstairs, her stomach was rumbling, and based on the memory in her mind, she went straight to her room...

Ouyan got out of the car, and as soon as she walked to the garden, she heard several servants exclaiming, "Is that Miss Yusha? Why is she squatting on Miss Ouyan's balcony? What is she doing?"

I want to say that she is stinking, but she didn't take off her pants...

But she didn't pull, and her posture seemed to be pulling...

What's the matter?

Ou Yan went upstairs, returned to her room, and immediately saw Li Yusha squatting on her balcony in a stinky posture.

A row of ellipsis once again flashed in her mind...

This is called harming others and yourself, and reaping the consequences.

Li Yusha's stomach was already rumbling non-stop. She obviously felt that she could not hold it anymore, but she just couldn't pull it out.

This painful feeling made her extremely tormented...

"go out."

Ouyan's cold voice made Li Yusha raise her gaze, and looked in surprise at the Ice Queen who suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

In her eyes, Ouyan is the image of the Snow Queen in fairy tales.

Li Yusha knew that she was in trouble again, she said dissatisfiedly, "Who told you to break in? Didn't you see me going to the bathroom?"

"This is my balcony." Ou Yan said coldly again, "Go out."

She will not condone someone on her balcony.

"The one who should go out is Ni! I won't go out until I pull it out!"

Although Li Yusha didn't know who it was, it was clearly her toilet in front of her, so she was going to pee here!

"I'll count to three." Ou Yan didn't have that much patience, "One, two..."

Li Yusha's stomach is already very uncomfortable, "I just want to pull it here! I'm going to pull it out soon..."

Ouyan immediately dragged her out when she heard it...

"What are you doing? I have to go to the toilet, even if you are in a hurry, you still have to line up..." Li Yusha struggled desperately, wanting to hit Ouyan.

Finally, Ou Yan lost her patience, kicked her out of the room, and closed the door.

Li Yusha fell to the ground and was dazed for a while before the servants heard the sound and went upstairs.

"Miss Yusha, what's wrong with you?"

Just now she heard downstairs that someone knocked down the floor-standing flower stand upstairs, and when she went upstairs, she realized that it was Miss Yusha who fell...

Li Yusha once again saw a giant starfish talking to her. She knew it was her hallucination, so she could only bear with it, "Take me back to my room, I want to go to the bathroom..."

"Oh, good..." On the way to help her go to the toilet, the servants smelled the stench several times... and almost died of the smell.

After finally getting into the bathroom, Li Yusha couldn't pull it out no matter what. She sat on the toilet for forty minutes and had no choice but to call someone to come.

"What kind of medicine should I take if I keep farting?" Li Yusha asked the giant sea turtle that appeared in front of her.

"It should be..." Before the servant finished speaking, she smelled an extremely pungent smell. She couldn't help it, covered her nose and asked apologetically, "Miss Yusha has other things besides farting. What symptoms?"

"My stomach hurts, I can't pull it out..."

"Is that indigestion? I'm going to get Jian Wei Xiao Shi Tablets..." The servant hurried to get it.

After a while, Li Yusha took two pills, but passed out in the toilet...

The medicine was like a laxative, it broke her heart and made her feet go weak.

In the living room.

Seeing a bunch of servants running downstairs, Che Suyun couldn't help asking, "What's wrong?"

"Miss Yusha... farts, it really stinks..."

Although I don't want to say it, they really have nowhere to go!

The corridors of the entire floor are full of her indescribable smell...

"Sasha's stomach isn't healed yet?" Song Dajiang was a little surprised. Just now in the car, his stomach was rumbling, but it didn't take long after getting out of the car. "Do you need someone to show her?"

"I've already given Miss Yusha Jianwei Xiaoshi Tablets."

"That's good..." Song Dajiang raised his eyes and asked, "Suyun, where did we just talk?"

"Speaking of Yanyan's fiancé, Si Yechen..."

(end of this chapter)