Chapter 757 something happened

Early the next morning.

Not long after Ou Yan finished her breakfast, she received a call.

"Boss, something went wrong. Several people claimed to have disfigured their faces after using our skin care products. They brought their family members and media to the gate of our group to make trouble, and even pulled banners..."

"Our public relations department has already come forward, but now those few people insisted that it was caused by using our skin care products. The head of the public relations department said that it is up to you to decide whether to sue them or directly call the police? Or let the security guards Get them out?"

"Is there a problem with our skin care products?" Ou Yan heard of it for the first time.

"Yes, they took out the proof of purchase, and some even provided monitoring screenshots of their use of our skin care products at home, and even showed the test results, which indeed said in black and white that our skin care products contained many prohibited ingredients, which caused the patient's skin to appear. Allergies, inflammation and other symptoms."

"Is the appraisal agency reliable?"

"It is a well-known French appraisal company, and it stands to reason that there will be no fakes."

"Our skin care products are marketed through formal channels, so how can they contain prohibited ingredients? What is wrong in the middle?"

You must know that Qingyan’s main series of skin care products are developed by her alone. If there is a problem with the skin care products, the people around her who use this skin care products will already be disgraced. How can it be possible for someone to stand up and say it now? ?

"What are their demands?" Ou Yan asked directly.

"They want to see you and want you to give them an explanation in front of the media reporters."

"I'll go there."

She hung up the phone, told her aunt and went out.

Not long after she left, Che Suyun received news that something had happened to the Qingyan Group, and only then did she know the reason for her niece leaving the house in a hurry.

The gate of the group.

A curly-haired woman complained angrily to the reporter, "Their whitening mask claims to make people's skin white and translucent. I used it for a month, and my face was ruined! Look at my face. How red is it, with so many pimples and pustules, how will I see people in the future?"

The reporter seemed to smell explosive news, and asked excitedly, "What evidence do you have to prove that there is something wrong with their skin care products?"

"I took this mask to CCT for testing. CCT is a fair and just organization. The test results showed that their mask contained three prohibited ingredients, which caused my face to be allergic and inflamed."

Another 21-year-old female college student wore a mask the whole time, but she took it off with tears in her eyes after repeated persuasion from the reporter.

Everyone saw her blushing so frighteningly that it could be said that she was disfigured.

"Is it because of your beauty that your face has become like this?" A reporter raised the microphone in front of the girl.

The girl nodded, "It is said that Qingyan's main series of products were developed by the person in charge of Qingyan, and they are the best skin care products in the whole brand. I saw many people's praises for this series on the Internet, so I endured it." I couldn’t live with online loans, and bought a whole set of skin care products to use, which cost more than 9,000 yuan in total.”

"Because this price is too expensive for me as a college student, so I insist on using it every day. Even if I have skin problems at the beginning, I am reluctant to stop. I always look forward to one day, I can also be like those advertisements on the Internet. , with a rosy face."

"However, after I used it for a month, the burning pain on my face became more and more serious. I usually felt rough and dry even if I didn't touch it. I was a little scared. Finally, I went to the hospital to see a dermatologist, only to realize that I had inflammation! Doctor It is impossible to say that my face needs to undergo systematic treatment, but it is impossible to restore it to the same as before."

When the female college student said this, she couldn't help shedding tears.

Tears fell on her red face, causing her face to burn again, and she even became very light in wiping the tears.

There are more and more passers-by watching around.

"Several friends around me have used Qingyan's products, and they all said that they are very useful. How could such a problem occur?"

"Is the batch of the product different? At first everyone thought it was easy to use. Later, in order to make huge profits, the group replaced the good materials with inferior ones and added prohibited ingredients in order to make more money. What's the matter?" Strange!"

"But Qingyan is a big brand, and it's hard to build word of mouth. There's no need to disregard your own brand image for such a small amount of money, right? Exposure like this will be detrimental to their brand development..."

"If you speak for Qingyan like this, Qingyan asked you to come, right? Are you Qingyan's employee?"

"What nonsense are you talking about, I happened to pass by..."

The onlookers chattered non-stop, and some even got into an argument. More and more reporters flocked to the scene. Everyone heard that something happened to Qingyan, and they all wanted to get the first-hand news.

Ouyan parked the car near the group, and attracted the attention of many people as soon as she walked in.

The main reason is that she is too young and too beautiful. Compared with these faces that are about to be disfigured, there is a huge difference between that top-notch face!

Maybe seeing Ouyan coming, a group of staff came trotting out of the main building of the group immediately. Before the reporter had time to catch them and ask them clearly, they rushed to Ouyan and shouted respectfully, "Yan total."

Everyone couldn't believe it. This girl, who looked only in her teens, was actually a heavyweight in a big group? ?

"Mr. Yan, you are finally here!" Qingyan Vice President Celine whispered, "According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 media present..."

"Where are the disfigured people?" Ouyan's aura was above everyone else, looking rusty and cold.

All the reporters rushed in front of her at once, holding up their microphones and asking questions non-stop.

"Who are you? Can you speak on behalf of Qingyan?"

"I see that Qingyan's vice president, Ms. Celine, is very respectful to you. Is your position higher than hers?"

"I heard that Qingyan products will rot your face after using them. Have you ever used them?"

"Is Qingyan adding prohibited ingredients to the product in order to make huge profits and achieve the best results in a short period of time, regardless of the life and death of consumers?"

"Would you be responsible for the disfigured?"

"What are you going to do about this?"

Dozens of cameras were aimed at Ou Yan, and dozens of microphones wanted to be held in front of her. All the reporters rushed to ask questions like machine guns, giving no time for thinking.

"Who is disfigured?" Ou Yan's voice revealed the aloofness of a strong man and the aura of shocking everyone.

More than 20 media outlets gave way.

The curly-haired woman rushed to the front angrily, "We are all victims! Who are you Qingyan? Are you qualified enough to discuss a solution with us? What we want to see is the top person in charge of Qingyan!"

(end of this chapter)