MTL - Beast Taming: I Can Bestow Attributes - C.229 undead physiqueJul 29, 2023

MTL - Beast Taming: I Can Bestow Attributes

C.229 undead physiqueJul 29, 2023

Chapter 229 Undead Constitution

After confirming the ingredients, Chen Mo started to buy ingredients and make them.

The next day, he rode the Spirit of the Lone Island straight to the Bone Tomb Secret Realm.

The entrance to the spirit world is also in Kyoto. Chen Mo has been there twice as a transit point when he went to Qingqiu Secret Realm, so he is not unfamiliar.

The Bone Wilderness, which is connected to the Bone Tomb Secret Realm, is a famous place of the dead in the spirit world. There are many powerful undead spirit beasts wandering around, including the goal of this challenge.

The giant whale passed through the clouds, and Chen Mo looked at the scenery speeding past below, feeling very comfortable.

Finally no need to take a taxi or high-speed rail!

In less than half an hour, he came to the entrance of the spirit world. After showing the certificate of the imperial master and confirming his identity, he led to the entrance and came to the city of bones.

The city of white bones is sparsely populated, and there are few other imperial spirit masters on the road.

Occasionally I met a few people, but they all looked pale and lifeless.

They are all spirit masters of the undead department or the necromantic department. After dealing with dead creatures for a long time, they will naturally be contaminated with a lot of dead air. In addition, the sky in the Bone Secret Realm is shrouded in gray mist all year round, and the sun cannot be seen a few times. Naturally pale.

Chen Mo didn't delay in Bone City, and went straight to Bone Wilderness.

He was going to tame a commander-level undead spirit beast as quickly as possible. After completing the challenge, he took his own spirit beast to the Whirlpool Sea for vacation.

"Big brother, do you want to buy a copy of "Detailed Explanation of Undead Creatures"?"

Just as Chen Mo was about to leave the city of bones and enter the wilderness of bones, a timid voice suddenly came from his ear.

There was a little girl in a linen shirt standing on the edge of the city wall. When she saw Chen Mo, she hurried up to meet him.

The little girl has a thin body and looks fragile. Her skin was pale, and even blue veins and blood vessels could be clearly seen. It was not known whether it was due to the long-term lack of sunlight.

"How much?"

Chen Mo asked with a smile.

A little girl appeared here to sell books, which is really a bit out of harmony, but the soldiers around are all familiar with it, and some even smiled kindly at her.

"200 yuan."

The little girl lowered her head and said weakly, but her eyes were secretly looking at the wishing white fox on Chen Mo's shoulder.

"Give me a copy of them all! I'm too anxious to go out this time, and I forgot to make a strategy in advance. These books of yours can just solve my urgent needs."

Chen Mo said with a light smile.

The price of the book is not expensive, but for him, there is no need to buy it.

Before departure, Chen Mo had read such books in Hongmeng Company's network library, and recorded them all with [Photographic Memory].

The creatures on the Wilderness of Bones, Chen Mo can be said to be familiar with them.

"Thank you brother!"

The little girl showed a bright smile, and her simple dress could not conceal her innocence and cuteness.

"Where is your adult?"

After paying the money, Chen Mo still couldn't help asking curiously.

"Mom and Dad are outside helping me find medicine for my illness, and grandma is selling books at the city gate on the other side."

The little girl replied truthfully, but she couldn't help looking at Xiao Jiu.

"Want to touch it?"

Sensing the little girl's eyes, Chen Mo asked with a smile.

The little girl nodded timidly.


Xiao Jiu jumped lightly, came to the little girl, then lowered her head slightly so that the little girl could better rua her.

The little girl just stretched out her hand to caress, but suddenly found that her hand was a little dirty, worried about dirtying the beautiful silver hair of the wishing white fox, so she quickly retracted it.

"It's okay, your hands are not dirty."

Seeing this, Xiao Jiu took the initiative to rub the little girl's cheek, and then activated the wish power in the mysterious core to activate the wishing technique.

"Woo~" (I hope this little girl's book sells out soon.)

In an instant, white fluorescent lights surrounded the surroundings.

The little girl ruaed twice to make a wish to the white fox, with a satisfied face, and then she took out a peace knot made of wormwood from her pocket.

"Brother, pay attention to safety! This is a peace knot I wove myself, I hope it can bless you safe."

She originally planned to give this peace knot to her mother, but the big brother in front of her made her feel very warm, and she planned to make another one later.


Chen Mo accepted it with a smile.

Later, he learned from the guards of the city of bones that the little girl's parents were both spirit masters of the undead department.

Because of dealing with the undead for a long time, the children they gave birth to have the physique of the undead, which is a strange disease similar to a curse.

The vitality in the body of a person with this kind of physique will continue to be lost, which is why the little girl looks a little weak.

The little girl's parents took her to see many doctors who are imperial spirit masters, but except for some legendary treasures, ordinary treatment methods have no effect on her, and she can only continue her life by constantly replenishing her vitality.

As long as the little girl can survive until the little girl awakens her talent for controlling spirits, the problem of undead physique will be easily solved, and it will even make her career as a spirit master of the undead system smooth sailing.

As for the way to replenish vitality, apart from some expensive medicinal materials, the best effect and the easiest way for them to obtain is undead chalcedony.

Later, the little girl's parents searched for the undead chalcedony in the Wilderness of Bones for a long time.

Last month, they found a large piece of undead chalcedony in the territory of a Bone Crow, but they alarmed the Bone Crow group when collecting it.

Unfortunately, during the retreat, the little girl's father died in order to protect his wife.

The little girl's mother has been keeping this news from her.

The little girl just wanted to help her parents share a little "pressure", so she thought of selling books in the city of bones.


Xiao Jiu snorted softly, a little bit unbearable.

It rubbed Chen Mo's cheek, meaning it wanted to help the little girl.




In the spirit space, the other three spirit beasts also hoped that Chen Mo could help the little girl.

The young of humans or animals are often more likely to arouse the compassion of other creatures.

"Supplementing vitality? I don't know if the water of life has any effect."

Chen Mo was naturally moved with compassion. He first thought of the 100ml water of life that the fox of Qingqiu gave him.

This is a legendary resource! It has a very significant effect on replenishing vitality.

"Tuantuan, let's make a grass-flavored glutinous rice dumpling! Mix it with 5ml of eau-de-vie."

No matter what, Chen Mo decided to try it first.


With Chen Mo's permission, Shizhi Zongling happily worked in the heart of the sea.

Soon, a piece of green glutinous rice dumpling was completed, and a golden light shone on its surface the moment it was completed.

Epic food.

Grass-flavored glutinous rice dumplings are added with various plant-based spiritual materials, which can replenish vitality by itself.

Chen Mo touched the girl's head, and then let out a little surprise.

"Hey, what is this?"

At the same time, he took out the grass-flavored glutinous rice dumpling from the heart of the sea.

(end of this chapter)