MTL - Beast Taming: I Can Bestow Attributes

C.234 Red Fang PiratesJul 29, 2023

Chapter 234 Red Fang Pirates

"It's better to buy a map!"

Being on the safe side, Chen Mo bought a map for 2,000 yuan at a shop in the original city.

This map is very detailed, recording the location of most of the sea areas and islands in the Whirlpool Sea in detail.

After buying the map and determining the approximate route, Chen Mo did not stay in the original city for long, but went directly to the Whirlpool Sea.


After his body completely sank into the whirlpool sea, Xinghai was very excited.

Chen Mo sat on the small island on the back of the Spirit of the Lonely Island, flung down the boom gracefully, then lay on the sun lounger, enjoying the sunbath leisurely.

Xiao Jiu, Tuantuan, and Bing Lan also wore a pair of sunglasses, lazily lying on the reclining chair. Next to each spirit beast is a cup of delicious drink specially prepared by Tuan Tuan.

"This is life~"


Xinghai under him sighed.

Happiness is someone else's, it's nothing.

"Xinghai, open your mouth."

At this moment, Chen Mo's voice suddenly came from its ear.

Immediately, a cherry full of weight and nutrition was put into its mouth.

"Woo—" (ω)

Half a day later, the spirit of the lonely island sailed out of the waters of the original city and came to the waters of Penglai.

The Penglai sea area is located in the east of the Whirlpool Sea. There are many islands of different sizes in this sea area, collectively known as the Penglai Islands.

There are many sect forces on the Penglai Islands, and it is currently a situation of one superpower and many powers.

Yichao refers to Cancer Island, which has nearly a hundred islands and top-level overlord-level spirit beasts. This is also the first spiritual force that the Blue Stars came into contact with.

Duoqiang refers to the five major forces including Silver Dragon Palace, Wanyu Island, and Liuli Island. Each of these five sects occupies more than a dozen or even dozens of large islands, with a total territory of more than 10,000 square kilometers. At the same time, there are several crowned beast masters sitting in the town.

"Huh?" (On the way to my hometown, we will pass a very prosperous and large island. Shall we go and see it?)

Spirit of the Lone Island suddenly suggested.

This is an island that it saw from a distance when it passed by before. There are a large number of sailing ships and giant steel ships docked around the island.

It didn't dare to get too close before, but now that Chen Mo is here, it can go up and play.

"You mean Whirlpool Haifang City?"

Chen Mo asked, he also saw this island when he was flipping through the map before.

The island covers an area similar to that of Blue Star's South China Sea Island. It is jointly operated by large forces such as Cancer Valley and Silver Dragon Palace. It is the largest trading market in the Penglai Islands.

It is somewhat similar to Lanxing's ancient square city, but the scale is much larger.


Xinghai nodded slightly, and spit out a series of bubbles from his mouth.

"You can go and have a look, what do you think?"

Chen Mo looked at the other spirit beasts.




The three little guys all expressed their gratitude.

Anyway, there is no clear purpose for this sea trip, just come as you want to be happy.

time flies.

The next day, night.

The sky above the whirlpool sea is very clear, so the stars become particularly bright, and the starry sky seen when looking up is as beautiful as a dream.

At this time, there is still half a day away from Whirlpool Haifang City.

Chen Mo, who was sitting on the Spirit of the Lonely Island, gently pulled the fishing rod, the fishing line stretched straight, and then a large piebald fish with brown spots was thrown to the shore.

"Our supper is settled."

Chen Mo laughed.

"嘤~" (tired of hurting~)

Chen Mo just put away the piebald fish, but found that the sea area not far away was shrouded in black mist, as if some terrible storm was brewing.

Chen Mo's eyesight was excellent, and he could vaguely see the outline of a sailing warship in the black mist.

"This is... a pirate ship!?"

Because the maritime trade of the Penglai Islands is developed, there are often large merchant ships between the islands, so pirates also emerged as the times require.

For nearly a thousand years, many famous big pirates have been born in this sea area. They have accumulated a considerable amount of treasure by robbing merchant ships, hunting sea beasts, and exploring deep-sea ruins.

Among them, the most famous one is the One Piece who was born five hundred years ago, a legendary spirit master with totem-level spirit beasts and several top-level overlord-level spirit beasts.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" (This is the Chiya Pirates! Their leader is Chiya, a quasi-master-level spiritual master, and his current bounty is 12,000 spirit coins! His main spirit beast Ink sea squid for the quasi-monarch.)

At this moment, Bing Lan, the spirit of the snow sea, suddenly spoke.

"How did you know?"

Chen Mo was shocked, when did the little blue bird become an intelligence officer?

"Ji!?" (Humph, do you think I only read anime and novels?)

The little blue bird snorted proudly.

Actually, because of curiosity, it bought a picture book of "One Piece" in the original city, which recorded in detail the top ten pirates who are currently wanted by various forces.

Among them is the Red Fang Pirates, which ranks fourth in bounty. This pirate group has been active in Penglai Sea for a long time. The most iconic feature is that the pirate ship will be surrounded by a layer of black mist. This black mist comes from the black sea squid, the spirit beast of its leader Chiya, which is highly toxic and corrosive.

Because of its leader, Chiya, who is bullying and fearful, and has excellent escape skills, the Chiya Pirates have survived several joint suppression activities organized by Cancer Island.




Seeing Pirate Ship, Xiao Jiu, Tuan Tuan, Bing Lan not only was not afraid, but their eyes were full of excitement.

Because I usually only see pirates and pirate ships in film and television works, I didn’t expect to be able to see them with my own eyes now!


Xinghai was also quite excited.

It has seen these pirate ships many times, but when it encountered such a large pirate ship before, it could only dive deep into the bottom of the sea. Dodge.

But now, with its strength, it no longer needs to be afraid of these pirates, let alone it has Chen Mo and other partners.

I heard that every famous pirate has found a lot of treasures. I don’t know if the pirate ship in front of me will explode the shiny gems.

"A quasi-master...that shouldn't be a big problem."

After confirming the opponent's strength, Chen Mo breathed a sigh of relief and let Xinghai continue to sail on the original route.

If the pirate ship evades, he won't bother to trouble them.

But if he wanted to rob him, then he would naturally wish for it, and he would just eat black and eat black.

Chen Mo has always adhered to the principle of "I will not be attacked if I am not attacked".

At the same time, on the Chiya pirate ship that was shrouded in black mist not far away, the captain Chiya and his first mate also discovered the whereabouts of the island spirit.

"The big pot is a young island spirit!"

The deputy shouted excitedly to Chiya next to him, and when he spoke, he revealed a gleaming golden front tooth.

His nickname is Big Gold Tooth.

(end of this chapter)