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C.527 Shocking!Mar 06, 2023

On the top of the mountain, sat a thin middle-aged man dressed in white. He silently watched the mist in the mountains, and he was very fascinated.

Every day starts in the early morning, this is his homework, and it lasts until the fog in the mountains clears at noon.

Under the mountain peak, a city is looming, and from time to time a rapid streamer flashes in the air. These are all card repairs who enter and leave the city, but no streamer dares to enter the field of this mountain.

This is Beiwangzhou, and it is also the only place in the entire Tiandongli district that dares to name it with the same continent except for Shuangyuehanzhou. Beiwangzhou covers an extremely wide area. Although it is not as good as Shuangyuehanzhou, it includes 1,350 large cities in the 17th district. This also made it the largest force outside the Frost Moon Cold Continent, and its leader was the man in white on the mountain, Cang Lan, who ranked second in the [Black Line Star List].

[Black Line Star Ranking] Second, with a great reputation, even Frost Moon Hanzhou in Tiandongli District would not dare to provoke it easily. No one will forget that Yang Shanfei, the ninth in the [Black Line Star Ranking], made Shuangyue Hanzhou gray head and face.

Cang Lan became famous earlier than Yang Shan Fei, and unlike Yang Shan Fei, who is a lonely man, Cang Jiang has a lot of masters and countless card repairs. In particular, the Cangjiang Army he formed was very famous, and so far, it has never been defeated. Who would dare to provoke such a Canglan? Even Jia Yingxia hosted the alliance this time. Although Cang Jiang did not participate, she still sent someone to send an invitation.

The reputation of the [Black Line Star List] is all killed. Before Cang Jiang was 30 years old, he was traversing the Tiandongli District, challenging all over, and went to the Frost Moon Cold Continent alone to challenge Ying Xia. No one knows the victory or defeat. Cang Lan was seriously injured and was in a coma for a month, but Jia Yingxia also closed her door to recuperate for a long time.

At the age of thirty-two, Canglan began to form the Cangjiang Army and fought in various places. At the age of forty, he conquered what is now Beiwangzhou. As early as then, he ignored the orders of the Federal Political Axe and openly opposed the Federal Political Axe, thus becoming a big boss in the underworld.

When he recruited Yan Yu, who was ranked tenth in the [Black Line Star List], his reputation also reached its peak, becoming the king of the underworld. Seeing this, the other masters of the [Black Line Star List] followed suit and formed their own legions. With the continuous rise of the underworld bosses, the federal government is powerless, and even the actual overlord of Tiandongli District, Frost Moon Hanzhou, has no good solution. Since Canglan established Beiwangzhou, this area has actually been out of the control of Frost Moon Hanzhou.

Frost Moon Hanzhou also did not want to collide with this sharp-edged new force. In addition, the power of Frost Moon Hanzhou in this area was already weak, so they asked for their surname to withdraw from this area. Canglan has also become the true king of this vast land!

A short man appeared behind Cang Lan. This man was only 1.5 meters tall and had a baby face. The person who saw him for the first time would never have imagined that the man who looked like a dwarf in front of him turned out to be the notorious Yan Yu.

Although Cang Lan ranked second in the [Black Line Star List], it was only because he opposed the Federal Political Axe that he had no evil deeds. On the contrary, he was self-disciplined, his army was highly disciplined, and the people under his rule lived a prosperous life. But Yan Yu is different. His surname is unpredictable. Before Cang Lan was subdued, countless Kaxiu died under his command. The most outrageous thing is that he likes to kill!

He was the most notorious Khashoggi in the Tendonli district at the time.

Even when Canglan subdued him at that time, his subordinates would try their best to dissuade him. But no one expected that Yan Yu would be extremely tame after joining the Cangjiang Army. His own strength is unparalleled, and in the entire Cangjiang army, no one can match except Cang Lan. Moreover, he also has a knack for leading soldiers, and his style is cunning and erratic, which is extremely headache.

The Cangjiang Army also became the first army to have two of the top ten in the [Black Line Star List], and since then it has become the first army of the underworld!

"Brother, the news has already spread." Yan Yu bowed to the ground and said respectfully. His voice was childlike, with a hint of sharpness.

"What did they say?" Cang Lan's voice was deep, as if with a special magnetic surname.

"Yu Jiaran, Shi, and Meng Chen all agreed on the spot." Yan Yu said.

"Well, that's fine. I'm relieved when the four parties join forces." Cang Lan said calmly.

"Big brother." Yan Yu hesitated for a moment, then Fang said, "I have never understood why we should join forces with them? If the news from the front line is true, then the wooden camp is definitely a piece of fat. At this time, Shuangyue Hanzhou is too busy to take care of himself. , and dare not fight with us. Why should we divide these things with the three of them?"

Cang Lan smiled and said, "Don't be too greedy. Do you think it's our family who get the news?"

"Hmph, even if it's not just our family, who would dare to fight with us?" Yan Yu's eyes flashed a stern look.

"Haha!" Cang Lan laughed: "You are still so greedy. There are always many people who take risks, we don't need to be the target of public criticism. If the four companies join forces, the others will not even have the heart to fight. It's hard to tell about our family. Fighting together, killing is hard to stop."

He suddenly sighed softly and cast his eyes back into the distance: "The current situation is extremely delicate, and it is a situation that has never been seen in a century. If you are not careful, you will lose everything. Moreover, we do not participate in Tiandongli District. The alliance, and once they complete the alliance, we will be the weakest. With the strength of our family, it will be difficult to turn things around!"

Yan Yu thought thoughtfully: "Is the eldest brother trying to re-form an alliance through the things in the hands of Muziying?"

Cang Lan showed a look of approval: "Not bad. Don't forget, there is a Caesar behind Director Bai."

"Caesar!" Yan Yu's eyes showed a hint of fear, excitement and fanaticism. After a while, he asked again, "Which team will I take this time?"

"Cangjiang Army."

Yan Yu said, "Do I need to bring Cangjiang's army there? Isn't this a ox-slaughtering knife for killing chickens?"

Cang Lan's brows furrowed for the first time: "Do you think it's a hand grab this time?"

"Isn't it?" Yan Yu said sharply: "There are only 2,000 new troops, and the four major iron armies have joined forces. I don't believe he can find any flowers."

Cangjiang Army, Cewei Camp, Jinzhai Tribe, and Blue Steel Corps are all masters of a hundred battles, and their combat power is extremely strong. They are also known as the four major iron armies of the underworld in Tiandongli District. .

"Don't forget, even Luo Xiju praised him." Cang Lan reminded.

Yan Yu froze for a moment, and then snorted coldly: "Brother, didn't you also say that with one person's strength, how can you turn the sky with only one hand?"

Cang Lan smiled: "How about this, let's make a bet."

"What are you betting on?" Yan Yu was very competitive.

"The city of West Derry is not far from us. If you set off immediately, you should be able to catch up with them within three days. We will use fifteen days as the boundary. If you can catch Director Bai within fifteen days, I will That [Snake Lan] is for you." Cang Lan looked confident.

"Really?" Yan Yu couldn't hide the joy on his face. The [Snake Lan] in Canglan's hand is a six-star phantom card, a top-level simulacrum card, and also Canglan's longest-used famous card. Yan Yu had been greedy for that card for a long time, but he immediately frowned: "What does the big brother use?"

"If I realize something during this time, I plan to change a card." Cang Lan said with a smile.

"Hey, then it's settled. Big brother, I'm leaving!" Yu Yin curled up, where could he still see the slightest shadow of Yan Yu.

That is, Canglan, the leader of Beiwangzhou, ranked second in the [Black Line Star List]; Yu Jiaran, the leader of Xiwanglian City, ranked fourth in the [Black Line Star List]; Jinzhai Village Chief, [Black Line Star] Shi, who ranked seventh on the list, and Meng Shen, the leader of Asbia District, who ranked eighth on the [Black Line Star List], issued a statement to announce to the world, claiming that the Muzi Camp in West Delhi stole the important technology of the four of them. The forces that help the Muzi Camp will become the four mortal enemies!

On the same day, Yan Yu, the No. 2 character in Beiwangzhou, led the Cangjiang Army, known as the First Army of the Underworld, to set off!

At the same time, Yu Jiaran personally led the Weiying Camp, Shi led the Jinzhai Tribe, and Meng Shen led the Blue Steel Corps to set off at the same time!

The four iron armies turned into four torrents, heading straight for West Delhi at an astonishing speed.

As soon as the statement came out, Tiandongli District shook!

[Black Line Star List] Four of the top ten masters join forces! Cangjiang Army, Cewei Camp, Jinzhai Tribe, Blue Steel Corps, the four well-known underworld iron armies were dispatched at the same time! This is the first time in the history of the entire Tiandongli District that such a luxurious lineup and such a large amount of money!

Everyone is full of questions: what is the origin of this wooden camp? It caused such a catastrophe!

While people were wondering, Beiwangzhou's gauntlet once again made the chaotic situation in Tiandongli District even more chaotic.

This is the most common battle book, but the content above is enough to make everyone feel crazy - I heard that the killing **** is fierce, but please fight!

The signature is Canglan!

Tiandongli District suddenly became a mess, God! Now the best news is one after another! The **** card repair group has just perished, and such a series of major incidents broke out. How can the people not be excited?

Canglan vs Killing God Caesar!

If this makes a show, it's definitely the highest-rated show! Countless reporters flocked to Beiwangzhou like crazy, they were eager to know all the inside information.

Why did Canglan openly invite battle? Will Caesar fight? What is the purpose of the crusade against the wood character This is the first time the underworld has made its voice so clear, is there a new big move?

Compared with the excitement and excitement of the people, various forces have become more cautious. The actions of the underworld tycoons further stirred up chaos in the Tiandongli District, where the situation was not clear. But no one expressed any opinion on this. The four joined forces, except for Frost Moon Hanzhou, no one force can deal with it alone. These guys from the underworld are all ruthless and everyone is jealous.

And those forces who originally got some inside information about the wooden character camp also silenced for the first time, angering the four major iron armies of the underworld, and there will only be one result of destruction. Their silence also caused the outside world to have little regard for the Muzi Camp, and people didn't know where this unfamiliar army came from.

Chen Mu had just left West Derry City with the wooden camp on his forefoot. He didn't know that there were already four terrifying teams charging towards them behind him.

He was ignorant of the impending crisis.

Because he is also in trouble.

(To be continued)