MTL - Card - C.530 Weah's HellMar 06, 2023

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C.530 Weah's HellMar 06, 2023

murderous look!

In such a cold weather, Yan Yu's back was wet with sweat in an instant.

He had never imagined that the murderous aura could be so strong, and he seemed to be suddenly plunged into a viscous liquid. The murderous aura stimulated each of his pores to shrink involuntarily, the roots of his hair stood upright, and his scalp exploded!

Every bone in his body was so stiff that he couldn't even move. He has a delusion that the murderous aura is pervasive, like a beast that is about to attack, any slight reaction will make himself swallowed up by this murderous aura in an instant, and even the scum will not be left.

Yan Yu's figure remained stable, but a trace of panic flashed in his eyes. He is now turning on the energy shield, and if he wants to counterattack, he must switch cards. However, he knew that the other party would never give him any chance to switch cards.

He has killed countless people and is extremely experienced in combat. Although he is panicked in his heart, he has a decision right now.

There is no longer any reservation, the energy in the meter is rushing towards the energy shield at an alarming speed! In the darkness of the night, he saw Yan Yu's energy cover suddenly lit up, and this group of rays of light was like a small sun!

The overwhelming murderous aura shrank like a needle almost at the same time, and Weah, who was ready to go, suddenly jumped out like a cheetah who had been in ambush for a long time!

Under the urging of a powerful force, the thick layer of ice around his body shattered into countless pieces with a slam, and shot out in all directions. A phantom, like a black lightning bolt, flashed away between these flying ice cubes.

Weah's speed was unparalleled, as if appearing out of thin air in front of Yan Yu.

The original light yellow energy cover turned into a rich golden yellow, with dazzling rays of light. The strong fluctuations emitted by the energy shield spread far and wide like a tsunami.

It has to be said that Yan Yu's ability to adapt to emergencies is extremely strong. In order to buy even a little time for himself, he would not hesitate to sacrifice this energy shield card that has accompanied him for ten years. Instilling energy in this way can get stronger protection than usual, but it will cause irreversible damage to this card, that is to say, this card will be useless in the future.

His calculations are not limited to this, the powerful energy fluctuations generated by the full energy instillation will alarm all the team members. He is full of confidence in his teammates, all of them are battle-hardened and powerful. Even if the eldest brother came in person and was trapped in it, it was hard to say whether he could escape.

Just, what a pity this card is! This four-star card was given to me by my teacher, but if it can save my life, this card is also worth it!

The danger of life and death also aroused the fierce surname in Yan Yu's body.

There was a fierce light in his eyes, this damned attacker! You must kill him alive!

However, just as he had this idea, he saw the most unforgettable scene in his life!


The dull crashing sound made the blood in his chest churn. He was horrified to see that there were cobweb-like cracks in the energy shield in front of him. These cracks meander every part of the energy shield, making it look like a golden cracked eggshell!

How... how is it possible!

Yan Yu's eyes bulged, looking at the cracked energy shield in disbelief. This is his full power to activate the four-star energy shield!

He didn't think that the energy shield could protect his own safety, that he could sneak into this distance, and that a guy with such a terrifying murderous aura was definitely a real master, and the opponent was even stronger than himself! For such a master, they naturally have a way to deal with the four-star energy shield.

However, his own energy shield can't even resist the opponent's blow... Then what about delaying time?

This far exceeded his expectations!

Just when he was terrified, a seemingly ordinary fist appeared in front of him. And the golden yellow shattered awns rising from the sky told Yan Yu that his energy shield was completely disintegrated!


How could it be a fist?

He had imagined countless ways of attacking, all kinds of energy bodies, but he never imagined that it would be a fist that shattered the four-star energy shield that he had stretched out with all his strength!

All the ferocity, all the courage, all the scheming, all turned into nothingness in front of such a punch! All that's left is the instinct, the instinct to survive!

The figure retreated rapidly, regardless of the unbearable driving force, the airflow was accelerated to the maximum by him in an instant!

He is afraid! For the first time in my life, I was afraid! He suddenly felt that the **** of death was so close to him that the breath of the **** of death had already sprayed on his face. run! Be sure to distance yourself from this terrible guy, only in this way can you survive!


Yan Yu roared in his heart! All thoughts become so simple at this moment, under the stimulation of death, his perception, his thinking become so clear! His perceptual control has reached an unprecedented level of refinement. At this moment, he can control any changes in his energy body with ease!

Breakthrough? Is it a breakthrough?

There was a sudden burst of ecstasy in his heart! This joy is not the joy of breaking through, but the joy of being able to live at last!

Everything around has become clearer than ever before, and this feeling is extremely fascinating.

Suddenly, Yan Yu's face showed panic and horror.

A palm, seemingly indistinguishable from ordinary people, appeared less than half a meter away from him! This palm attracted all Yan Yu's attention, and all the surrounding light seemed to converge on this palm.

An uncontrollable fear suddenly surged into Yan Yu's heart, and it was the fist that the hand clenched just now, which shattered his energy shield. But what reassured him was that this palm was still half a meter away from him. In the acceleration state just started, the speed will get faster and faster. As long as you open a little distance now, the distance between yourself and this palm will become larger and larger.

He stared at this palm tightly, his nerves were tense, he wondered if he was too nervous, and everything around him seemed to suddenly slow down in his eyes.

So, when he saw this palm, he raised it gently, and then slashed it very strangely!

Gently, this was the first word that popped into his mind, and the sneak attacker's movements were very soft and weak. The word strange is another of his most direct feelings. He didn't know how to describe this slash, because this slash seemed to contain very complicated changes.

Every movement of this palm caused a wonderful change in the surrounding airflow, and when the slashing action was completed, all the airflows had gathered to form an airflow wave blade about twenty centimeters long!

Air technology!

Yan Yu suddenly woke up from this state, he thought of this skill that had been rumored some time ago!

call out!

The sound of the air boom hadn't disappeared, and it was as if he had been hit directly in the front by a wielding broadsword.

Yan Yu, who lost his balance, stared blankly at the surrounding scenery swept back quickly, at the high jets of blood, as they quickly condensed into bright red ice particles in the air, and at the dark clouds in the sky. Wandering white lightning... Boom! Yan Yu's body was like a sandbag, flying far away and fell to the ground.

This series of changes happened in the flash of lightning, so fast that everyone couldn't even react. Weah didn't stop, bullied himself forward, and came to Yan Yu's body. Yan Yu's eyes were still vacantly open, and his pupils, which had lost focus, were gray and dull, and stared blankly at the sky. Weah's palm waved lightly again, and an air wave blade came out of his hand, accurately slashing on Yan Yu's neck. Yan Yu's head twitched and separated from his corpse.

Weah grabbed Yan Yu's head and prepared to leave. He didn't know Yan Yu, and he didn't know how to describe the team to Mu Mu, so he simply showed Yan Yu's head to Mu Mu, maybe Mu Wu could recognize it.

At this time, the other team members were awake from a dream, looking at Yan Yu who fell to the ground, everyone's head buzzed and exploded.

Almost subconsciously, everyone immediately rushed towards Weah!

Weia glanced at these excited Kaxiu indifferently, and there was no change in the wooden face. The darkness gave him the best cover, and his ghostly movements were as hard to catch as a wisp of smoke for these Kashou. Just a flick, these Kaxiu lost trace of Weah.

Ordinary Kaxiu's perception is mostly sensitive to energy fluctuations, but very slow to real objects. Only with perceptions like Chen Mu and Caesar, can the perception of objects be better than the perception of energy fluctuations. But even Chen Mu, in such an environment, was hardly aware of Weah's existence. This has always been something that Chen Mu was very puzzled about. I don't know what skills Weah is using, trying to find Weah who is lurking, his chance of success is pitifully low.

The current chaotic and dark environment, as well as the pouring rain and the bitter cold, are all his combat partners for Weah. In this case, the air slash can exert its greatest power, and the energy shield of these card repairs often only needs a punch for Weah. Weah never reluctant to fight, even if he missed a hit, he would never stay in place.

The broken awns formed by the crushing of the energy cover are like gorgeous fireworks at night, just like screams, one after another. Cangjiang Army's Kaxiu didn't know where this terrifying enemy was, but saw his companion's energy shield constantly shattering and screaming constantly! Moreover, the location where the energy shield was broken had no features at all, and the opponent's speed was as fast as lightning.

They can't find the figure of the other party, but they are the best target. There is no worse situation than this. They have completely become lambs to be slaughtered!

"Everyone pay attention, cancel the energy cover and enter the battle state!" As soon as he gritted his teeth, a well-known Kaxiu in the Cangjiang Army roared: "Everyone..."

His voice stopped abruptly.

The panic in the team is even greater!

There is no one to organize, and the Kaxiu have absolutely no idea what to do! If the energy shield is not removed, they will be a real target, and if the energy shield is removed, they will lose the last bit of self-protection ability.

Weah, like a **** of death, mechanically harvested the lives of these Kaxiu. The left hand held Yan Yu's head, and the right hand attacked as sharply as before. From the beginning to the present, the frequency of his attacks had not changed.

From the beginning of his attack to now, in the three minutes, the number of Kaxiu who died at the hands of Weah reached an astonishing 211 people. In other words, Weah killed a Cangjiang Army Kaxiu every second on average. From another point of view, the Cangjiang Army lost one-twentieth of their personnel in these three minutes.

The slaughter is still going on, and Weah's indifferent face still does not see any fluctuations. There is still no sign of his efficiency declining. He is like a lion that has broken into the sheepfold, calmly slaughtering.

Time is passing, and the smell of blood in the air is so strong that it choked the nose. It has become hell, a living hell.

The panic in the hearts of the Cangjiang army not only did not ease in the slightest, but became even more serious. There are several enemies, they don't know.

Despair and panic spread rapidly. Between the low and thick clouds, the lightning flickered and the dull thunder sounded, showing all the violent power it contained to mankind!

A few Kaxiu couldn't help it and flew into the sky, they just wanted to stay away from this hell! However, they just flew into the sky less than 20 meters, and a few lightning bolts with the thickness of their arms hit these Kaxiu fiercely! In the white lightning light of the light eye, the energy shield did not even hold for a second and then turned into nothingness. Before the screams of these Kaxiu could be heard, they turned into a black mass and fell from the sky to the ground.

God is helping the enemy!

Changed to an ordinary team, at this time, it completely collapsed! But the Cangjiang Army was able to become the first army of the underworld, and their willpower was so tenacious that even Weah was a little surprised.

It has been seven minutes since he started to attack, and there are as many as 541 Kaxiu who died in his hands. In just seven minutes, the Cangjiang Army lost their leader and one-tenth of their personnel.

Finally, the actions of a card repair saved the team. He dissipated the energy shield, endured the freezing rain hitting his bones, and shivered, and replaced it with the usual lighting card!

When a group of white light rose into the air above his head, illuminating an open space within ten meters in diameter, the other Kaxiu finally realized what they should do!

"The first team, the lighting card!" The leader of the first team almost used all his strength to shout this sentence!

The leader of the second team responded very roared: "Second team, prepare for battle! If you find any suspicious objects, attack with all your strength!"

The other squad leaders followed suit.

Weah knew that it was time for him to retreat. Without a trace of nostalgia, he pulled away.

The light **** rose into the sky one by one, and more than a thousand lighting cards were used at the same time, and the light emitted was enough to illuminate the Cangjiang military camp!

The card repairs of the Cangjiang Army saw a scene they will never forget!

The strict Cangjiang military camp is now in a mess. When the kaxiu searched with their blood-red eyes wide open, they found no enemy. There are only corpses on the ground, corpses everywhere, they have long been frozen into pieces of ice. The scars on each corpse are very uniform, with only a small bloodstain, like a trace left by the wave blade energy body.

And where the eldest Yan Yu was, there was only a headless corpse left!

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