MTL - Card - C.548 Reiko's concernsMar 06, 2023

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C.548 Reiko's concernsMar 06, 2023

[Eternal Night] is actually quite suitable for melee!

Chen Mu quickly discovered something.

Different wavelengths have completely different effects on the human body, and Chen Mu has no mercy. When Xiong Shen was about to attack Lei Zi before, he had no intention of letting this guy leave alive.

At the same time as he plunged into the Xiong family Kaxiu, he launched the killing of [Eternal Night]!

The air around his body vibrated violently, making his figure blurry and volatile.

[Eternal Night. Nightfall]!

The bear family's Kaxiu screamed! They were like a group of headless flies, struggling desperately and circling in place... Chen Mu raised her body and stood on top of their heads, looking down at them coldly.

Xiong Shen's attack method was similar to an energy cannon, and he blasted around like crazy.

He couldn't see anything, his eyes were dark, and all voices were cut off. He knew that what was in front of him were all illusions, but he was still panicking, and now even a child could kill him with a knife. He had never felt so helpless, so scared, he felt that he was about to die... Xiong Shen's energy cannon was quite powerful, and some Kaxiu, who couldn't dodge, was hit, leaving only half of his body.

Chen Mu frowned, the lives of these people had nothing to do with him, but he didn't want to cause any trouble at this time. Frost Moon Hanzhou will naturally not block it by challenging to obtain a competition certificate, but if at this sensitive moment, it would cause a big mess and provoke the authority of Frost Moon Hanzhou, it would be an extremely stupid act.

Chen Mu is not a stupid person, he still remembers the purpose of coming to Qianhu City this time.

He didn't do anything, and the perception has completed the adjustment of the [Eternal Night] band.

In the sky, those voices full of despair came to an abrupt end.

Silence, as lonely as death. And in this suffocating silence, all the Xiong family Kaxiu fell at the same time!

Qiu Shanyu has already started to search Gong Liang and Xiong Shen for the competition certificate. A woman's expressionless and focused search on a **** corpse is enough to make a person with a weaker nerve tremble. No one sympathizes with the Xiong family, which has always been unpopular with everyone. The last siege was even more shameful.

The eyes they looked at the boy in the sky were full of fear.

With strong strength, powerful cards, and a cold-blooded and ruthless surname, the young man in front of them immediately became dangerous in their eyes. It is hard to imagine that a young man who looks only twenty years old can show such indifference to death. Like Kaxiu of this age, he is often still in the academy listening obediently to the teacher imparting knowledge. The surrounding Kaxiu was all awe-inspiring, and they knew very well what this indifference represented. Only through countless lives and deaths, through countless battles, can we have this kind of indifference.

The worsening of the current situation is only a matter of the past few years, and the number of combat card repairs has increased, but how many battles will it take to reach the level of the teenager in front of me?

The origin of this unremarkable young man suddenly became somewhat intriguing.

In Chen Mu's view, such a battle is indeed nothing. After thousands of people's battle scenes, such battles can only be regarded as petty troubles.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky where he had gone wrong.

Someone is flying this way!

high speed!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the other party appeared in front of Chen Mu. In the eyes of other Kaxiu, the visitor seemed to appear out of thin air.

"What's the matter?"

The icy aura seemed to come from the top of the snow peak, without a trace of emotion. Bai Yue glanced coldly at the chaotic scene, and her eyes finally fell on Chen Mu.

Chen Mu was a little surprised that he would meet Bo Yue. He didn't dislike this ice-crystal-like woman, and Bo Yue was one of the few Kaxiu from the Sixth University that he didn't dislike. However, when he touched the other party's icy gaze, he suddenly realized that he did not wear the mask of Director Bai, and Bai Yue didn't know himself.

"Challenge Gong Liang, get a certificate."

Bai Yue was unmoved: "Why are there so many corpses?"

"Gong Liang was defeated, and the Xiong family became angry." Chen Mu looked at Bai Yue with interest. At this time, Bai Yue felt completely different from the last time he saw him. The condescending temperament in the bones of the six major Kaxiu still cannot be changed. Bai Yue is already quite good, but it is inevitable at this point. This made him sigh lightly. People really have the strength to win respect. When he was Director Bai, how polite Bai Yue was to him, but at this time, it was completely different.

Bai Yue always felt that she had seen this young man of the same age as her, and she tried her best to find nothing. Especially that kind of temperament, she didn't know how to describe it, but she also knew that it was very unique.

You must have seen it somewhere! Instead of saying that she is confident in herself, Bai Yue is more confident in this unique temperament. How could someone with such a temperament be an ordinary person?

Glancing at it, she recognized that it was the Xiong family who died.

She did not intend to stand up for the Xiong family. In fact, at this time, Shuangyue Hanzhou was also cautious, and she would be very careful with any action. What's more, the Xiong family has never been on the right track with Shuangyue Hanzhou.

"I haven't asked your name yet!" Bai Yue took the initiative to salute. Being able to kill so many Kaxiu with the power of one person, and even Gong Liang and Xiong Shen are among them, the strength of this young man in front of him is strong, I am afraid that it is not inferior to himself.

This is a bit of a problem. Bai Yue is the most outstanding Kaxiu in the younger generation of Shuangyue Hanzhou. Jia Yingxia has spent countless efforts on her. Coupled with the huge resource background of the entire Shuangyue Hanzhou, it is not surprising that she can achieve today.

But the man in front of him, who is about the same age as him, has such strength, unless he is also a core student of one of the six majors.

"Chen Mu." Chen Mu returned the salute.

Bai Yue had never heard of this strange name. At this time, Frost Moon Hanzhou is very concerned about those heavyweight experts. The most unwelcome among them is Kaxiu, an expert like Chen Mu who doesn't know his origin at all, because they are very likely to become unsettled factors. Another headache for them is that these people's behavior is often unpredictable.

Just as Bai Yue was about to say something, someone on the street suddenly shouted, "Canglan has arrived at Qianhu City!"

Bai Yue's face changed slightly, and she hurriedly said goodbye to Chen Mu: "I have something to do, I'm sorry." After that, she flew away in a hurry.

The arrival of Canglan made the already complicated situation of Qianhu City even more complicated.

Chen Mu couldn't care so much now, so he flew into Lei Zi's room.



The two best friends who have been wandering together since childhood, finally reunited. The two looked excited and hugged hard. Lan Feng was also very excited, the corners of his eyes were wet, and what happened back then seemed to have happened yesterday.

Weah and Qiu Shanyu came in, and Qiu Shanyu was a little surprised to see Chen Mu's appearance. In her impression, Chen Mu was always calm, open to anything and everyone. Many times, she would ignore Chen Mu's age. But when she saw Chen Mu and Lei Zi's lively conversation, she suddenly realized that Chen Mu was only in his early twenties.

The two of them have been very bumpy along the way. After Lei Zi and Lan Feng left Dongshang Acropolis, they struggled to survive.

And when Lei Zi listened to Chen Mu's narration of his experiences over the years, his eyes widened and he was stunned. Not only Lei Zi, but also Qiu Shanyu was stunned.

"I was still wondering, how did you become a card repairer?" Lei Zi said with a smile: "I always thought, haha, you have a talent for card making. Thinking back then, I was a Bole!"

He looked smug.

Thinking of that happy and fulfilling time of making card shadows, Chen Mu couldn't help but laugh.

Lei Zi was completely dumbfounded when he learned that Chen Mu turned out to be the leader of the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group and Muzi Camp. However, soon, he adjusted and said with a smile: "Great, Lan Feng and I were still thinking about where to go in the future. Ha, we will defect to you."

"When will we finish the "Legend of the Masters" card shadow." Chen Mu said with a heartfelt smile.

"By the way, why did you go to Qianhu City?" Lei Zi couldn't help asking.

Chen Mu told the story about the Biaoqing in his body again, saying that when a devil girl implanted Biaoqing in his body, Lei Zi was furious: "This dead woman! You should be beaten to death!"

After Chen Mu finished speaking, Lei Zi showed a cautious expression: "Woo, you have to be careful. I always feel something is wrong with this alliance." He immediately explained: "Me and Lan Feng, when we were at the Xiong's house, I In charge of negotiation, Lan Feng is in charge of gathering intelligence."

Everyone was listening.

"The reason why Frost Moon Hanzhou stipulates the rules of the competition card is actually to encourage everyone to kill each other. The more the power of the non-Frost Moon Hanzhou is consumed, the happier they are. The elite Frost Moon Hanzhou will not participate, your idea, I I think it's very feasible." He hesitated for a while, then he continued: "But there is one thing that I think is very strange. Frost Moon Hanzhou just announced the news of forming an Others have blocked it, especially Tang Hanpei. Moying is the most important. But now, both Moying and Tang Hanpei seem to be oblivious to everything that happens in Qianhu City, which is very abnormal."

Qiu Shanyu's face became solemn, and she glanced at Lei Zi with some amazement. An analysis of the current situation was not something that everyone would care about. During this time, she had been by Chen Mu's side, without any source of information, she had no knowledge of what happened in the federation.

"Tang Hanpei is going to fight Kuji Temple at this moment, and Moying is said to be still being cleaned internally. It doesn't seem suspicious, but I always feel that something is wrong."

Lan Feng added in a timely manner: "According to the information I collected, the new host of the desert camp, Hei Ming, has not shown up for many days. Moreover, I just found out that the Federal Comprehensive Academy did not even send a single person this time. ."

Lei Zi said with a bitter face: "I'm a little worried, are these two companies joining forces and are planning some action. If so, then Qianhu City is a bit unsafe." He muttered: "Qianhu City is not far from the border. It's not too far."

Qiu Shanyu's face turned snow-white!

(To be continued)