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C.554 sound east and westMar 06, 2023

blah blah blah!

Rapid footsteps broke the silence.

Tang Hanpei didn't take his eyes off the notebook in his hand, he was still focused.

"Sir!" Shao Xue was a little excited, causing her voice to be a little excited.

Tang Hanpei looked away from the notebook, turned to her face, and said with a gentle smile, "What's wrong?"

Tang Hanpei's eyes were like the sunshine in early winter, warm and soft, Shao Xue's heart trembled, she forced herself to calm down: "Look at this video!"

She neatly inserted a magic card into the meter, and the light curtain popped up, clearly playing the image of Chen Mu in the Tiandongli District Classic.

"Understood." Tang Hanpei nodded and said regretfully, "It's a pity."

Shao Xue understood what Mr. Tang Hanpei meant by pity, and she asked tentatively, "Can we trade with Moying? Exchange him?"

After thinking about it, Tang Hanpei shook his head: "No need." He raised his head and asked, "Where are we now?"

"We are still two days away from the border line of the Fanasi District." Shao Xue replied.

Tang Hanpei didn't speak. He lowered his head again and stared directly at the black notebook in his hand. His slender and fair left hand suddenly turned to the title page of the notebook. There is a sentence on it - to my brother: I hope you can become a hero!

He stared at this sentence for a long time, and suddenly, with a snap, he closed the notebook.

He looked up. "Tell them to turn southeast and stay hidden."

Shao Xue exclaimed: "Didn't we start a war with Kuji Temple? Southeast...ah..."

Tang Hanpei smiled: "Our goal is Star Academy."

"The Temple of Bitterness?"

"They're just a cover."

Tang Hanpei smiled as before, but this time, the warm feeling like the sunshine in early winter was no longer there.

Qianhu City was already in chaos. The information about the siege of Moying Kaxiu came. Although Frost Moon Hanzhou made a lot of defenses, it was like a drop in the bucket in front of Moying's full strength this time. The other forces only brought their personal guards with them.

Su Heiming firmly seized the initiative!

Looking at Jia Yingxia with a pale face, Chen Mu sighed in his heart, but this was not the time to be emotional. The stadium was completely out of control, the screams were endless, and the crowd in the stands was like crazy.

"Let's go." He whispered: "Weia, bring Lei Zi and Lan Feng. Quick!"

Weah didn't speak, and his figure disappeared from everyone's sight.

Many people around him looked horrified.

Soon, Wea appeared in front of Chen Mu with Lei Zi and Lan Feng.

"Let's get out of here first."

A large group of people followed Chen Mu, including Caesar, Jiao Si and others. And some shrewd Kaxiu also joined Chen Mu's team one after another. They thought to themselves that Mr. Bai has created so many miracles, and maybe he can create another miracle this time. As for Kaxiu of Frost Moon and Hanzhou, how could she care about Chen Mu and the others at this time, Jia Yingxia's face was ashen, and she urgently needed to negotiate with the other leaders.

"What about us?" asked the man with a blue scar on his face.

"Follow Chen Mu." The dark golden masked man said: "People like us can't get the protection of Frost Moon Hanzhou. It's better to follow him, but there is a chance of life."

The two immediately joined the team behind Chen Mu.

Chen Mu also noticed that the team behind him was getting bigger and bigger, but at this time he couldn't tolerate him rejecting others. However, the speed under his feet suddenly increased.

Seeing this, the others speeded up!

This time, the gap can be seen. Experts like Caesar are naturally leisurely, but those who are not strong are pulled down. Chen Mu felt sad in his heart, but at this time, the benevolence of women will only reduce the last trace of vitality. Along the way, people kept recognizing Chen Mu, people kept joining the team, and people kept dropping from the team.

But Qianhu City has a lot of masters at this time! There are still more than 400 people who can keep up with Chen Mu's speed, which makes him secretly shocked and a little more happy. These 400 people are all masters and elites. If they play well, they will be a big help.

As soon as they flew out of the city, the number of Kaxiu decreased significantly. And those Kaxiu who were originally stationed outside the city, now desperately squeezed into the city, there is no danger outside the city, and it is definitely a dead end. And the people in Chen Mu's line who rushed out looked dazzling. Chen Mu also took care of a lot of things, speeding up and rushing forward.

Almost like the wind, Chen Mu dragged his long "tail" and rushed to the south corner of Qianhu City. A neatly formed team appeared in everyone's field of vision.

"Snow worm card repair group!" Someone in the team exclaimed.

The others all looked happy, but they immediately showed doubts, why did Chen Mu bring them to the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group? Could it be that he also has friendship with the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group?

Chen Mu didn't hesitate and flew down first. At the same time, Weah appeared beside him with Lei Zi and Lan Feng. This time, it shocked these Kaxiu even more! There is no one here, so we can naturally see the identity of Weah Wukaliu. However, with such a terrifying speed of a no-card stream with two people on board, they were unheard of.

"Boss!" Bagnell Xi and others were relieved when they saw Chen Mu.

The people who were just startled by Weah stood in place again, wondering if their ears had heard it wrong.


Some people have recognized Bagnell, his name is Boss Chen Mu?

OMG! Isn't Manager Bai the leader of the Muzi Battalion? How did he become the leader of the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group again?

Qingqing was completely stunned! Maybe other people don't know Bagnell's identity, but she knows that Bagnell is the wolf more than ten years ago! She looked at Chen Mu absentmindedly, she couldn't imagine that a guy who sold a one-star energy card back then could actually make this wolf that was famous in the Federation and that countless people dreamed of serving him!

After a moment, she came back to her senses and couldn't help looking at Chen Mu with a complicated expression.

To be honest, she's in an embarrassing situation right now. In Qianhu City, Jia Yingxia would never give her any good looks. And watching Chen Mu leave, she was not reconciled. But in fact, now she has absolutely no capital to fight against Chen Mu. Caesar, Jiao Si, Devil Girl, Fang Shi, any of these people, she can't guarantee that she can win, not to mention the unfathomable strength of Wukaliu.

"How's the situation?" Chen Mu asked.

"It's very bad." Bagnell said solemnly: "Moying is fully prepared this time, and we don't have many chances." His eyes fell on the four hundred people who came with Chen Mu, and he asked in a low voice: " Who are these people?"

"They came with me, and their strength is good." Chen Mu said.

Bagnell nodded, indicating that he understood. He knows very well that if he refuses these people to go with him and causes disputes, he will most likely lose the last chance.

Chen Mu turned around, stared at the four hundred people, and raised his voice: "Everyone, everyone knows the situation. Since everyone has followed me here, I am deeply honored! However," his tone changed, and his voice turned cold: " The situation is critical right now, and everyone must know it. I can't guarantee that I will be out of danger, but if we all help each other, there is still a chance. But there is a premise, that is, everyone needs to obey my orders! If you can't do this, Please leave!"

Qiu Shanyu saw the opportunity very quickly, and she said coldly: "From now on, everyone including Faya, including me, will obey the orders of Head Chen Mu! Those who disobey, kill!"

"Yes!" Fayakaxiu, who came with Fang Shi, responded awe-inspiringly.

Jiao Si also stood up at this time: "Siyuan Academy Card Xiu, anyone including this old man, obey the orders of the head of Chen Mu, if anyone disagrees, kill!"

They are all experienced people, and they know how difficult and dangerous the hurdle in front of them is. Chen Mu's request is reasonable, and this statement is naturally straightforward.

When the other Kaxiu saw this, they all expressed their opinions. After learning that Chen Mu was the head of the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group, a little hope rose in everyone's heart. Chen Mu is a tactical master himself, plus Bagnell is a top figure in federal tactics, not to mention the fact that the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group itself is quite powerful.

And some thoughtful people thought that Chen Mu also had another ace in his hand—Muziying!

Chen Mu nodded, his expression calm: "Okay! But the ugly words are ahead. If someone does not obey the order, the military law is ruthless!"

He did not deliberately emphasize this sentence, but everyone's heart was stunned.

Chen Mu nodded and said to Bagnell, "Let's go."

The Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group took the lead, and everyone headed for the Xueling Valley in a mighty manner.

In the crowd, the blue scarred man asked in a low voice, "What do you think of this Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group?"

The dark golden mask man pondered: "It lives up to its reputation! You can see that it marches in an orderly manner, and its formation has always been excellent. Look at their team members, their expressions are calm and there is no fear. These two points are more than most of the Kaxiu regiments. As for firepower, there is no way to judge."

The blue scarred man agreed: "I feel it when you say that. You say, can this Qianhu City hold up?"

"I'm not optimistic." The dark-golden masked man shook his head: "The power balance between the two sides is too great. Although Qianhu City has dangers to defend, but Moying has been deliberately planning this time, how can they not bring a war card?"

At this time, a Kaxiu next to him interjected: "That's not necessarily true. As long as they can hold on for a while, the bitterness is only the desert camp. Hmph, almost all the bosses in Tiandongli district are in this thousand lakes. , now it is estimated that Kaxiu has been rushing towards this The dark golden mask man was silent, and the blue scar remembered man frowned: "Since you said that, why are you running out? ? "

The Kaxiu immediately sneered: "Like us Kaxiu without a background, even if it is defending the city, it must be the cannon fodder that was sent to death by the first few rounds. I guess the city has begun to be forced to recruit, hehe, I don't want to be cannon fodder. ."

The blue scarred man had a strange look on his face, and said in surprise, "You're a thief! But you're not afraid that he will use you as cannon fodder?" He pouted at Chen Mu's back.

"Hey, it's almost the same, it's all about selling one's body. However, selling one's body is also very particular. On our terms, if you sell it to Shuangyue Hanzhou, people might not even look at it. Selling it to Director Bai might be worth two more. money."

The blue scarred man was stunned for a moment, then laughed: "That makes sense!"

"Dude, where did you come from?" the Kaxiu asked curiously.

"Me?" The blue scarred man said casually, "I am Yang Shanfei."

(To be continued)