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C.567 DiaphragmMar 06, 2023

The size and depth of the cave is beyond everyone's imagination.

After ten minutes of walking, there is still no sign of the end. Everyone was cautious and nervous.

Suddenly Chen Mu's footsteps paused slightly, not only him, but almost all the seventh-level Kaxiu agreed to stop their steps, and everyone's faces showed surprise and joy.

Energy fluctuates! They felt distinct energy fluctuations!

No one has ever seen a path window, but in all descriptions of a path window, there is one thing, and that is energy fluctuations. The path window will continuously release energy fluctuations. The intensity of this energy fluctuation is not strong, but as long as the path window still exists, it will not stop.

It was a rather strange energy fluctuation, unlike all the energy fluctuations they had experienced before. Everyone's expressions became more and more excited and cautious, and from time to time someone could hear a heavy snort between the teams.

Chen Mu couldn't help but get excited.

The devil girl is familiar, but Chen Mu can still feel her excitement hidden under the grimace.

But what puzzled him was that Weah seemed to be very familiar with this place. The fat dog followed Weah's feet, roaring in a low voice from time to time, and Xiaobu Mo followed behind him, with more curiosity than fear on his face.

As it goes deeper, the energy fluctuations become stronger and stronger. Chen Mu finally understood why the window was so difficult to find. If it was outside the cave, it would be impossible to find this energy fluctuation.

Suddenly, a faint light appeared in front of them, and everyone's spirits were all lifted.

The light became brighter and brighter, and when they turned a corner, the eyes of everyone suddenly became brighter.

An irregular huge light group appeared in front of everyone, and the light group was constantly changing and squirming, as if there was life. Such a bizarre scene makes people a little creepy.

"That's it." The devil girl's voice was very certain.

Weah stared at the light group, a little lost.

Bagnell seemed to be muttering something. He stared blankly at the big light group in front of him, with a complicated expression and a hint of tears in his eyes.

This group of light is like a wriggling light group, exuding strange energy fluctuations.

Is this the legendary window?

The devil girl was the first to get into the light group, and Chen Mu and the others couldn't help showing a bit of hesitation on their faces. It was difficult for anyone to judge what this strange light group was. At this moment, Chen Mu's eyes flashed, Weah and the fat dog had already got into the light group. Seeing this, Chen Mu no longer hesitated, and headed in.

Chen Mu, who got into the light group, only felt a flower in front of his eyes, and the scene in front of him suddenly changed.

The gray sky, the black earth beneath the feet, and everything around is gray and gray. The air was dry, with occasional drafts blowing, which lifted up a gray dust. There is no end to the land in front of you, and the endless monotonous wasteland is full of desolation.

Gray layer! This term popped out of Chen Mu's mind!

The words most closely related to the diameter window: gray layer, wealth, danger, the gray layer is impressively among them. Through the path window, you will enter the gray layer. Between the radial window and the radial window, the gray layer is connected. The gray layer is extremely vast, mostly desolate and devoid of life. But that doesn't mean it's barren, on the contrary, a grey layer usually means the first step to wealth.

In the gray layer, a large number of scarce resources are produced, and many card-making materials are produced, especially rare minerals. But with wealth comes danger. Judging from the gray layers that have been explored by humans, even those that do not have any beasts without gray layers are extremely difficult to develop. The harsh environment has become the first stumbling block in front of human beings, and all kinds of strange weather always make people feel the insignificance of human beings involuntarily.

The team members drilled out of the light group one after another.

When Bagnell emerged from the light group, his expression suddenly became extremely poor.


Bagnell called Chen Mu aside. Chen Mu noticed Bagnell's incomparably poor expression, and couldn't help but ask with concern, "What's wrong? Old bus? Is it uncomfortable?"

"Boss!" A rare hesitation appeared on Bagnell's face.

"What happened?" Chen Mu became cautious. Bagnell is very old, did he find something wrong?

"I seem to have been here before." Bagnell whispered.

Chen Mu was startled: "Have you been here?" He pointed to the ground in disbelief: "Here?"

"Well." Bagnell's face was ugly, and there was pain in his eyes: "This is very similar to the place we went to more than ten years ago."

"More than ten years ago?" Chen Mu suddenly thought of Bagnell's other identity, and couldn't help asking: "You guys? Heijinhua Kaxiu Group?"

"Well." Bagnell didn't seem to want to talk about the past, he settled his mood: "The place we've been to is very similar to this place, but I'm not sure."

Bagnell's statement caught Chen Mu's attention. He knew that Bagnell seemed to be rambunctious at times, but in reality he was prudent and sophisticated, and he would never open his mouth if he was not sure.

At this moment, the devil girl glanced at the sky and suddenly said, "We need to leave this place immediately."

Chen Mu was a little hesitant. Bagnell and the others came to such a dangerous place to help him. He didn't want anyone to be hurt.

"What's the problem?" Chen Mu asked.

He doesn't trust the devil girl. In essence, the two sides are just a transactional relationship.

The devil girl glanced at Chen Mu and said, "There are often sandstorms here. We need to find cracks in the ground."

He was still thinking, Weah's voice suddenly interjected: "She is right."

Almost as soon as the word sandstorm came out, Bagnell's face involuntarily showed a lingering expression.

Chen Mu's gaze couldn't help turning to Weah. Weah was still expressionless, so he had to turn his eyes to the devil girl again: "You lead the way." Then he instructed Kaxiu beside him: "Make a mark."

Five discs flew into the sky, and then scattered. They will complete the mapping of the nearby terrain and be able to scout for the enemy. There is nowhere to be seen, and what is going on is easy to spot. Weah's words and Bagnell's expression made the credibility of the Devil's words soar. Although I still don't know what the sandstorm will be like, but looking at the reactions of Bagnell and Weah, I'm afraid the power of this sandstorm is not small.

The atmosphere of the team suddenly became tense.

Yang Shanfei stepped on the ground curiously: "Why is this place dark? This is the gray layer? It's really boring."

Su's expression was hidden under the dark golden mask, and he couldn't see the slightest clue, but the conversation between the few of them made him secretly startled. The path window gray layer has always been strictly confidential information of the Federation, and ordinary people simply cannot access it. But listening to the meaning of these people, the devil girl has come, Weah should have come too, and Bagnell seems to have come too. In just a few words, his heart skipped a beat.

His eyes reached Chen Mu, but found that he seemed to be increasingly unable to see through this person. He had said before that they came to Baiyuan Mansion. He thought that Chen Mu and the others would go through the window that led to Baiyuan Mansion in the Federation, but he didn't expect it to be a new window.

A new path window means countless wealth! But Chen Mu even took him and Yang Shanfei there without worry. Isn't he afraid of leaking secrets?

Chen Mu is not very old, but who can achieve such a family business, how can he be a fool? Do you not care, or is there something else?

Su could imagine the prosperity of Dongwei Base in the future. Relying on Jingchuang, they can obtain enough resources to trade with Baiyuanfu, and he also has advanced technology and powerful armament, and his prospects are limitless. But it is as strong as Tang Hanpei, who is also caught in the quagmire of war at this time, and has no time to take care of such a remote place.

And once he completes his transformation, the world will only be afraid that there will be one more contender!

Su looked at this surprisingly young boy, inexplicably a little more in awe.

But he probably never thought that Chen Mu really didn't care. There were too many secrets on him, and the information about Jingchuang was really nothing in his eyes. Moreover, Qingqing already knew that it was a bit unexpected to expect her to keep her secret. Anyway, as long as they maintain a strong force, they don't need to be afraid of being coveted by others.

He left many cards to Jiang Liang, enough to form a strong team. The Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group was almost trained by Jiang Liang, and in Chen Mu's opinion, no one could match his level. Coupled with the technical support of the Wandi tribe's card equipment, Chen Mu believes that no one can take advantage of the Dongwei base except for the six majors. As for the Big Six, they themselves are in constant trouble now, and they are powerless to attack the Dongwei base.

The devil girl led the way without saying a word.

She is extremely fast, and seems to be familiar with the terrain in this area without any hesitation.

Under the leadership of the devil girl, the team moved forward at high speed on the wasteland. For this operation, Xi Ping prepared a large number of transport shuttles. These shuttles have been modified, and the surnames in all aspects can be greatly improved.

The silent wasteland is monotonous and without any vitality, except for the occasional whirring of the wind, there is no movement. There was no vegetation on the ground, and it was as flat as a whetstone. If it wasn't for the devil girl to lead the way, Chen Mu and the others would not know which direction to go, because it looked the same in every direction.

After flying for about two they finally found a large crack.

This large crack is surprisingly wide, the average width should be about 20 kilometers, and there are towering cliffs on both sides. Such wide cracks are large enough to accommodate this convoy.

The devil girl took the lead in turning down the crack. Her movements were extremely light, and without any tools, she stepped on the uneven cliff and jumped to the bottom of the crack.

Everyone also quickly lowered the flight altitude. As soon as it flew into the big crack, the moist air rushed towards the face, and everyone was refreshed.


There should be a source of water at the bottom of the crack!

The convoy also carried a considerable amount of water, as well as water-collecting equipment, but if there was no water in the air, they would have nothing to do.

Suddenly, an alarm came from the pan!

Sandstorm is coming!

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