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C.568 Fortune CrackMar 06, 2023

Because of the trays, they were alerted in advance, which gave them plenty of time to prepare. How important this proved in hindsight.

The devil girl did not say a word, and quickly dived to the bottom of the crack with Chen Mu and his party. She glanced at the vast convoy and said coldly, "You need to hide them all." After that, she found a small hole for herself and curled up in it.

Bagnell didn't hesitate to order all the Cassiopeia to do it right away. For a time, the colorful energy bodies flashed, which was really beautiful. These card repairs are very powerful, and they are often a big hole when they hit them. However, everyone has never encountered such a situation, and it is inevitable that they are in a hurry.

Fortunately, all the work was finally completed before the sandstorm came. The Kaxiu energy card with the energy cover was fully opened and nested in the hole that had just been blasted. This is the gray layer, anything weird can happen, everyone is cautious and nervous.

Sandstorm is coming!

Like a ghost crying and wolf howling, the sharp wind pierced the eardrums. The sky immediately darkened, and everyone only felt that their eyes were completely dark, and the wind and sand outside the pit made them tremble. Even though they were reminded by the Devil Girl, they dug the pit extremely deep, but the sand still blew into the pit from time to time. Under the action of the gust of wind, the tiny sand was so powerful that it made everyone's energy cover sway.

Chen Mu could only shrink in the deep pit, not daring to move. He was stunned inwardly, this place is at least ten kilometers away from the surface, and the power of the sandstorm is so terrifying! If it is on the surface, even if it is a seventh-level card repair, it is difficult to have a chance to survive.

The terrible sandstorm has been going on for six hours!

When the whistling outside finally dissipated, everyone could not help but feel a little bit of the rest of their lives. When everyone poked their heads out of the deep hole like moles, the scene was very strange, everyone looked at each other and burst into laughter.

It was discovered in the subsequent inventory that even though protective measures had been taken in advance, three shuttles were still lost.

There is an earthy smell in the air after the sandstorm, but this gray sky already makes people feel a little kind.

Bagnell walked up to Chen Mu again, his face was ugly: "Boss, it's here."

This sentence was a little out of mind, but Chen Mu understood it all at once.

"Are there many sandstorms here?" There was another person familiar with the place, which made Chen Mu feel at ease. The devil girl is hard to trust, and Weah's expressive ability really gives Chen Mu a headache, and the worst thing is that he is like a rock most of the time.

"If there is no change, there should be no more sandstorms in six days." A few traces of pain flashed on his face, and he pretended to be calm: "In addition to sandstorms, there is also a storm with cold air, I call it Cold Crystal Storm. Cold Crystal Storm is more powerful than Sandstorm, but its probability is much smaller than Sandstorm."

"Cold Crystal Storm?" Chen Mu chewed on the name, but when he learned that there were still six days left, a stone in his heart also fell. If the dust storms are irregular or too frequent, they're in trouble.

After avoiding the sandstorm, everyone moved on.

The mighty motorcade moved forward cautiously and nervously at the bottom of the big crack. The horror of the sandstorm gave everyone an intuitive feeling of the danger of the gray layer.

God seemed to be joking with them, and along the way, people kept discovering mines.

"Polycrystals! A lot! Boss, this is a polycrystal mine!" An experienced Kaxiu reported to Chen Mu excitedly.

"Oh my God! Ziying Mines! This is Ziying Mines!" Bagnell was excited. He was very familiar with Ziying Mines and could tell at a glance. Other minerals could not give him an intuitive impression, but he was very clear about the business contained in the Ziying extract.

Mecha iron, Abida West stone, snow water iron, double row peptide iron stone, white chrysanthemum black stone, bird silk red thread... All kinds of mines that Chen Mu knew and didn't know, used and unused minerals were constantly being discovered. Everyone's face showed excitement, the wealth contained in this big crack was amazing, it was terrifying!


The materials Chen Mu had used before, such as snow iron and double-row peptidite, could easily tell that the quality of these materials was quite high. In addition to the joy, Chen Mu became more and more alarmed. If all the minerals contained in this large crack were replaced by Oudi, it would be an astronomical figure!

He now finally understands why everyone is so enthusiastic when they mention the window and the gray layer. wealth! This is unparalleled wealth!

This large fissure is very close to the diameter window and is very suitable for development.

If the minerals here can be continuously transported to the Dongwei base, it will greatly speed up their development. Before Chen Mu didn't care about the news from Jingchuang, but now he understood the value of this news. Even the Big Six would never sit idly by and ignore such a huge wealth. Now they are trapped in the quagmire of war, and they have no time to look away. Once they come back to their senses, they will never let go of such a large piece of fat!

Chen Mu had a deep understanding of the greed and desire for profit and the ruthlessness of the enemy.

You must take advantage of this time to grow up as soon as possible. It is hard to say whether he is dead or alive when he goes to Baiyuan Mansion. For him, these wealth are undoubtedly quite far away.

However... His eyes could not help but pass over Bagnell and the others, and there was a touch of warmth in his heart. The more capital you leave behind, the better the chances of them being able to survive in this troubled world. As their leader, they have the responsibility to plan for them.

As soon as he thought about it, Chen Mu made a decisive decision.

"I decided to build a base here to be responsible for the development of this crack. Who do you think is better?" Chen Mu asked Bagnell.

"Well, who will be in charge?" Chen Mu's idea of ​​establishing a base coincided with Bagnell's, and he was not surprised: "How about Lu Xiaoru and Yizimei? They are also veterans, they are reliable, and their personal abilities are also good. . But let Lao Xi send more loaves, this thing is more useful here. People, let him send people too."

Chen Mu nodded and called Lu Xiaoru.

After these years of training, Lu Xiaoru can no longer see the shadow of the past. Her figure is not as plump as before, but more shapely, but more fit. There are many people in the Snow Silkworm Kaxiu Group who admire Lu Xiaoru, but she is unexpectedly with the quiet and mediocre one-word eyebrow man.

The one-word eyebrow man's eyebrows were still the same as before, and he stood silently in front of Chen Mu. Occasionally, a look of gratitude flashed in his eyes, and Chen Mu taught him the [breath-holding method] that he had longed for some time ago. Now his strength has soared, and he has jumped to the top of the snow silkworm card repair group, ranking among the experts. Not only that, he is still in the stage of rapid growth, and it is difficult to predict how far it will develop in the future.

Strange to say, Chen Mu used the [breath-holding method], which had many side effects, but the one-word eyebrow was much smaller. Although it also had side effects, it was not fatal. This has to make Chen Mu sigh, [Cross Night] really has its own uniqueness.

Hearing Chen Mu's order, the two immediately went down to work.

Soon, the team's construction Kaxiu began to survey around to find a suitable place to establish a base. The most important thing is to find a place with a water source. The air in the ash layer is dry, and the water collector is very inefficient. To build a base, without a fixed water source, the situation becomes quite troublesome.

The work of finding the water source requires the assistance of the Devil. Although the devil girl Zara had some opinions on Chen Mu's stopping, she still cooperated silently.

Su Liucherou happily collected specimens everywhere. In such a unique geological and climatic environment, there must be something special. In order to ensure their safety, Chen Mu specially ordered several seventh-level Kaxiu to protect them.

Yangshan Fei slapped his mouth: "My dear, there are so many good things here! They're here!"

Although he spoke enviously, the expression on his face was indifferent.

The dust floating in the air did not dim the dark gold mask on Su's face. He chuckled lightly: "What does this have to do with us? However, if the Sixth Congress knows about it, I'm afraid they will have trouble sleeping and eating."

"Haha, this Chen Mu is really a character! The luck is so good that it makes people jealous." Yang Shanfei couldn't help but sigh.

"Luck? It's not all luck." Su said lightly.

Yang Shanfei looked around and said a little excitedly: "It's so fun here, Baiyuan Mansion is really exciting! If you can fight a master like Devil Girl, how hearty it will be!"

"You can find her." Su Buxian said calmly.

Yang Shanfei's expression suddenly became embarrassed: "That's fine. I would have been killed by her. If it wasn't for her figure really like a woman, I would have doubted whether she was a woman." Yang Shanfei's expression was a bit exaggerated.

However, the devil girl's viciousness has been seen by everyone for a long time. In everyone's heart, she has risen to the same dangerous existence as Weah. Annoy Weah, and he will be directly punched into meat scum. But if you offend the devil girl, you need to be on your guard all the time, who knows when the black vine will shoot from which dark corner and pierce your throat.

She and Weah have one thing in common that they both kill without hesitation without any nonsense.

No one dared to approach the Devil Girl, except Chen Mu.

"Shan Fei, after going to Baiyuan Mansion this time, where are we going?" Su asked a little lonely.

"Let's talk about it after we've gone, haha, we have to be the masters of Baiyuan Mansion! It's not in vain for us to run so far." Yang Shanfei laughed, with a heroic demeanor.

Su looked at Yang Shanfei's rough face, and the eyes on the dark golden mask also showed a warm smile.

In another corner, Chen Mu and Bagnell were also talking.

"I'm afraid it will take several days to build the base. We can only wait for the next sandstorm to pass." Bagnell said.

"That's all." Chen Mu nodded, and he suddenly said, "Can you tell us about your past?"

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