MTL - Card - C.597 3 CommanderMar 06, 2023

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C.597 3 CommanderMar 06, 2023

Zara stared at Chen Mu, her eyes wandering a little. There was no one in the tavern, only the two of them. The waiter was shivering behind the counter. This place became the most dangerous place in Fire Cloud City. The two stayed in Huoyun City for more than ten consecutive days, just sitting quietly every day. No one knows what they want to do, but the whole city is praying that the two super murderers leave as soon as possible, as far as possible.

"What?" Noticing that Zara's expression was wrong, Chen Mu asked softly, he was a little puzzled.

Zara didn't speak. After a while, she suddenly said, "Let's get out of here. Mosan is not at ease. If they know that you have Biaoqing in your body, you are in danger."

Chen Mu couldn't help showing an unexpected expression, this kind of words came out of Zara's mouth, which was beyond his expectations.

"There is no problem with the Biaoqing in your body." Zara said lightly: "After using the golden spot soft liquid bacteria, it will take about two years for the Biaoqing to stabilize."

"I know." Chen Mu's answer was also beyond Zara's expectations. Facing Zara's surprised eyes, he smiled and said, "I knew it when I was in Baiyuan. I would check myself every once in a while. body of."

"Then there's no need for you to accompany me on adventures." Zara's eyes were fixed on Chen Mu.

Chen Mu shook his head: "It's not really an adventure. Is there any place that is more dangerous than Baiyuan?"

Zara stared blankly at Chen Mu.

"I know that Mo Sang is not at ease. He wants to use us as bait. However, who is the hunter, I still don't know." Chen Mu grinned, showing his snow-white teeth: "You say, if we suddenly disappear at this time No, what will they do?"

About fifty kilometers away from Fire Cloud City.

"Gone?" Weiss Lee's eyes widened with a strange look on his face.

Su's face was solemn: "Well, they have been staying in Huoyun City, but just today, they suddenly disappeared."

"Then what should we do? Send someone to search? This is not our boundary!" Wes Li reminded.

Su's baby face is still harmless to humans and animals, but the light in his eyes makes people feel his danger. He shook his head: "Let's wait, wait for Yuandi to come back, maybe he will have any information."

"That's the only way." Weiss Li muttered: "Let's go as soon as you leave, and just leave the weapon behind. Hmph, if I waste so much strength, I must break his leg. Let's see where he goes."

Su was too lazy to pay attention to him, and sat on the ground alone.

This time, they can be considered to be dispatched in full force. With more than 2,000 soldiers, they brought 1,500, and only 500 were left to guard the old nest. The stakes are so big that even the bold guys like Pixel can't help but feel apprehensive. But for them, they couldn't resist this temptation. The most important thing in this is not to annex Mosan's forces, nor to avenge Hazak, but to find Biaoqing!

For the people of Heiyuan, this is the temptation they cannot resist.

Because of Lord Hedilat!

Lord Hedirat is their backbone, their spiritual leader, and the **** in their hearts! Anyone can die, only Lord Hedilat can't die! No one from Heiyuan could imagine what it would be like when Lord Hedilat was not there one day.

So, knowing that Zara is still alive, the calm and sophisticated Deschamps is moved, the scheming Su is moved, the cynical Wes Li is moved, and the cold and ruthless Yuan Di is also moved!

However, just before they rushed to Huoyun City, the two disappeared without a trace.

How can this make Heiyuan people not in a hurry?

"Can't find them." A voice appeared out of thin air, it was Yuandi. Even Yuandi could not be found, and now the other two were worried. But before the two of them could think about what to do, Yuan Di threw out another news of the explosion: "An ambush was found in three directions."

"What?" Su Neng stood up, his face gloomy.

"Haha! It looks like we've fallen for the trick. Tsk tsk, Su, you also drank the foot-washing water of this old Mosang!" Looking at Su's gloomy face, Weiss Li laughed heartlessly. , without the slightest fear of panic.

Weiss Li's ridicule made Su's gloomy face even more terrifying. His eyes were about to burst into flames, and the baby face was twisted and sneered, "Hey, what a Mosang! With such a big appetite, I'm not afraid of dying!"

He stood up abruptly and shouted angrily: "Everyone, prepare to fight! We have to teach this greedy guy a good lesson, attack our Heiyuan people's ideas, and seek death!"

Not far from the Heiyuan people, Mo Sang's face was also ashen.

"What, they're gone?"

"Yes! They disappeared suddenly, and our people didn't keep up." Suo Leng was also a little panicked.

In the plan of both parties, Chen Mu and Zara also need to lure the people of Heiyuan into the ambush. In this way, the three-way men in ambush can just complete the siege of the Heiyuan people!

However, now the two suddenly disappeared, and the people from Heiyuan were at the entrance of the ambush circle and did not fully enter the ambush circle.

Damn it! It was put together!

Mo Sang was secretly annoyed, but he was not allowed to hesitate at this time. He is also a decisive person, and now the arrow is on the string, and he has to send it!

He has always hoped to avoid confrontation with the people of Heiyuan. The strength of the people of Heiyuan, especially the strength of several commanders, is also extremely strong. It's a pity that the encirclement he carefully arranged was only half completed. He focused all his attention on the Heiyuan people, ignoring the two as bait.

Only now did he realize that he underestimated the two of them.

These two people are not only brute force and no brains! Those indifferent and calm eyes suddenly appeared in his mind, and the man beside Zara left a deep impression on him.

Out of prudence, Mosan mobilized almost all the troops he could use. Unexpectedly, this saved his life.

The advantage of the Heiyuan people is that they are strong in combat, while Mosang's advantage is that they have half the opportunity and a large number of people, and the two sides are even.

What an accurate calculation! Mo Sang smiled bitterly and sternly in his heart. This kind of method is definitely not something that a simple softie can use.

At this moment, a flash of light suddenly flashed in Mo Sang's mind. The other party showed such a clever means, so what will he do next? Will he really just leave like this?

Both sides know that this is a battle of life and death!

The loser, waiting for him, is death.

From the beginning of the battle, there was no temptation at all, and it went directly to the **. The battle was brutal, unprecedented!

The average strength of Heiyuan people is indeed higher, and their surname Qingqing is extremely brave. Often there are two or three people who plunge into each other's formation, ignoring life and death, just to disrupt the formation of the other!

On the entire battlefield, the most eye-catching are the three commanders!

Wes Li was holding a dark red rose in his hand. This rose receptacle was like a pit viper's open mouth biting the flower crown, and the flower stem was covered with dense thorns.

With a slight shake, the pit viper rose petals detached lightly, like a dark red butterfly flying lightly, light and agile. They flew up and down around Wes Li, and they were indescribably beautiful. Weiss Li Yaoyi's smile flickered in and out of the flying dark-red elves. His figure was blurred, and the phantoms continued to add to the haze.

Each petal is a deadly weapon, and they can easily penetrate the protection of Rooke and harvest life. Wherever Wes Li went, he would fall down, and the soft guest who could occasionally rush in front of him was easily blocked by the straight stem of the Viper Rose. The stem receptacle without petals is folded, like a pit viper closing its mouth, forming a triangular tip.

The hardness of the flower stem is astonishing, like a sharp sword, and Weiss Li Yong has superb swordsmanship, moves as fast as the wind, and shoots with precision. As for those powerful attacks, he often pulls it lightly, and the opponent's attack will deflect the direction.

Moreover, the dense thorns on the flower stems may burst and hurt people at any time, which is hard to prevent!

Su looks even weirder! He was carrying a piece of wood on his back, a piece of wood that looked almost rotten!

On this piece of wood, there are mushrooms of different colors. He calmly walked towards the opposing team, alone. Even those clansmen around him also showed fear and did not dare to approach!

Plop plop!

As long as he got closer, the enemy would suddenly fall to the ground, unable to get up again. After a while, his whole body was black and blue, which was extremely terrifying.

"Toxic! Everyone be careful!"

"Bow! Shoot!" A commander hissed and ordered, such an opponent, the best way is to attack from a distance and destroy the opponent from a distance.


The overwhelming arrows rushed towards Su like a dark cloud, and the Heiyuan people who were a little closer to Su didn't care about anything else at this time, and scattered! A blow of this intensity is unavoidable!

The indifferent and calm baby face is not sweet and amiable at all, only the strange coldness that goes deep into the bone marrow.

He didn't look up, just picked a square gray-white mushroom from the rotten wood on his back, and threw the mushroom out gently. At the same time, a dim light flashed in his eyes!

In midair, the gray-white mushroom suddenly burst open, forming a pool of gray-white pulp to protect him.

A very strange scene appeared!

The extremely powerful arrows hit this thin gray-white slurry curtain, as if all the strength was suddenly taken away, and it was lightly stuck on it. It seems that this is not an arrow that can penetrate gold and iron, but just a soft and powerless feather!

Su didn't even lift her With this gray-white pulp curtain, she walked straight towards the enemy camp.

Mosang looked at the two commanders with a strange expression. So far, the casualties of one's own side are far better than that of the other side. These two commanders are invincible, and no one can stop them. Under the leadership of the two men, Heiyuan's momentum was like a rainbow. On the other hand, if you look at your own side, your morale is low, and the frightened eyes of your subordinates can tell you the clue.

But isn't there still a leader? The intelligence clearly stated that there were three commanders!

Suddenly, an inexplicable chill appeared on the back of his neck out of thin air!

The chill came so suddenly, he didn't notice it at all, and the guards around him didn't notice it at all!

The chill is not overwhelming, there is only one strand, but it is cold to the bone. Mo Sang's soul was scattered, his whole body was frozen, and he couldn't even move a finger.

Is today the day of your own death? He opened his eyes, and there was only despair in his pupils!

(To be continued)