MTL - Card - C.600 Death of KhdiratMar 06, 2023

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C.600 Death of KhdiratMar 06, 2023

Zara's face was covered with grimace flowers, no expression could be seen, and there was a glint of crystal in the eye sockets.

The land in front of us is so familiar, and the Xishan royal family has lived here for generations. This land, to her, is home.

She turned a deaf ear to the sound of fighting around her, and just stared blankly at the land in front of her. The mist in her eyes rose, she pursed her lips tightly, and said nothing, the mist in her eyes became thicker and thicker, and after all, she couldn't help it, and the big tears fell down. Chen Mu sighed, but didn't know what to say to comfort him.

Mosan's army is like a stimulant, they are rushing towards each other like a tide! Mo Sang, who was not far from the two of them, was surrounded by a group of guards with a proud expression on his face. After today, the entire Baiyuan Mansion will be included in his pocket. Even the people from Heiyuan were defeated by him, so who could stop him?

No one can believe that the territory of the Heiyuan people has been captured, and even himself is now like a dream.

There were only 500 Rogues left in Heiyuan, and Mo Sang, on the other hand, had the might of a great victory, and the army rapidly expanded several times in a short period of time. Mo Sang is extremely cunning, and these unintegrated forces were sent to the forefront by him. How did these newcomers experience the bravery and ruthlessness of Heiyuan people? They soon suffered heavy casualties, but whenever they were on the verge of collapse, Mosang would put his elite into it. When the battle situation stabilized, these elites were recruited again, and another batch of newly joined Rookes took their place.

Repeating this, after a few reincarnations, the newly added roukers suffered extremely heavy casualties, but there were not many roukers left in Heiyuan.

Mo Sang didn't even look at the corpses all over the place. His face was abnormally red due to excessive excitement. He waved his arms forward and shouted with his throat: "Kill!"

Suddenly, a phantom floated out from behind Heiyuan!

Mosan's elite soft-knights were not slow to respond, and they all shouted and launched attacks to block the shadow!

Arrows fell like rain, all kinds of rays of light flickered, and the sound of arrows breaking through the air was endless!

The speed of this shadow was as fast as lightning, and the arrow that hit the shadow bounced off at a faster speed, and the speed of this shadow was not affected at all.

Chen Mu's pupils shrank suddenly - the opponent's target is himself!

So fast!

As soon as there was a flower in front of him, this group of black shadows rushed to Chen Mu.

Before he could think about it, Chen Mu's hands collapsed, and ten energy filaments from the energy gloves came out.


With a sharp and sharp sound, Chen Muru was struck by thunder, blood throbbing in his chest, and he almost couldn't lift it in one breath. He couldn't help being horrified and pulled away quickly!

Ten indestructible energy filaments actually broke in the opponent's blow!


Although he didn't see the other person's face clearly, Chen Mu almost blurted out.

Is this the power of the King of One Realm?

In a flash of light, this idea popped up.

The ten energy filaments did not seem to cause any hindrance to Hedilat. He shook his body like a maggot with a bone, and continued to rush towards Chen Mu!


The sound of the explosion pierced into my heart like a sharp cone, and a shadow of vines swept across Chen Mu's pupils, colliding with Hedilat!

It was Zara's Heavenly Star Vine, without thinking, Chen Mu knew who blocked this for him!

His head was surprisingly calm, without prompting, under the unprecedented stimulation, [Zero Style] instantly reached its peak. Everything around seemed to slow down suddenly, and in his field of vision, countless threads as thin as spider silks changed at an astonishing frequency. This icy mechanical but delicate world is showing an unusually rich variety of changes at this moment.

He was finally able to capture Khedirat's movements!

Can can!

Hedilat is no longer a phantom that is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and for the first time Chen Mu can see this invincible powerhouse that makes the entire Baiyuan Mansion tremble and fear!

He was short and thin, with a hunched back, and his face was covered in the color of wind and frost. If they saw him on the street, no one would have imagined that such a little old man would actually be the strongest gentleman in Baiyuan who led the Heiyuan people to slaughter the Xishan royal family!

Only those cold eyes and the pervasive murderous intent revealed the true identity of this humble old man.

A pair of skinny hands, carrying a dark spear.

There is nothing fancy about his movements, and in terms of skills, it is far from the splendid and astonishing changes of Wes Lee, but it has two words—fast, heavy!

Unparalleled speed, even if Chen Mu's [Zero Form] has played to the extreme, it can only capture the opponent's movements. At such a terrifying speed, the power contained in each swing seemed to destroy the world. Chen Mu's indestructible energy filaments cracked instantly, and Zara was also seriously injured in the blow, which is evident.

Chen Mu seems to have seen another Weah!

The fighting instinct that has been tempered by countless blood fields shows its power at this time!

Calm, only calm, no fear. Hedilat's speed made Chen Mu have no time to fear, so he entered a state of battle. Everything around him was so clear that he could even capture the trajectory of Sky Star Vine being bounced off, Zara's pale face, and the moment when the power transmitted through Sky Star Vine acted on her muscles.

Zara was injured, seriously.

Under the frantic [Formula Zero], Chen Mu made a precise judgment. This result, which was enough to make him go berserk, surprisingly, did not have any effect on his emotions. He was still so calm, as calm as a machine, and as cold and indifferent as a machine.

At this moment, nothing can affect his battle.

Zara's blow brought together the strength of her whole body, and also caused the first stagnation of Khedirat's figure, an extremely short-term stagnation.

But for Chen Mu, this brief stagnation of less than one tenth of a second was enough!

He began to organize a counterattack.

【Evil Lord Eye】!

A strange blood-red pupil suddenly appeared between him and Hedilat out of thin air, very strange.

The blood-colored pupils, which were still closed just now, suddenly opened, and a red light beam shot out.

The thickness of the thumb of this red beam is not too special except that the blood red looks a little terrifying. However, it was this inconspicuous red light beam that caused Hedilat to stagnate for the second time.

With a strange shape, completely violating the principles of physics, Hedilat suddenly appeared on the right side of Chen Mu.

When he picked up the black spear in his hand, Chen Mu only felt a flower in front of his eyes, and the tip of the black spear without any luster suddenly appeared in front of him.

The situation was critical, but Chen Mu did not panic at all, his pupils were still indifferent, as if he was not the one who was about to die under the spear.

Just when Hedilat was dodging just now, no one noticed that the blood-colored pupils that fired a red beam were quietly closed.

And at the moment when the tip of the spear almost touched the eyelashes of Chen Mu's eyes, the blood-colored pupils opened again.

Among the pupils of the blood-colored eyes, a smaller golden eye appeared!

The small golden eyes suddenly shot out countless golden light beams as thin as hairs, and what was even more bizarre was that these beams were bent and intertwined, like a golden thread, covering the other side.

[Evil Lord Eyes. Golden Eyes Weaving]!

This is the first time Chen Mu has used this trick in actual combat. As the pinnacle of beam cards, the power of [Evil Lord Eye] is extremely powerful, and he usually has few opportunities to use it, and this unique trick of pressing the bottom of the box has never been used.

Hedilat's eyes skyrocketed, and the spear tip retracted like lightning. At this time, the dark wooden spear was bright red, like a red-burning iron spear. Awe-inspiring, like a **** descending to earth!

Chen Mu keenly felt the opponent's aura soaring, he immediately understood Hedilat's thoughts, the opponent wanted to decide the winner in this move!

Inexorably, all control of emotions seemed to disappear in an instant.

The most primitive and most powerful collision between two top powerhouses!

Chen Mu's eyes were as cold as the polar wasteland. It seemed that something suddenly exploded, and the wasteland collapsed. The monstrous fighting intent was like the red magma underground that had been suppressed for countless years.

The blood-red pupils swelled sharply, standing in front of Chen Mu like a giant shield. Only one person is reflected in the golden eyes in the pupils - Hedilat!

The red spear collided fiercely with the intertwined golden beams!

The head-on collision of the strongest moves of the two strongest is far beyond everyone's imagination.

The sky is white!

Time seemed to stand still at this moment.

Nobody knows what happened. The rogues who were fighting fiercely were completely stunned! They stopped what they were doing because they couldn't see anything but a white patch. The spirit seemed to be pulled away, they stood blankly in place, and some people even kept the posture that they had just fought, which looked very strange.

I don't know how long it took, they came back to their senses, and a loud bang echoed endlessly. The shock wave swept across the entire battlefield like a hurricane. They seemed to have suddenly fallen into a storm, and their faces were torn and tumbled by the raging airflow.

This collision also completely disrupted the battlefield.

Chen Mu's clothes were all torn, and apart from the right wrist's meter, he could hardly see anything intact. Blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth, ignoring the severe pain coming from his whole body, his eyes were looking at not far away with incomparably complicated eyes.

Mo San was stabbed through by a cut spear. He opened his eyes and seemed unable to believe what had happened. Beside him, Hedilat fell into a pool of blood, and the bright red blood slowly seeped into the ground. The guards around them all paled in horror.

Glancing at the chaotic battlefield, Chen Mu sighed in his heart, the terrifying Khedirat!

Hedilat used his surname to save the people of Heiyuan.

Mosang's army has already occupied an overwhelming Simply killing Mosang will not change the fate of the remaining Heiyuan people, and he has also become a part of Hedilat's plan. At the last moment when the two energies collided, Khedirat suddenly flew upside down. The force generated by the collision of two extremely powerful energies was extremely terrifying, which also instantly increased his speed to an unimaginable level. It was with this amazing speed that he easily broke through the defensive circle of Mosan's layers of guards.

Chen Mu's ultimate move had already destroyed the vitality in Hedilat's body long ago, and this was just his last breath.

Mo Sang died, and the powerful impact completely destroyed the entire battle situation. Heiyuan people were unable to turn defeat into victory, but they were able to escape a lot, leaving a trace of vitality for the ethnic group.

Hedilat really did not recover from his injury, although there was this speculation before, but until this moment, Chen Mu was not sure about it. If the injury heals, Khedirat may not be able to save the battle. Only in the case of injury will he choose such a strategy of sacrifice.

The wounded Hedilat is already so terrifying, how strong should he be when he is intact?

In addition to being horrified, Chen Mu was full of respect for this skinny old man!

(To be continued)