MTL - Card - C.603 Strength AngerMar 06, 2023

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C.603 Strength AngerMar 06, 2023

The bald man narrowed his eyes.

The other party's bewitching face and ghostly movement made him secretly startled. He knew very well the strength of these expelled soldiers, they were all warriors in the tribe. If he was simply defeated, he would not be so surprised, but these tribal warriors have been completely terrified.

He had never encountered such a situation.

The other party stood there alone, but for some reason, a chill came out of the bald man's heart.

But he remained calm.

He is also a strong man, how can the self-confidence formed by countless battles be deprived so easily?

The two confronted each other, and the surroundings were silent and silent.

"Ange!" He called out his name with a solemn expression, stretched his right hand to his chest, and bowed slightly.

Chen Mu stared coldly at the bald man. The condensed murderous aura on the opponent's body can only be formed after a lot of battles. Not only that, he has extremely rich fighting experience with No Card Flow, especially the experience of playing against Weah allows him to have the most direct judgment on No Card Flow - a master!

And he was sure that the bald man must be a famous expert in the Mohadi domain. This can be seen from the confident expressions on the faces of the surrounding warriors.

However, he did not have the habit of reporting names to his opponents. For him, the battle is life and death, not victory or defeat, not honor!

Chen Mu's judgment was very accurate. Ange is not only a master, but also the most powerful and loyal warrior under the King of Mohadi! His task is mainly to protect the king personally. Today coincided with the end of his rotation, and then he heard the news that there was a master appearing.

Seeing that Chen Mu didn't speak or talk nonsense, Ang looked proudly: "Come on!"

Before he finished speaking, his figure disappeared from the spot, and at the same time, Chen Mu's figure disappeared.

Two figures suddenly appeared, and they spelled it out without any tricks.

Fist to fist!


A powerful force squeezed the air until it exploded, and with the two at the center, the shock wave spread wildly around.

The severe pain in his hand made Chen Mu frown, what a powerful force!

Chen Mu's body is very strong. After going through the bodybuilding and warming up in the mysterious card, the exercise method taught by Weah, and the training of Biaoqing, his physical quality is so strong that even this little pervert, Bu Mo, is far behind, the only one who can surpass him in this regard. Only Weah. But today, he encountered another.

The frequency of both sides' shots was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, the two sides fought each other for more than a dozen. Every time they meet, the terrifying power of the other party makes his hand hurt.

Enjoy! Ange was completely excited, his muscles swelled up, his eyes widened with anger, and the blue veins on his forehead bulged like earthworms. For the first time, he met an opponent who could rival him in terms of strength, and the more he beat him, the more excited he became!

"Ah ah ah!" The hearty feeling made Anger roar like a beast.

His power keeps rising!

Chen Mu had already started to feel the numbness in his arms. The strange thing was that [Fog Shayi] didn't have any effect on the bald head. So far, the invincible [Fog Shayi] has not caused the bald head to be in a trance of 0.1 second.

He was slightly startled. Difficulty, the spirit of this bald man has reached such a condensed level?

Immediately, his style of play changed! 【Zero Type】With no card flow.

[Zero Form] is Nishizawa's original technique. This sensing technique based on the [Material Refinement Law] is unique, and the sensing of real objects reaches an unprecedented level. Although [Zero Style] was created by Caesar, Chen Mu has his own understanding of it.

Nishizawa's "Zero Form" emphasizes instinct and sixth sense. The strong fighting instinct and keen sixth sense formed by the masters can often allow them to make correct responses in the shortest time - this is the core idea of ​​Nishizawa's [Zero Form].

Chen Mu's [Zero Style] is completely different. Before entering the depths of Baiyuan, although Chen Mu had also experienced many battles, compared to Caesar, the fighting maniac, the instinct and sixth sense he had accumulated were far from enough. This also caused the [Zero Style] to be far from being able to exert the terrifying power of Caesar in his hands.

But he also has something he is good at, and that is computing!

His terrifying computing ability is an alternative that has never appeared in Kaxiu, which is due to his other identity - a card maker. After he found that he couldn't bring out the power of Caesar's [Zero Form], he began to find a method that suits him.

So Chen Mu's [Zero Form] gradually took shape.

In such a fierce battle, Chen Mu suddenly closed his eyes.

The hustle and bustle of the world is far away, an extremely delicate world composed of countless fine white lines. Every air flow change, every distance change, every angle change... Countless changes constitute such a fine dynamic structure world!

This is Chen Mu's [Zero Form].

The attack is not fast, the route is very clear, and the strength is a bit weaker than before.

But Ange immediately felt the pressure, unprecedented pressure. The other party closed his eyes, but he felt a threat, an extremely strong threat. If it is said, the fight just now made him feel full and roaring with excitement. Now he seems to be drenched in a basin of ice water, as if being stared at by a poisonous snake, and he smells the smell of death.

No one can face death and growl with excitement, and neither can he.

Every time the opponent attacked, it made him extremely uncomfortable. The opponent's strength is not as good as his, but it's not far behind, but each attack of the opponent is in the area where he can't resist, in the part where his strength is weak... Every time he fights back, it seems that the opponent has expected it. . The opponent calmly parries, counterattacks calmly, and lays out calmly... Yes, it is the layout, not like a fierce fight, but like a chess game.

This is ridiculous, but the feeling of this absurdity is extremely strong! The opponent's attack is not strong, but it is continuous, like a big net, he is the fish in the net, the more he struggles, the tighter the net becomes.

Ange has experienced hundreds of battles and is extremely experienced in actual combat. He knows very well that if he does not respond, he will really become the fish in the net.

He suddenly shouted violently, his muscles bulging, and the speed of his hands plummeted. His hands are palms, like swinging a heavy axe, and the power is like a thousand points.

Zi la la!

His hands cut through the air, and he actually made a sound like thunder and lightning wandering in the clouds!

Chen Twilight changes!

Air technology! This is air technology! In [Zero Style], he clearly felt that every muscle in the bald head and arms was vibrating at an amazing frequency. With every swing of his arms, the air flow from these vibrating muscles came together.

Different from Wea's sharp air slash, the air slash formed by the bald head is similar to the face of an axe, the front end is like an axe blade, but the rear end is composed of hundreds of tiny air turbulence, like a current snake dance. The ripping sound of the air is the whistling sound made by these trickles tearing the air.

This is the first time Chen Mu has seen such an amazing air technique! The air technique with one hand is no less powerful than [Jianyun Crush]!

Weah's air skills are ever-changing. Air cones, air slashes, and air bombs can be easily picked up. Every joint of his body can use air skills at any angle, which is hard to prevent.

But the bald head in front of him has a completely different style. His air skills are limited to two big hands, but these two big hands make people feel unable to resist.

Chen Mu didn't dare to block, the heavy axe was "heavy"! In the air axe, there are countless small and messy turbulent currents, just like a bomb axe, any slight collision will make the air axe explode!

He could only dodge. The bald head didn't pay attention at all, and swung his arms straight up, like a double axe!

It is really hard to imagine that such a big man can use such exquisite air skills! Chen Mu was in awe.

This air axe seems to be taking the "heavy and clumsy" way, but in fact the internal structure is extremely fine. Hundreds of air trickles are wrapped in it, and it happens to be balanced, which is extremely difficult to achieve. The blade part of the front air axe is extremely condensed, and even gives people a crystal texture.

Chen Mu got out and quickly retreated!

The monstrous ghost-faced flowers were brought up by his ghostly movements to create afterimages that seemed illusory.

The bald head snorted coldly, his legs exerted force, and the whole figure was like a cannonball, with cobweb-like cracks appearing on the ground under his feet. The man was in the air, his hands were still waving unhurriedly, and the two air axes made a squeaking sound, like a shark smelling blood, chasing away...

The opponent's speed is extremely fast, and the terrifying power of his legs makes the bald head look like a spring man.

However, with the [Big Loach] airflow card known for its changing direction, coupled with the explosive power of his legs, Chen Mu is like a ghost, like a wisp of smoke, erratic and unpredictable.

If the bald head is a strong arrow, Chen Mu is a cloud of smoke.

The bald head soon realized that he couldn't go on like this, and he would definitely not be able to catch up with the other party.

He asked his name to stop and braked statically.

From the current situation, he can't help the other party, but the other party can't help himself.

The distance between the two quickly widened.

Chen Mu noticed that the bald-headed hands were hanging on his chest, and the tiny muscle groups on his arms were still vibrating slowly. As long as he got close, it was definitely the air axe that was waiting for him.

Looking at the bald head in the distance, Chen Mu admired it. This is the strongest no-card flow he has ever seen, except for Weah and Hedilat.

This is a no-card flow who has exerted his power to the extreme. As soon as anyone enters his attack circle, he is bound to face a devastating blow brought by pure and perfect power!

However, he is a card repair!

Chen Mu looked at the bald head from a distance, with a grimacing expression on his face. He flipped his right hand over, and he inserted a card into the meter!

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