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C.606 horn!Mar 06, 2023

Which call is this? Twelve or Thirteen?

Chen Mu killed with some numbness. Under his feet, there were corpses everywhere! Floating in the air, those who have no card flow have no way to take him. But what he couldn't figure out was that the other party seemed to be with him, and he would not stop until he was killed. Although these cardless streamers can't fly, they will follow closely wherever he flies.

Even if Chen Mu kills them softly, these guys' eyes are red, like brown sugar, sticking to it!

Even a guy like Chen Mu who "kills beasts like hemp" is a little softer.

These guys are totally crazy!

It is impossible for me to stay in the sky forever. In the gray layer, only cracks are safer. The storm could come at any time, and then he would have to descend into the crack. Looking at the red-eyed cardless stream below, he could imagine what kind of crazy attack he would face once he landed!

Without the advantage of distance, these dense, card-free streams would gnaw at themselves like locusts until there was no **** left.

It seems that he has poked a hornet's nest, Chen Mu thought to himself, but he was not panicking. His nerves had long been trained to be as tough as iron in Baiyuan, and he was not afraid at all even in close combat.

There are many experts in the following people, but fortunately there is no one who is as terrifying as the bald head. If the bald head was still there, Chen Mu felt that he would definitely die today. The bald-headed air skill has indeed reached a world-shattering realm, and he is definitely not an opponent in melee combat.

Among the masters he has seen, the bald head can definitely rank among the top few. Of course, this has a direct relationship with his personal experience. The perfect fusion of the almost destructive, violent force and delicate skills in the battle is amazing.

However, the current situation is not much better.

No matter how powerful he is, he is only a person. Once air superiority is lost, it's only a matter of time before it's ground to death.

The gray sky suddenly darkened, and Chen Mu's expression changed slightly! Sandstorm is coming! According to his experience, sandstorms will arrive here within two hours at most.

Two hours!

The group of crazy-looking Wukaliu below also noticed the change in the weather, and all of them opened their eyes with excitement, as if they wanted to tear a piece of meat off Chen Mu.

"There seems to be movement over there!" Xiao Bo was still in the tone of the old god, and suddenly he was a little stunned: "Kaxiu?"

In the sky in the distance, I saw a small black spot, continuously releasing red beams, bombarding the enemy below from a height.

"Boss, we sent it!" The subordinate gasped and pointed to the dense stream of no cards in the distance. Not only was he not afraid, but he was also a little excited. Others are gearing up for it, and can't wait to jump on it immediately.

They had bad luck last week, didn't encounter a few enemies and fell far behind the first group in record.

"Sturdy!" "Too awesome!" "God! What kind of expert is this?"

Xiao Bo's Kaxiu all looked dazzled and confused, and Dongwei masters gathered, but they had never seen an attack of such terrifying intensity released by only one person's ability!

The sky is red like rain!

They turned their heads, only to find that their boss stared blankly at the man in the sky, motionless, only the silver hair fluttered silently.

Sang Hanshui led the first group of Youth Guards, rolling forward quietly like mercury along the crack. He is very cautious. The strength of the Youth Guard is still a bit far behind that of the Hunter Regiment and Kaxiu of the Muzi Battalion. It is also one of his duties to protect them as much as possible while giving them exercise.

For this reason, the backbone of the first group was thrown to Jiang Liang to study. Every step of theirs is strictly in accordance with the scriptures, and they dare not relax in the slightest.

Two-wing reconnaissance, cross reconnaissance, cover forward... The enemies along the way are often killed by them before they can react. Along the way, they killed five small groups of enemies, and they were completely wiped out!

The entire team is like a sophisticated instrument, interlocking and pushing layer by layer.

The team in front suddenly stopped moving forward, no need to say hello, the whole team was full of tacit understanding, everyone stopped immediately, ready to fight at any time.

Sang Hanshui's face changed slightly, and his triangular eyes flickered with cold light.

In the distance on the horizon, countless dense beams are like rain, and the red beams are extremely dazzling in the gray sky.

All the members of the first group of Youth Guard all gasped and their faces changed! Strict discipline has kept them silent for a long time, but the expressions on their faces, their horrified eyes, revealed the shock in their hearts and the turbulent waves in their hearts!

The beam is bright red and dazzling. Apart from this, there are not many other things that are too noticeable, but the terrifying density, as well as the outrageous continuous, stable, and precise surnames... A youth who is usually like a silent machine The first group of guards really lost all their voices at this time!

Even many people's heartbeats stop involuntarily at this second!

However, the expressions of some smart young Kaxiu changed again and again. Among Dongwei's Kaxiu, no one used a beam card like this!

Could it be that another card repair entered the gray layer?

The speculation of this disaster surname made them tremble with fear and dry tongue. They were about to open their mouths to express their guesses to the commander, but they were stunned to find that the commander, who had always been calm and gloomy, was dumbfounded at this moment!

The guard battalion was advancing at a high speed, and their formation seemed much more random than the youth guards. But if you look closely, you will find that the tacit understanding and cooperation between them are a bit more flexible and changeable than Young Guard.

Even at high speed, the formation seems to be scattered, but in fact, everyone's position can be covered by at least three companions.

Lu Xiaoru's face was a little ugly. She left her eyebrows for so long, but she didn't make a sound. This situation was very rare, and she was a little worried. Not only her, but everyone in the guard camp looked solemn. The strength of the one-word eyebrow man ranks first in the entire guard battalion, and he is good at reconnaissance and concealment.

Nothing really happened, right?

At this moment, the meter in Lu Xiaoru's hand suddenly lit up. Lu Xiaoru suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, connected to [Qianli], a light curtain popped up in front of him, and an eyebrow appeared on the light curtain.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked anxiously, her voice full of concern. Others quickly gathered around.


It seems to be infected with Weah's fault, and the taciturn eyebrow is now even more silent. However, in these two words, everyone could clearly feel that his mood was fluctuating violently.

In the light curtain, a thin figure floated in countless straight red beams!

Lu Xiaoru felt that her heart suddenly stopped at this moment. Behind her, Xi Rui was dumbfounded, and the fierceness on Wu Yu and Zhu Heng's faces suddenly disappeared!

On a rock bulging at the top of a crack, Weia stared blankly at the familiar figure in the sky, and the rock-like wooden face finally showed unusually rich and delicate changes!

Xiaobu silently looked up at the sky, his nose was suddenly sore, and the tears could not be controlled and flowed down.

Behind the two of them, Yang Shanfei opened his mouth wide and looked at the sky in disbelief.

The dark golden mask reflected the red light in the sky, Su stared blankly at Chen Mu in the sky, and murmured, "He's back!"

In the command room of the Great Crack Base, Bagnell is drinking tea. The recent situation is not good, he is under a lot of pressure. The other party is the master of a domain and can pour out the power of a domain. In contrast, although Dongwei has made great progress, it is still far from the master of a domain.

However, after all, they had the upper hand, and the situation had not deteriorated to the point of no return.

Strange to say, he always felt that the other party's methods were somewhat familiar to him. Is it really old? He smiled somewhat self-deprecatingly.

He felt very familiar with Tang Hanpei's series of methods back then, but this time, he felt a little familiar again.

Or ego inflated to this point?

He made fun of himself again in his heart. It is absolutely impossible for a man like Tang Hanpei to have anything to do with a middle-aged man like him, and Mohadiyu, ha, that is another world!

Taking a sip of tea, he was waiting for the news from the front. Both the youth guard and the guard camp have been transferred out, this is just a routine harassment. At the base, the Hunter Regiment and the Muzi Battalion are being refurbished.

The red light on the table flickered, he was refreshed, and there was news ahead. He pressed the red light, and a light curtain immediately popped up in front of him.

On the light curtain, there is only one person and countless red beams!


The teacup fell to the floor and shattered.

Kaxiu, who was in charge of vigilance outside the door, heard the movement and rushed in in a hurry, only to see the stone statue of the commander-in-chief Bagnell, staring blankly at the light curtain.

Wave after wave of enemies, they are not afraid of death, they go forward one after another!

The thing that gave Chen Mu the most headache was the power-type throwing weapons that were not stuck.

As time goes by, the sky is getting darker and darker, which also means that the sandstorm is getting closer!

He was a little tired, and his perception was exhausted. He couldn't help but slow down the rhythm of his attack.

The enemy below is more excited, this is a signal, the enemy is tired, the enemy is dying! They are like bloodthirsty beasts, knowing that a good meal is getting closer to them.

But they don't know, this is also a horn!

A horn that many have been waiting for for three years!


No bullshit, Weah jumps down!

The figure of the whole person is suddenly blurred, and the speed is brought to the extreme by him.

Xiaobu Mo didn't hesitate, and followed Weah closely, with Wei's tears still hanging on his face, but those two bushy eyebrows were murderous!

Su Qing smiled: "It's really exciting!"

"Wow haha!" Yangshan Feiyang laughed loudly, but the laughter suddenly stopped, full of violence: "Kill!"

The two turned into two meteors and charged towards the enemy!

The man in the air slowed down.

Xiao Bo woke up like a dream, his pupils shrank, the long silver hair fluttering in the air stopped strangely, the indifference on his face disappeared without a trace, and the murderous aura instantly filled his face. He raised his hand and pointed forward.

"Listen to me, in front of the target!" The voice seemed to float up from the abyss, with a chilling air: "Kill them! Endless death!"

The second group of card repairers shuddered in their hearts, but immediately became excited. In their previous battles, the boss had never issued such a fierce and decisive attack order!

"Kill them!" Thousands of wolves roared in unison!

Without hiding his figure, without any fear or hesitation, Xiao Bo stepped out of the crowd and walked to the front of the team, like a proud silver wolf!

"Kill them!"

Xiao Bo's actions made all the fighting spirit of the Kaxiu burst out in an instant, and they couldn't help but raise their arms and roar again!


Xiao Bo roared and rushed forward first.

"Rush! Rush! Rush!"

The card repairs no longer contain the fighting spirit in their hearts, let them rage, they are like a pack of wolves, following the alpha wolf, rushing towards the enemy like thunder!

Sang Hanshui's triangular eyes almost narrowed into a slit. He noticed that the attacking rhythm of the figure in the air had slowed down, the corners of his eyes twitched, and his face was sinking like water.

The subordinates are awe-inspiring, commanding this expression, but it is rare.

"Everyone, target, no card flow!" Sang Hanshui spit out, "Fight to the death!"

"Death battle!" Everyone froze in their hearts, and they agreed with a bang!

The first group immediately changed into an attacking formation, Sang Hanshui did not stay in the middle as usual, but slowly walked to the position of the arrow. He didn't say anything, but lowered his head and started to check his meter. This silent action brought a decisive fighting spirit, and this fighting spirit quickly spread among the teams, and the young Kaxiu felt like a fire was ignited in their chests!

No one spoke, and the fire in his chest burned more and more vigorously, as if it was about to burst out of his chest! They held back their excitement and held their positions firmly like nails. He lowered his head seriously and began to check his equipment.

After the outfit is complete, the team is chilling like a knife!

No nonsense, Sang Hanshui pointed forward and shouted in a deep voice, "Go forward!"

The team moved forward silently, but it was like a silent steel torrent, pouring out along the crack and towards the enemy's position!

Lu Xiaoru regained her clarity, and she felt like her heart was about to jump out. She bit her lip tightly, but her vision was a little blurry. She opened her eyes wide and didn't let the tears fall.

"Kill!" She spit out a word. She was afraid that if she said one more word, her tears would fall.

"Kill!" Xi Rui pushed his glasses, the lenses flickered coldly.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Wu Yu and Zhu Heng beat their chests, and the two of them screamed like angry beasts!

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Everyone in the team looked crazy!

At the base of the big crack, a sharp battle siren suddenly sounded.

The base suddenly became a mess, and all the Kaxiu left their work and quickly entered the position of their team.

Is the enemy going to attack?

Every Kaxiu had a puzzled look on his face.

"What's going on?" Rafael happened to meet Sanchez who was rushing to assemble, and couldn't help but quickly asked Sanchez shook his head: "I don't know, but the battle alert was issued by the boss. It must have been out. Big situation." The boss in his mouth was Bagnell.

When the two arrived, there were already crowds on the open platform. The two couldn't help taking a breath of air, and looked at each other. Almost all the Kaxiu in the base are here. Is this operation going to be all out?

What is the situation, it is so serious? Both of them had worried expressions on their faces.

The hunter regiment and the wooden character battalion quickly completed their assembly, and soon, Bagnell appeared in everyone's field of vision.

He was in a neat battle uniform, and he immediately stunned everyone.

Is the boss going to fight in person? Has the situation gotten so serious?

No mobilization, no speech, Bagnell was just an extremely brief order: "Go!"

All Kaxiu quickly lifted off into the sky, and the sky was densely packed with Kaxiu, like a cloudless cloud, and the scene was extremely spectacular.

(To be continued)