MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.140 chip inAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.140 chip inAug 11, 2023

Chapter 140 Collect money

At the Shaoqing Mansion, when the old lady received a letter from the doorman saying that Biao girl had something urgent to go back to Qingsong Bookstore, she didn't think much about it and opened the box to count the bank notes.

Kou Qingqing brought a huge amount of family wealth at the beginning, and it is impossible to keep it in his hands forever. Some of them exist in Yinzhuang, some of them bought pavements in good locations, and some of them were released to collect interest.

The amount of money released to collect interest is not small, and this sum cannot be recovered for a while, and those shops cannot be exchanged for money immediately. What the old lady can use is the banknotes stored in the bank, as well as the bank notes kept by the family.

There are a total of 300,000 taels stored in the bank, and they are divided into several banks for deposit. The 300,000 taels will not be profitable, but will pay the bank custody fee. The old lady is greedy for money, but she is also cautious. In the past few years, she would rather lose some storage fees than keep a sum in the bank. Now the money must be withdrawn first.

The banknotes kept by the family are full of 100,000 taels, which is nothing compared to Kou Qingqing's million-dollar wealth, but it is unimaginable in an ordinary official's family.

These add up to 400,000 taels, which is still 200,000 taels short of what Xinyou proposed. The old lady counted and counted the ready-made bank notes at home, and her heart was bleeding.

Duan Shaoqing came back in the evening, and went straight to Ruyi Hall as soon as he entered the house.

"Have you taken it back?" The old lady turned her back on the waiters and asked her son.

Duan Shaoqing took a few sips from his teacup, and then said: "I went to a few places and got back 200,000 taels. The 100,000 taels from Jinsheng Bank said that I can only get it in the future."

Jinsheng Bank is the largest bank in Beijing, and it deposited the largest amount at the beginning. This kind of large-scale withdrawal should have been greeted in advance, and it is normal for Duan Shaoqing not to bring back all the three hundred thousand taels of silver.

"It's nothing, the big deal is to take Qingqing to Jinsheng Bank tomorrow, and the people in the bank will check the authenticity and give her the small chapter to withdraw the money. But how much cash do you have at home?"

"I counted in the afternoon, and there are one hundred thousand taels of bank notes."

Duan Shaoqing frowned: "Then there is still a shortfall of 200,000...where are the gold and silver ingots at home?"

"The gold and silver ingots are converted into one hundred thousand taels." The old lady really didn't want to touch the real gold and silver.

For her who experienced that turbulent period, bank notes and shops seemed reliable, but they were not as good as real money.

Duan Shaoqing thought for a while, gritted his teeth and said, "Then take out fifty thousand taels."

The old lady was very distressed: "The gold and silver are stored in the treasury, and it will be troublesome to take them out."

"Mother, you still don't think it's troublesome until now. The son is really going to lose his official position because of that girl, and the Shaoqing Mansion has become a common people's home. We can't keep the money!"

The old lady was shocked and nodded.

"There is still a shortfall of 150,000 taels—" Duan Shaoqing endured the pain in his heart and made a decision, "Let's use the shop to pay for it. Those shops can make money from money, so the girl can't be picky anymore."

He will definitely take back these belongings, including Qingsong Bookstore!

Mother and son were researching which shops to take out, but they didn't dare to let other people in the mansion discover the clues, so the dinner was served in the dining room of Ruyi Hall as usual.

"Where's Cousin Qing?" Duan Yunlang asked wondering when he saw that the table and chopsticks were all set and Xin You was still missing.

The old lady actually disliked this grandson who couldn't hold back her words, of course she wouldn't show it on her face, and said indifferently: "There is something wrong with the bookstore, your cousin has gone back."

She thought of her son hearing that his granddaughter had returned to the bookstore, saying that Qingqing was guarding against them, and she felt annoyed for a while.

That girl is really careless.

Duan Shaoqing raised the corners of his mouth imperceptibly.

First plant a few thorns in my mother's heart, so that in the future, even if my mother finds out that it was him who did it, she won't be too angry.

"Cousin Qing's bookstore should be quite stable recently." Duan Yunlang's eyes lit up, "Could it be that a new book is coming out?"

Duan Shaoqing can't hear the word "new book" the most these days, and immediately his face sank: "Eat!"

Duan Wenbai looked at his brother in surprise.

Although the eldest brother is the head of the family, it is a little strange to make a face to his nephew in front of the couple.

Did something bad happen?

Duan Wenbai thought so, and exchanged a look with his second wife, Zhu Shi.

Zhu Shi silently took a sip of tea.

In the past few months, she has been in charge of the house, and her eyes and ears have become much clearer. There was a lot of movement in Ruyi Hall this afternoon. Although she doesn't know the inside story, I'm afraid it has something to do with Qingqing.

She saw the old lady's plan, she wanted to match Lang'er and Qingqing. She doesn't intend to intervene in this matter, if Qingqing is willing to marry Lang'er, she has no dissatisfaction, if she doesn't want to, she will not do anything deliberately.

As for what the old lady does, she, a concubine and daughter-in-law, can't control her.

"Okay, let's eat." The old lady gave Duan Shaoqing a look and picked up the chopsticks.

For a while, everyone around the dining table stopped talking and began to eat in silence.

Duan Yunling tightly held the chopsticks, took a piece of green vegetable and ate it, but he didn't taste any taste.

Could it be that Cousin Qing helped her solve her troubles and annoyed her grandmother and father?

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be that she has caused Cousin Qing—

Duan Yunling quietly glanced at the old lady, thought and thought, but remained silent.

Cousin Qing told her not to do anything, she had to hold her breath.

This night, most people in Shaoqing Mansion didn't sleep well. The old lady felt sorry for the large sum of money she gave away, Duan Shaoqing was thinking about killing people and taking money, Mrs. Zhu was thinking about her son's marriage, Duan Yunchen was worried about the changes in family affairs, Duan Yunhua was worried about the missed opportunity, and Duan Yunling was worried about her cousin's situation and own problems.

Xin You had a good night's sleep, and went to the study hall refreshed the next day to wait for He Qingxiao.

He Qingxiao came from the yamen, without any subordinates.

This was also proposed by Xin You, after all, the only person she could trust was He Qingxiao, not those Jin Linwei.

"Master He, let's go." Xin You led He Qingxiao to the three carriages parked by the roadside.

The carriage has been prepared long ago, and the guards who will follow her to the Shaoqing Mansion have also been selected. The affiliations of these guards are all in Xin You's hands, and they are not afraid to be distracted by large sums of money.

"I'll just ride a horse."

Although there were three carriages, He Qingxiao still felt that it was a bit strange to take the carriage provided by Miss Kou.

"Your Excellency, feel free."

Seeing Xin You walking towards the first carriage, He Qingxiao asked, "Are the three carriages together?"

"Ah, yes, they are all useful." Xin You smiled and got into the carriage.

Most of what she can get today is silver bills, but there will inevitably be some real gold and silver, and these gold and silver will need to be dragged by a horse-drawn carriage.

Shaoqing's Mansion is not far from Qingsong Bookstore, and it didn't take long to arrive. Xin You got out of the carriage and walked towards He Qingxiao: "Master He, please wait for me here."

He Qingxiao still didn't know that Xin You was going back to his grandfather's house to move money, so he nodded and guessed in his heart what the big deal that Miss Kou had negotiated was.

In the Ruyi hall, the old lady was sitting in a state of distress, and Duan Shaoqing also sent someone to the Yamen to ask for leave, and stayed at home on purpose.

Hearing the servant girl report that Biao girl has arrived, the two of them looked at the door together.

I hope to recover before the manuscripts are exhausted. This time, diarrhea and panic are superimposed...

(end of this chapter)