MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.144 Heartbroken Aunt GuiAug 11, 2023

Chapter 144 Heartbroken Aunt Gui

Xin You didn't give a damn: "Xiao Lian, I want to give these two small chapters to you."

Xiao Lian was dumbfounded: "Hand it over, leave it to me?"

Xin You nodded.

"No, no, no—" Xiao Lian took a big step back in fright, as if what was in front of her was not a small chapter representing 400,000 taels of silver, but a scourge.

"Girl, this is 400,000 taels of silver, how can you give it to the maidservant!"

Xin You looked at Xiao Zhang, and asked seriously: "Then what are your plans?"

I should have asked Nanny Fang, but the secret about her identity cannot be revealed for the time being.

"I—" Xiao Lian opened her mouth and was stopped by the question.

The girl asked her this question a long time ago. At that time, she couldn't imagine what to do with so much money.

Now, still unimaginable.

After a while, Xiao Lian suggested: "Girl, please keep this little chapter."

Xin You shook her head: "This is Miss Kou's property."

What she is going to do is unpredictable. The 50,000 taels of cash and a dozen shops on the surface are nothing more than that.

"But my girl has already gone..." Xiao Lian was at a loss, "No matter how much money I have, my girl won't be able to use it. Can't the girl arrange for my girl? The girl is the most capable person I have ever met..."

"That's not the case." Xin You patted Xiao Lian on the shoulder, her tone was gentle but firm, "Whether I am capable or not has nothing to do with the money. If you think so, then the old lady will use the excuse that Miss Kou is still young. Is it right to hold on to the Kou family's wealth all the time? After all, the old lady is more capable and experienced than the inexperienced girl Kou."

Xiao Lian was persuaded, but her heart was hanging: "You mean, let the maid arrange the money?"

"You grew up with Miss Kou since childhood, and you should be the person who knows Miss Kou best. I think your arrangement is the most in line with Miss Kou's expectations."

Xiao Lian fell silent after hearing Xin You's words. After a long time, she reached out to pick up the two small chapters, and took a deep breath: "My girl is the most sympathetic to the poor and the weak. One year, I met a disaster victim who fled. I was very sad about the incident, so I donated all my pocket money. Girl, maidservant, if there are people suffering from disasters in the future, the money should be used to help the victims."


"But girl, the servant girl can't think of where to hide these two small stamps, please help me think about it."


This night, after the two had whispered for a long time, Xiao Lian yawned and went to sleep outside.

He Qingxiao got off the Yamen and returned to Changle Hou Mansion. Aunt Gui had already prepared meals and was waiting.

"Master Hou, is Miss Kou's affairs going well?"

Tonight's main course is a roast duck.

The golden-roasted duck was sliced ​​into thin slices, and Aunt Gui rolled it with almost transparent dough, then put shredded green onion on it, smeared it with a secret sauce, and handed it to He Qingxiao with a smile.

Yesterday, the clerk from the bookstore came over, and it turned out that Miss Kou asked Master Hou for help. Although Aunt Gui didn't know the specifics, she was very concerned about the follow-up.

Before she thought about it, Master Hou helped the girl a few more times, and if she came and went again, the relationship would develop.

"It went well." He Qingxiao had a strange expression after hearing Aunt Gui's words.

Aunt Gui smiled: "As long as it goes well. Lord Hou, taste the roast duck quickly."

He Qingxiao ate two bites, nodded repeatedly: "It's delicious."

After the meal, He Qingxiao called Aunt Gui to stop, and handed over a small box.

"What is this?" Aunt Gui opened the small box unpreparedly, and gasped when she saw the banknotes inside, "Master Hou, where did you get so many banknotes?"

He Qingxiao slightly avoided Aunt Gui's shocked eyes: "Miss Kou's reward, Aunt Gui can help me put it away."

"Reward, reward?" Aunt Gui thought for a moment, and almost dropped the small box with her hand.

She slowly lowered her head, glanced at the small box full of banknotes, then slowly raised her head to look at He Qingxiao.

"Master Hou, do you still get paid for helping Miss Kou?"

He Qingxiao was also a little embarrassed, and explained: "Miss Kou must give it."

Aunt Gui helped her forehead and asked tremblingly, "How much is there?"

"Six thousand taels."

Aunt Gui shook her hand, and her mind was full of banknotes: six thousand taels, six thousand taels, six thousand taels...

Lord Hou did Miss Kou a favor, and took her six thousand taels!

"Aunt Gui, are you alright?" Seeing that Aunt Gui's face was not looking well, He Qingxiao asked concerned.

Aunt Gui desperately looked at the grown-up child, and only had one thought: That roast duck was blind!

Aunt Gui didn’t sleep well all night, and went to Qingsong Bookstore the next day with wine and freshly made snacks.

"Auntie is here." Seeing Aunt Gui, Liu Zhou greeted warmly, but looked weak.

Aunt Gui looked at the young man who seemed to be in a trance, and asked concerned: "Are you uncomfortable?"

"No, it's just that my eyes are a little blurred." Liu Zhou said slowly, supporting the counter with his hands.

"Where are your shopkeepers?" Aunt Gui turned her eyes and found that the old shopkeeper who seemed to be on guard when seeing her was not there.

Liu Zhou rubbed his eyes: "The shopkeeper's eyes hurt, and he hasn't woken up yet."

"Then let's take a look, your eyes are uncomfortable." After exchanging greetings, Aunt Gui explained why she came, "I made some snacks for Miss Kou to try."

Speaking of this, she was a little worried: "Miss Kou, are you okay?"

Would it hurt your eyes?

"Our boss is doing well. Shitou, go and tell the boss, the aunt who gave her crispy yellow dunks is here."

Can the boss be okay? The fifty thousand taels of silver are all thrown to him and the shopkeeper!

The little guy was thinking sadly, when he suddenly smelled the fragrance.

The entrance is a cup-sized dim sum, the edges are meringue-like, and the middle is white and tender, which is a look he has never seen before.

"Come and taste Auntie's handicraft." Aunt Gui said with a smile.

This snack is delicious at first glance, and he is a fool to be polite. Liu Zhou thanked him and immediately bit off half of it.

After eating two mouthfuls, the boy was so delicious that he felt dizzy: "Auntie, what's the name of this dessert?"

What aunt, this is my dear aunt!

Before Aunt Gui answered, Xin You arrived: "Aunt Gui is here."

"Miss Kou." Aunt Gui raised the basket in her hand, "The wine mentioned that time is ready, I'll bring it for you to taste."

"Aunt Gui, follow me to the East Hospital." Xinyou is also very happy to associate with Aunt Gui.

Aunt Gui secretly heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this.

Miss Kou must know that she is by Lord Hou's side, and she is still so enthusiastic. It seems that Lord Hou can still be saved.

Before going to the east courtyard with Xinyou, Aunt Gui took out some snacks for Liu Zhou and Shitou.

Divide before and after the east courtyard, Xin You asked Aunt Gui to sit in the flower hall in front.

Aunt Gui took out the dim sum: "This kind of dim sum is the best when cooked right now, Miss Kou, try it."

Xin You looked at the cup-sized snacks and suppressed the waves in his heart: "Is this short-skin milk cake?"

Aunt Gui was stunned, and there was a strange look in her eyes: "How does Ms. Kou know that this dessert is called crispy milk cake?"

She didn't realize it herself, and her voice trembled when she asked this question.

(end of this chapter)