MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.146 doesn't matterAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.146 doesn't matterAug 11, 2023

Chapter 146 Doesn't matter

Duan Yunling felt lucky to have survived the catastrophe, but was also a little uneasy: "Xueying, how do you think Cousin Qing did it?"

Duan Yunling asked Xin You for help, so naturally she couldn't hide it from her close maid.

"The servant girl can't think of it." Xueying was sincerely happy for her girl, "But no matter how the cousin girl did it, anyway, the girl doesn't have to marry that dude."

Duan Yunling also laughed.

Yes, Cousin Qing can always do things that ordinary girls cannot.

At this moment, she had a strong desire to see Xin You, but she knew it was not the time, so she had to endure it.

Compared to Duan Yunling's joy, Duan Yunhua was in a terrible mood, so he went to Ruyi Hall with a sullen face to pay his respects.

She could already imagine the embarrassment when her grandmother said she would take Duan Yunling out later.

Although she didn't want to face it, she couldn't escape, otherwise she would be even more ashamed in front of Duan Yunling in the future.

Duan Yunhua walked into Ruyi Hall with heavy steps.

"Say hello to grandma."

When the old lady saw Duan Yunhua's listless look, displeasure flashed in her eyes, but she soon showed a faint smile: "Have you had breakfast yet?"

"Not yet." Duan Yunhua didn't know why his grandmother asked such nonsense.

It has always been the practice to come to say hello first and then go back for breakfast. If I catch up with my grandmother in a good mood, I will leave a meal.

Of course, Grandma hasn't been in a good mood these past few months.

"Then let's eat with grandma."

Duan Yunhua suddenly raised his head and looked at the old lady.

The old lady had a slight smile on her mouth: "After eating, go back and change your face, and go out with grandma."

"Grandmother—" Duan Yunhua's heart beat rapidly after hearing the old lady's words.

Grandma what does that mean?

Today is not the day to make an appointment with Mrs. Gu Changbo, why did you take her out?

What about Duan Yunling?

Being surprised, Duan Yunhua asked, "What about the third sister?"

The old lady's expression turned cold, and she said lightly: "Your third sister suddenly caught a cold, so you need to take good care of it."

Fenghan——Duan Yunhua thought about these two words, and the corners of his lips twitched involuntarily.

So, Duan Yunling either offended her grandmother, or she was really ill because of bad luck. In short, the opportunity to go out this time fell to her!

Duan Yunhua's expression of joy made the old lady frown: "Hua'er, you are going to talk about marriage soon, so it's fine at home, but you should be more cautious when you go out."

Duan Yunhua's heart trembled.

Madam Gu Changbo fell in love with Duan Yunling at Qingfeng Temple that day. She repeatedly recalled all the details of the meeting and thought about why countless times. In the end, she could only guess that Mrs. Gu Changbo liked that kind of wooden stakes.

"The granddaughter knows."

Who wouldn't be a wooden stake?

Back in the boudoir, Duan Yunhua chose from thousands of options before choosing what to wear for going out.

After looking at it, the old lady nodded in satisfaction, and led Duan Yunhua out the door.

When Mrs. Gu Changbo found out that the old lady brought Duan Yunhua, although her expression didn't change, there was doubt in her eyes.

The old lady sighed: "That girl felt a little uncomfortable after the family dinner on the tenth day of the lunar new year, and it got worse yesterday."

"I see."

Next Mrs. Gu Changbo chatted and laughed with the old lady, Duan Yunhua listened with all ears, and never heard anything about the marriage.

Could it be that Mrs. Gu Changbo identified the third sister?

Grievance welled up, Duan Yunhua lowered his eyes, pursed his lips, and clenched his fists.

Mrs. Gu Changbo glanced at the girl who was much quieter than Qingfengguan that day, and she found it much more pleasing to the eye.

Because the Shaoqing Mansion changed people, Mrs. Gu Changbo never talked about the children. The old lady was also calm, and when she brought Duan Yunhua back to the mansion, she said calmly: "Calm down for the next two days, you will know soon if it will succeed or not."

Duan Yunhua nodded, but his heart was hanging in the air and could not land.

Mrs. Gu Changbo went back to find Gu Changbo to discuss: "I clearly mentioned the third girl Duan in the post, but today the old lady of the Shaoqing Mansion brought the second girl, saying that the third girl has contracted a cold..."

Gu Changbo recalled it carefully: "The two girls are not bad in appearance, and they both belong to the same family. They are all the same."

Mrs. Gu Changbo was a little unhappy: "Even if it's almost the same, but Shaoqing's house has changed people without authorization, and it doesn't respect our uncle's house enough."

In Mrs. Gu Changbo's heart, this marriage has wronged her son, and the Shaoqing's mansion is still making its own decisions, which is really not interesting.

"Why don't you continue to make appointments with other wives?" Gu Changbo said indifferently.

Mrs. Gu Changbo thought of the series of obstacles, her expression froze: "Forget it."

The couple reached an agreement, and Mrs. Gu Changbo ordered her maid to call Dai Zelai.

Dai Ze has been busy these days and finally has an idea. Excitedly about to find Xin You, he met the maid who came to invite him.

"What does mother want from me?"

Sweeping Dai Ze's clothes, Mrs. Gu Changbo asked: "Ze'er, are you going out?"

"Ah, yes." Dai Ze looked down at the clothes he had just changed, and nodded, "Go out and do some errands."

Mrs. Gu Changbo felt weird when she heard this from Dai Ze.

Son still has business to do?

"Don't go out in a hurry, mother has something to tell you." Mrs. Gu Changbo winked, and the servants in the room retreated silently.

"What's the matter? Why are you still so secretive?" Daize hurried out with an impatient expression on his face.

"Your father and I have arranged a marriage for you."

Daize, who was sitting casually, straightened his body suddenly: "Ding, what are you going to do?"

"I have made a marriage."

Daize was stunned.

The evil spirit on him hasn't gone yet, so why did you suddenly get engaged to him?

Could it be—

"Would you like to congratulate me?"

What happened, what happened, Miss Kou said she couldn't let the wind out, how did mother know?

Mrs. Gu Changbo was stunned, and then twisted Dai Ze's ears: "What congratulations, who are you congratulating? You unfilial son!"

Those who need to be happy, either the man's parents are about to die, or the man himself is about to die, what is this **** talking about?

"It hurts, it hurts!" Dai Ze covered his ears and hurriedly begged for mercy, "Isn't it too accidental that I made a mistake, mother, please let go!"

Mrs. Gu Changbo withdrew her hand, and said with a straight face: "Miss Duan Er from the Shaoqing Mansion of Taipu Temple, do you still have any memories? You met on the day of Chongyang."

"No." Dazzle replied very simply.

Indeed not, at that time all his thoughts were on Miss Kou.

Ah, it was really a crime for him to have a perverted mind about an expert like Miss Kou at that time.

Mrs. Gu Changbo hesitated, so she had no choice but to continue: "Miss Duan Er is the one for you."

"Understood." Daize secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

It’s fine if it’s not Miss Kou.

"Does mother have anything else to do? If not, I'm going out."

Seeing that her son was impatient to leave, Mrs. Gu Changbo hurriedly stopped him: "Ze'er, do you have any objections?"


It doesn't affect him to find other girls to play with in the future.

"Do you know what engagement means?" Mrs. Gu Changbo reconfirmed.

"I know, I know. Mother, I have nothing else to do. I'm busy."

Daize ran away quickly.

(end of this chapter)