MTL - Ci Jinzhi

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Xin You bowed to Princess Xuan: "I have seen Her Royal Highness."

Princess Xuan lowered her eyes, and her voice was as slender as hers: "Miss Kou, don't be too polite."

After that, there is nothing else to say.

King Xiu smiled and asked Kong Fu, "How did Fuer come from here?"

"I took Sister Kou to see the little boar."

King Xiu couldn't help but glanced at Xin You, and his tone became more gentle: "It's too cold, you and Miss Kou should go back indoors earlier."

"Are big cousin and cousin Xuan coming back?" Kong Fu asked casually.

Xiu Wang turned his head: "Xuan'er going back?"

Princess Xuan nodded slightly.

Xiu Wang smiled at Kong Fu and Xin You: "Then let's go back together."

It was cold, and almost all the young people who went out for a walk were young people who came with their elders from various prefectures. Seeing Xiu Wang and his party, they all said hello, and their curious eyes fell on Xin You.

Wait for a few people to walk over, and there will be more quiet discussions.

"That's Miss Kou, right? Why did she walk with King Xiu and Princess Xuan?"

"It's because I saved Miss Kong. I see Miss Kong walking beside Miss Kou all the time, and she looks closer than Princess Duixuan."

"Miss Kou is really lucky."

Thinking about the thriving Qingsong Bookstore, thinking about the dozens of shops all over the capital, and thinking about the royal circle they entered, these young men and women who grew up with golden spoons in their mouths can't help feeling envious.

Xin You met King Qing at the entrance.

King Qing glanced at a few people, and walked towards King Xiu: "Brother came early, are you going to visit the Plum Garden together?"

"It just happened to happen." King Xiu treated King Qing politely.

Xin You watched silently. King Xindaoxiu was indeed the one who was treated coldly by the emperor, otherwise King Qing would not have been so casual.

This kind of casualness is not the randomness that acquaintances make people feel at ease, but the arrogance and indifference.

It seems that King Qing is like this to King Xiu, and he is also like this to Princess Xuan.

When King Qing skipped past Princess Xuan and spoke to Xin You, she thought so.

"Miss Kou is here too."

"His Royal Highness King Qing."

King Qing looked at the calm young girl with a half-smile and a half-smile, his heart aroused.

He has always hated people who can't see their identity clearly.

This girl looks like his aunt, and she is a nuisance to the mother and concubine. Could it be that she thinks that she is neither humble nor overbearing, and can make the royals and nobles look at her differently like in the story?

It's ridiculous.

Xin You is not a dull person, and she faintly senses that King Qing has a lot of malice towards her.

At this moment, I heard Kong Fu speak: "Brother He."

Several people looked over together, and saw He Qingxiao striding over.

He was wearing a sand blue robe today, covered with a black cloak. The ink color is flying, and the snow is frost all over the ground. It is obviously not an outstanding outfit, but it makes people unable to take their eyes off.

When He Qingxiao saw Xin You beside Kong Fu, his face didn't change a single bit, but he was inexplicably guilty.

Miss Kou reminded him to avoid recent banquets.

However, he also thought about it, the princess' mansion should invite Miss Kou.

"I have met the three Highnesses." He Qingxiao greeted the two princes and a princess, responded to Kong Fu with a smile, and then nodded at Xinyou, "Miss Kou."

Xin You's eyes fell on the sand blue robe in his cloak, and he confirmed that the scene of the accident happened today.

"Master He." Returning the salute, Xin You glanced at King Qing from the corner of his eye.

Master He is a calm person, what happened to anger this prince?

Another voice sounded: "Big cousin, second cousin, why are you standing here and not going in?"

Kong Fu said cheerfully, "Brother."

Jingan Hou Kongrui came over and took Kong Fu's hand: "It's cold outside, go in first."

At this time, almost all the guests came, and they were divided into several halls according to their relatives.

Xin You didn't expect that she would be arranged to sit at the same table with Princess Xuan, and she didn't know the other girls.

The girls were obviously familiar with each other. After greeting Princess Xuan, they turned their attention to Xin You.

"Are you Miss Kou?" A girl in red had curiosity in her eyes.

Xin You generously responded: "I am."

"I heard that you have many shops, is it true?"

"There are so many, there are only a dozen."

"So there really is!"

Another girl in an apricot-colored jacket asked Mr. Songling enthusiastically: "When will Mr. Songling's new book be released? How old is Mr. Songling? How does he look?"

A series of questions came to me, and Xin You only answered one: "Mr. Songling's new storybook is tentatively scheduled to be released in early December."

After asking what they wanted to ask, the girls withdrew their attention from Xin You and started talking and laughing among themselves.

At the same table, Xin You and Princess Xuan appeared to be alone.

Xin You didn't take it seriously and ate the food in silence.

She had already seen that these noble ladies were not really enthusiastic just now, but just found it strange.

After drinking for three rounds, the atmosphere of several banquet halls became lively.

Prince Qing drank a lot of wine, felt a little drunk, and patted Kong Rui on the shoulder: "I invited Miss Kou on this occasion today. It seems that my aunt thinks highly of Miss Kou."

Kong Rui endured the discomfort of physical contact, and said indifferently: "Of course my mother values ​​Fuer's savior."

King Qing raised his eyebrows: "If you say that, I should also thank Miss Kou."

As he spoke, he picked up the wine glass on the table and walked out.

Kong Rui knew that King Qing was moody, so he hurriedly chased after him.

Passing around a row of embroidered screens, King Qing saw Xin You sitting quietly.

Several noble ladies also saw King Qing, and their laughter stopped.

King Qing walked over with a wine glass in hand, turning a blind eye to the salutes of other noble ladies, and his eyes fell on Xinyou's face.

"Today, taking advantage of my aunt's birthday banquet, Xiao Wang wants to offer a cup to Miss Kou."

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked at Xin You in surprise.

Xin You showed a puzzled expression: "I don't dare to be a civilian girl, His Royal Highness Prince Qing has beaten the civilian girl."

"Why wouldn't you dare to do it. Without Ms. Kou, Xiao Wang's cousin would be injured, and her cousin Dai Ze made a bigger mistake. Ms. Kou is helping Xiao Wang's two relatives. Today's glass of wine, Ms. Kou Don't give up."

King Qing summoned a maid, picked up a glass of wine from the tray, and handed it over.

Xin You also had wine on the table, which was fruit wine suitable for women, but what King Qing handed over was a glass of spirits.

The people present looked at King Qing and Xinyou, knowing that there was something exciting to watch.

"Second cousin, I see that Miss Kou has wine in her glass—"

King Qing interrupted Kong Rui with a bit of alcohol: "If my cousin wants to pay respects to Miss Kou, wait until I finish the respect."

Kong Rui's eyes darkened, because of his mother's birthday party, it was difficult to argue.

Xin You didn't quite understand the meaning of King Qing's drinking madness in front of her, so he caught a glimpse of He Qingxiao approaching.

The previous picture flashed in my mind.

It turned out that the scene in the picture happened at this time.

Xin You took the wine from King Qing and drank it in one gulp.

She drank so happily that not only King Qing was taken aback, but everyone who saw this scene was surprised.

He Qingxiao paused.