MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.165 settle accountsAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.165 settle accountsAug 11, 2023

For the old lady, it is a great thing that there are fewer people who miss her granddaughter.

She can still refuse those who come to Shaoqing's mansion to try, she is in control, but if someone directly starts from the granddaughter without following the rules, it will be difficult if Qingqing is tempted.

It's good to fight wine with the prince, no wife or wife can understand this. In this way, even if Qingqing doesn't want to stay in Shaoqing's mansion, it won't work.

The calmness of the old lady made Duan Shaoqing unhappy: "Mother, just let her go."

The old lady glanced at her son, and said calmly: "I'm tired, you should go and rest. Qingqing is now in high spirits, and the restraint is too strict. We, as elders, can't push her a child who has no parents' love. If it is far away, your sister will not be at peace underground."

Duan Shaoqing frowned, no longer complaining, and his face sank when he walked out of Ruyitang.

I didn't expect Qingqing to go through so much trouble, but her mother still loves her undiminished.

This is not what he wants to see when he is murdered by his niece.

Duan Shaoqing returned to his residence, thinking about the plan.

King Qing became more and more annoyed when he heard the report from the person sent out to keep an eye out for the wind. After thinking about it, he ordered someone to go to Guchangbo Mansion to invite Dai Ze to come to the palace.

"Cousin, look for me." Dai Ze who came to Prince Qing's Mansion didn't feel restrained at all.

King Qing sometimes thinks Dai Ze is a bit stupid, but now he thinks it's just right.

There are some things that are inappropriate for him to come forward, but if Dazzle does it, people will not be surprised.

"Did my cousin hear about the birthday party of Princess Zhaoyang?"

Although Dai Ze failed to study well, he was not slow to respond in this regard: "Cousin, you are talking about drinking with Miss Kou?"

King Qing heard the word "Pin" especially harsh, and nodded with a sullen face.

"Of course I've heard of it!" Dai Ze's eyes brightened, "I really didn't expect Miss Kou to stay drunk after a thousand cups, as expected of Miss Kou!"

The more King Qing listened, the more something went wrong: "Cousin, what do you mean?"

Dai Ze realized that King Qing's complexion was wrong, and after a little thought, he understood: Cousin felt that Miss Kou had slapped his face.

Also, if he loses a wine fight with a girl, he will lose face, let alone his cousin.

But this is Miss Kou who can exorcise evil spirits!

Oh, by the way, my cousin didn't know that Miss Kou was an expert.

"Cousin, keep talking."

"I sincerely toasted, but I didn't expect that girl to be shameless. Cousin has always had ideas, so what can I do to vent my anger?" King Qing explained the purpose of calling Dai Zelai.

Dai Ze was stunned: "Cousin, do you want me to trouble Miss Kou?"

King Qing didn't admit it directly, his expression said it all.

Dai Ze panicked, and hurriedly waved his hands: "This is not allowed!"

"Huh?" King Qing frowned deeply.

He felt something was wrong with Dazzle just now, it really wasn't an illusion.

"Cousin, have you misunderstood Miss Kou—"

King Qing sneered and interrupted Dai Ze: "Cousin, just ask if you can help me."

"Help me, my cousin's business is my business. What should my cousin tell me?"

King Qing was satisfied at this point, and did not speak out: "Since my cousin regards it as my own business, then my cousin should think about what to do if you encounter such a thing."

"I see."

Wait for Dai Ze to leave, King Qing smiled deeply.

He and Dai Ze grew up together, so they naturally know this cousin.

This kid will go to the street to tease the little lady when he has nothing to do. If he really wants to trouble a woman, then there will be excitement.

King Qing ordered people to watch Qingsong Bookstore, just waiting for the good show to begin.

He Qingxiao guessed that Xin You would be embarrassed to face him after waking up, so he didn't go to the bookstore again, and worried that King Qing would make trouble for Xin You, so he also arranged for someone to watch quietly.

In the past few days, Xin You has been busy with the new book, and was checking the bound new book in the printing shop, when someone reported that Mr. Dai had come.

Xin You put down the script and went to the study hall in front.

"Young Master Dai, do you need me?"

Bring Dai Ze to the reception room, Xin You asked directly.

"Miss Kou, are you really not drunk after a thousand cups?"

Xin You was silent.

Daize came here just to prove this?

Her silence seemed to Dazzle to be an acquiescence.

"It's amazing!" Speaking of this, Dai Ze showed regret, "It's a pity that I couldn't go that day."

In the past, he thought it was nothing to offend Princess Zhaoyang, but now he regrets it.

He also wants to see Miss Kou and her cousin fight for wine!

By the way, cousin.

Dai Ze remembered the business: "Miss Kou, what happened that day, my cousin felt quite embarrassing."

Xin You's heart skipped a beat, and she guessed Dai Ze's intention: "Could it be that Mr. Dai is here to ask for His Royal Highness King Qing's crime?"

Dai Ze immediately denied: "No, no, how could I ask Miss Kou for a crime?"

The prince’s cousin can’t be offended, and neither can Miss Kou, who knows how to read faces. He was just a poor man who had no choice but to go through the motions.

"But my cousin, he really has a temper." Dai Ze showed a helpless smile.

"Mr. Dai and I have a secret in common. If you have any plans, Mr. Dai may as well speak up."

Dai Ze loved hearing these words very much, and immediately made up his mind: "Miss Kou, let's fight for a bar."

Xin You raised her eyebrows.

Did she hear wrong?

Dai Ze coughed lightly: "I have to find a place for my cousin, and drinking is the most suitable."

In this way, I not only fulfilled my cousin’s entrustment, but also saw with my own eyes whether Miss Kou is really that good at drinking, which can be described as the best of both worlds.

Xin You smiled: "Okay."

Half an hour later, Dai Ze was dragged by his attendants and walked out of the gate of Qingsong Bookstore.

"Don't pull me, I still want to drink!" Daize slumped and didn't want to leave.

This movement was not small, and it quickly attracted passers-by to stop, so that those sent by King Qing and He Qingxiao to watch did not have to be careful to hide in the dark.

King Qing was furious after hearing the report, but he couldn't immediately go to the drunk man to settle the score, so he didn't see Dai Ze until the next day.

"How did my cousin settle accounts with Miss Kou yesterday?" King Qing asked through gritted teeth.

"Settling the score?" Dai Ze rubbed his aching head, "Ah, I went to find Miss Kou to settle the score, and I'm drinking with her!"

King Qing's temples twitched: "It's just a fight for wine?"

Is this kid's brain muddy? Usually when you see a pretty woman, you still make a fuss, go find someone to trouble you but fight for wine?

Dai Ze smiled: "Didn't my cousin say that I should handle it as my own business? When I thought about it, a man should get up from where he fell, and I will drink Miss Kou and get down on the ground to vent my anger on my cousin!"

Speaking of this, Dai Ze lowered his head: "I didn't expect Miss Kou to drink me down..."

Prince Qing was so angry that his head buzzed and hurt, and he wanted to slap the fool in front of him a few times, but fortunately he still had reason, so he held back.

Who made Gu Changbo his uncle!

"Does my cousin have any other plans?" King Qing asked through gritted teeth.

Dai Ze's face changed drastically: "I don't want to appear in front of Miss Kou again in a short time!"

King Qing closed his eyes.

Having a cousin like Dai Ze must be a tribulation in his life as a prince, right?