MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.176 LabaAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.176 LabaAug 11, 2023

Early in the morning of the Laba Festival, a shed was set up on the street near Gu Yu’s house, and several large pots were set up. The pot was gurgling and steaming, and the aroma spread far and wide.

Winter in Japan is a relatively leisurely season, coupled with continuous snowfall, most people are still warm in bed at this time, which is why so many people in the picture did not escape.

However, there are always people who get up early and go out, attracted by the scent, and curiously ask: "Is this a new early shop?"

Xiao Lian wore a thick red coat, smiled and said: "No, our girl lost the cat yesterday. Many neighbors here helped to find it. The girl is grateful for everyone's help and decided to give away porridge here for four days."

As soon as he heard the free one, the man's eyes lit up immediately, and he quickly stretched his neck to look into the pot. He saw thick rice porridge in the pot, and two large pots with fragrant meat stewed.

"The meat—" the man sucked his saliva, his eyes widened.

Xiaolian smiled: "These roasted meat, roasted chicken nuggets, and boiled chicken are also given away."

"Really?" The man exclaimed with disbelief on his face.

At this time, several people came over smelling the fragrance, and they all asked after hearing this, but no one could believe it was true.

When the times are bad, there are nobles who give porridge out of kindness, but I have never met chicken legs or braised pork!

"Of course it's true, but we girls have a rule—" Xiaolian draws her tone.

At first, I was greedy when I smelled the fragrance, but I couldn't help it when I heard that I could eat for free. Several people asked anxiously, "What's the rule?"

Xiao Lian looked at Xin You.

Several people followed suit.

Xin You is wearing a snow fox fur coat today, warm and luxurious, very convincing that this girl is not short of money.

Under the gaze of several pairs of eyes, Xin You said with a smile: "The porridge and meat are distributed according to the head."

"According to the head?"

Xin You nodded: "Those who come get a bowl of porridge and a portion of meat, and those who don't come don't."

"Then if there are eight people in a family, can they also get eight copies?"

"Yes, as long as eight people can come." Speaking of this, Xinyou changed his tone, "But these porridge and meat are limited, first come, first served, if they are all divided, there will be no more today—"

Before she finished speaking, several people ran away, shouting as they ran: "Come out, there is a good girl who is giving porridge and meat!"

"First come, first served, late or no..."

Xiao Lian watched the bustling bustle on the originally deserted street, and cast admiring glances at Xin You: "Girl, you still have a way!"

Using the money left by her girl to save the lives of these people is also to accumulate blessings for Qingqing girl. Her girl will definitely have a good pregnancy, have healthy and long-lived parents, and will never meet relatives of jackals and tigers.

Thinking of this, Xiao Lian wiped her eyes and smiled again.

Soon, many people came running over holding bowls, and more people didn't take it seriously, and ran out empty-handed to watch the fun.

The first person in line handed over the bowl apprehensively, staring straight at the cauldron of stewed meat.

The guard in charge of serving the porridge poured two spoonfuls of porridge into the bowl and handed it to the companion.

The guard held a bowl and asked, "Do you want braised pork or chicken nuggets? Or chicken?"

"Braised pork, make it fatter!"

The guard nodded, and put a piece of shiny roast meat into the bowl: "Here, take it."

The man took the bowl, lowered his head and smelled the meat, and believed it was true.

"There is really meat to eat!"

Following his howl, those who came out empty-handed hurried back to get their bowls.

"Don't worry, don't worry, everyone line up." The guards with loud voices maintained order.

"Hey, aren't you the girl from yesterday?" An aunt recognized Xin You, turned her head and pulled the woman behind in line, "Mother Gu Yu, take a quick look, is this the girl we helped yesterday?" The girl looking for the cat?"

Gu Yuniang took a deep look at Xin You.

Xin You smiled generously: "It's me. I came here to give porridge today, just to thank the neighbors in the neighborhood for their help yesterday."

"Girl, did you find your cat?"

"found it."

"That's good, that's good. I said that the girl is so kind-hearted, she will definitely be found."

"What's the girl's name?"

"My surname is Kou, and my name is Qingqing. You can call me Miss Kou."

"Thank you, Miss Kou!" The people who got the food thanked each other.

Hearing these thanks, Xiao Lian's eyes were red again, and she said softly in her heart: Miss, did you hear that? They are all thanking you.

Xin You publicly announced Kou Qingqing's name, which is also what she meant.

The money belongs to Kou Qingqing, she should be thanked and remembered.

It was a young man's turn to make porridge. The young man took the finished porridge and handed over another bowl: "My child is still young, and it is inconvenient for my wife to go out with the child at home. Can you take it home for her?"

The guard who had been smiling all the time heard this and put on a serious face: "This is not possible. Seeing people eat porridge and fill it with meat, this is the rule set by our girl."

"Can you be flexible, it's cold and snowing, it's really hard to take the kids out."

"Yeah, my old lady has bad legs and it's hard to go out, can I take her back..."

With the beginning of the young people, more people said that.

The guard had told Xin You earlier that this rule was the bottom line and was never allowed to be broken, and his face became even more serious immediately: "Everyone, don't forget, we are giving free porridge, and it will be gone today after the gift is finished today. If everyone Saying that there are still people in the family who want to be taken away, isn’t it unfair to those who lined up behind but didn’t get a call?”

As soon as the words came out, the people at the back of the line yelled: "That's right, Miss Kou is kind enough to give you porridge, we can't push ourselves!"

"That's right, why are there so many demands for free ones? Besides, we all live in this area, so what's the point of coming out?"

The young man blushed and left.

Not long after, he came with his wife and children, and the young woman silently lined up at the end of the line with her children in her arms.

Xin You noticed that the young woman was the neighbor who lived across the door from Gu Yuniang yesterday.

Seeing her holding the baby to receive the porridge, Xin You bent her lips.

These porridges are made of good rice, which is thick and fragrant, and the roasted meat and chicken nuggets are even more delicious. The chicken is boiled in broth, and the taste is not bad. These people have eaten once, and they will definitely be reluctant to come in the next few days.

Of course, there are no absolutes, but this is the best result she can achieve. If someone has an accident because of staying at home, it can only be said to be fate.

"Hey, why do you look familiar to me? Have you received it just now?" Liu Zhou's eyes were sharp, and he picked out a person who was repeatedly queuing.

That was a middle-aged man, and he refused to admit it.

Liu Zhou sneered: "These porridge and meat are all available. If you get more, some people will not get it."

When the people in the back row heard this, they accused the man one after another, but many people also had the same thoughts.

Liu Zhou raised his voice and said: "Please help us keep an eye on it. If there are people who queue up again and the neighbors don't notice it but I recognize it, then I'm sorry, our porridge gift will be over immediately."

Hearing this, those who wanted to take advantage of the situation immediately stopped thinking.