MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.184 Miss Kou came to donate silverAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.184 Miss Kou came to donate silverAug 11, 2023

Chapter 184 Miss Kou came to donate money

It is only a few days before the Chinese New Year, and the topics brought about by the Dingbei Earthquake not only did not subside, but even more.

The streets and alleys, restaurants and teahouses are all talking about the tragic situation in Beijing, which makes people's hearts shake.

"This is too miserable."

"Yes, I heard that many families were buried, and only one child survived..."

"It's Chinese New Year, but this kind of thing happened, alas!"

Someone walked into the tea shop with excited eyes: "Have you heard that a tea merchant donated five thousand taels of silver to the court, asking the court to use the money for disaster relief in Dingbei?"

"Is there such a benevolence quotient?"

"What's so strange about this? Ms. Kou from Qingsong Bookstore gave away porridge and meat, and she didn't spend less money. There are so many wealthy households in our capital, and there must be many kind-hearted people."

The person who just walked in clapped his hands after hearing this: "This is true. After the tea merchant donated the silver, several benevolent merchants donated money. The court was grateful for their benevolence and righteousness. Eighteen is hosting a banquet in the lotus garden."

Not long after, another news came out: Heyuan hosted a banquet, and His Royal Highness Xiu Wang would personally entertain him.

This is very tempting for some wealthy businessmen.

Dingbei Disaster Relief is the time when everyone in the capital is paying attention. Not only can donations win a good reputation, but they can also participate in the banquet hosted by the prince. This can be recorded in the genealogy.

Donate, must donate!

The wind of donations quickly blew up among the wealthy households in the capital, and then some officials also donated their salaries one after another. Of course, most officials do not donate much. After all, their salaries are small, and only those with rich family backgrounds or high-ranking officials can donate more.

Some wives and wives of officials and noble families also took action, generously donating money for cosmetics.

The household officials who are responsible for receiving donations are so busy that they don’t touch the ground, but their spirits are high, and they can’t stop making abacus.

A Jinlin Guard walked in and was recognized by the bookkeeping official: "Deputy Yan Qianhu."

There are so many officials in the capital, and not all of them know each other in the same dynasty.

It won’t work if you don’t work hard, what should you do if you accidentally offend if you don’t recognize it.

Yan Chao handed over the one hundred taels of silver bill and motioned the officials to write it down.

The official said nice words, and wondered in his heart: I never expected that a small household in Jinlinwei would have the consciousness to donate money.

Yan Chao and other officials did not leave after completing the accounts, and took out another stack of banknotes from their pockets: "This is a wish from Mr. He."

The official took it and counted it, with surprise flashing in his eyes.

There are actually two thousand taels.

But soon he didn't find it strange. It was not easy for Jin Linwei to make money, not to mention that Mr. He is still a lord.

"Master He is really kind." The official praised casually, put away the bank note, and handed over a post for the banquet in the lotus garden.

Yan Chao is not a talkative person, and he has to turn around after finishing the post.

"Excuse me, is the donation to Dingbei disaster relief here?" A female voice came.

Yan Chao heard the voice familiar, and turned his head to look.

"Miss Kou."

Xin You was a little surprised to see Yan Chao: "Deputy Yan Qianhu is also here."

Yan Chao changed his mind and spoke for He Qingxiao: "Master He asked me to send donations for him."

Nowadays, many brothers in Beizhen Fusi aim to help Mr. He marry Miss Kou, and he is no exception.

Cough, it's not that they are worried about their adults, but the main reason is that Miss Kou is too rich.

Surprise flashed in Xin You's eyes: "Master He donated the money?"

Now that she knows about Mr. He's financial situation, she still has money to donate?

Yan Chao’s heart was full of confusion: Did the adults donate money, which surprised Ms. Kou so much?

"Yes. Our adults are very sympathetic to the disaster victims in Dingbei, but we are too busy these days, so let me go for him." Yan Chao's eyes fell on the box in Xiaolian's hand, "Miss Kou is also here to donate property?"

Nowadays, donations are popular, and many women will donate jewelry. In Yan Chao's view, the box that Xiao Lian was holding should contain gold jewelry.

This box of gold jewelry is worth several thousand taels of silver, it is worthy of Miss Kou.

"Yes. Lian—"

Xiao Lian stepped forward and put the box she was holding in front of the official in charge of checking and registering.

Yan Chao should have left, but he was curious about how much Miss Kou donated, so he didn't move.

The official has collected too much property in the past few days, and he has already calmed down. He opened the box with a calm face, and then rolled his eyes.

It turned out to be a box full of banknotes!

"One hundred, two hundred, three hundred..." After counting, the official gasped and his voice trembled, "Fifty thousand taels!"

Other officials had already gathered around, and looked at Xin You in shock at the result.

"Miss Kou, are you really going to donate all these?" The officials counting the money couldn't believe it.

Xin You nodded: "Dingbei was hit by a disaster, we will do our best."

Small strength—

The dumbfounded officials of the household department met the stunned deputy Qianhu of Jinlinwei. At this moment, their hearts were connected: how much money does Miss Kou have!

Everyone lost their voices due to the shock, Xin You said seriously: "Please remember clearly, Kou Qingqing."

The official came back to his senses: "Miss Kou, don't worry, you must remember clearly. Ah, Miss Kou, wait a minute."

The accounting official and his subordinates explained, and rushed to see Shangfeng.

The person in charge of this donation is Zhang Jian, the servant of the household department.

The six servants respect the left, and the household department has two servants, Pei Zuo, the left servant, and Zhang Jian, the right servant. Everyone said Pei Shilang had a good name, so he overwhelmed Zhang Shilang.

Dingbei earthquake this time, Pei Zuo took the job of disaster relief, and in terms of merit in the future, it will be better than those in charge of logistics.

The bookkeeping official reported the news of Miss Kou donating 50,000 taels of silver to Shangfeng, and Shangfeng hurried to report to Zhang Shilang.

Zhang Shilang is carefully looking through the donation list of the past few days. Anyone who donates more than a thousand taels of silver will be recorded on a list as a list for the banquet in the lotus garden.

The emperor attaches great importance to the fundraising this time, and the prince is with him. If anyone is missing from the list, it will be troublesome. Zhang Shilang does not seek meritorious deeds, but he does not dare to be sloppy.

"My lord, there is something I want to report to you."

"What's the matter?" Zhang Shilang rubbed his eyebrows, a little worried, "There are fewer people donating money today?"

Go back and report the account list. There is no doubt that the more property you raise, the happier the emperor will be.

The emperor is happy, and he is naturally satisfied with their errands.

"Miss Kou from Qingsong Bookstore just came over and donated 50,000 taels of silver."

"How much?" Zhang Shilang thought he heard it wrong.

"Fifty taels—my lord, what's wrong with you, my lord?"

Zhang Shilang pinched his own people hard, and then he didn't pass out from excitement: "Are you sure?"

"Miss Kou is still—"

Zhang Shilang didn't care to finish listening, so he rushed out.

Zhang Shilang was in the prime of life, and he was not slow to run. He stopped quickly when he was almost at the door, straightened his clothes and walked in.

"Miss Kou, this is our servant." The official reminded Xin You.

Xin You bowed her knees to say hello.

Zhang Shilang laughed loudly: "Miss Kou, you don't need to be too polite. Zhang has heard of Miss Kou's reputation for a long time, and today I finally met the real person."

Xin You glanced at the nail print on Zhang Shilang's face, and smiled politely.

(end of this chapter)