MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.186 Lotus Garden BanquetAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.186 Lotus Garden BanquetAug 11, 2023

Duan Shaoqing returned home and went straight to Ruyi Hall.

The old lady didn't know that Xin You had donated 50,000 taels. When she saw her son coming in, she smiled and asked, "Why are you back now?"

"Mother, pay me one thousand taels from my private account."

The old lady sat up straight: "Is something wrong?"

Now the second wife, Mrs. Zhu, is the housekeeper, and all the expenses of the family are covered by public accounts.

"Donate silver to the disaster area in Dingbei."

The old lady heard something wrong: "Didn't you donate six hundred taels a few days ago?"

Although the six hundred taels were in the name of the eldest son, they were paid from the public account, which represented the face of the Shaoqing Mansion.

Duan Shaoqing twitched, and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth: "Have you heard, mother, Qingqing donated 50,000 taels to the disaster area."

"How many?"

Duan Shaoqing paused every word: "Fifty thousand taels!"

The old lady took a deep breath and covered her heart.

"Mother, are you okay?" Seeing the old lady's reaction, Duan Shaoqing felt a little regretful.

If the mother can't bear it, she will suffer.

The old lady waved her hand, her voice was a little unsteady: "Did you really donate 50,000 taels?"

Duan Shaoqing nodded heavily: "It's all spread now, there will be no fakes."

"This girl!" The old lady patted the armrest of the chair.

It was cost-effective to spend a small amount of money to earn a good reputation when giving porridge before, but the fifty thousand taels of old lady really felt distressed.

What a good reputation is worth 50,000 taels?

Fame is almost enough, if it is too rich, it will be a burden.

After feeling distressed, the old lady asked her son, "Then why did you donate another thousand taels?"

Duan Shaoqing was embarrassed by Xin You, but he had to make it clear for such a large expenditure: "...That's it, that girl persuaded me to donate less in front of a group of people. If I don't show any sign, I will It's a joke."

The old lady took a deep breath, and said slowly, "Stop approaching Qingqing from now on."

Duan Shaoqing also wanted to slap himself.

Why doesn't he have a long memory!

Probably the only consolation, because donating more than one thousand taels of silver, he can get a post for a banquet in the lotus garden, and he will have a little sense of presence with the emperor at that time.

On the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, it was snowing heavily, but there were many more carriages and sedan chairs on the street.

The Lotus Garden is a royal garden, not to mention ordinary people, even civil and military officials are usually not allowed to enter, so most of the people who went to the banquet were excited. Especially those wealthy businessmen, apart from excitement, they were also apprehensive.

Xiao Lian raised the corner of the car curtain, her expression jumped up: "Girl, there are so many cars and horses!"

Xin You smiled: "So happy?"

Xiao Lian nodded: "The servant girl never thought of being able to come to the imperial garden."

How far away this was for her. Not only to her, but also to her Qingqing girl.

After following the girl, she realized that the wealth that Qingqing possesses can do so many things.

Can save people, open eyes, and live happily and confidently.

And her Qingqing girl obviously has these, but she can only nest in her boudoir, and she can't even tolerate this.

Thinking of this, Xiao Lian hated the Shaoqing Mansion to death.

"Then take a good look later." Xin You laughed.

Xiao Lian quickly pulled out of her sad mood, put down the curtains of the car and nodded vigorously at Xinyou: "Yeah."

Not long after, the lotus garden arrived.

The Chinese New Year is coming soon, the lotus garden is decorated with lights and festoons, and the palace servants in new clothes are waiting at the door to welcome the guests.

Xin You saw Duan Shaoqing as soon as she got out of the car, and held up the corner of her skirt to greet her: "Uncle."

Duan Shaoqing froze when he heard the voice, and turned around slowly.

The girl came walking on the snow with a skirt in her hand, with a bright smile, but in Duan Shaoqing's eyes, she was like a ruthless sharp knife.

Cut off a piece of his flesh at a time, cut off a piece of his flesh at a time...

Duan Shaoqing took half a step back, noticed many gazes, and put on a friendly look: "Qingqing, after the banquet, go back to Shaoqing's mansion with uncle. The Chinese New Year will be soon, and your grandmother will always miss you."

Xin You raised her lips: "Okay."

Duan Shaoqing: "..."

"Miss Kou." A voice cut in.

Xin You looked sideways, and it was King Xiu.

"His Royal Highness King Xiu." Everyone saluted in unison.

Among them, the officials are nothing more than that. Those wealthy households blushed with excitement, and wanted to take a closer look but dared not raise their heads casually.

Xiu Wang bowed his hands in return: "Everyone is Xiao Wang's distinguished guests today, so there is no need to be too polite."

Waiting for everyone to straighten up, King Xiu nodded and smiled at Xin You: "Miss Kou is at the top of the list of good people, Xiao Wang admires it very much. Miss Kou, please—"

Xin You bowed her knees: "His Royal Highness Prince Xiu has beaten a common girl."

"Everyone, please." After finishing his polite manners, King Xiu walked to the garden with Xin You.

The expressions of the people following behind were different, Miss Xin Dao Kou is really majestic, the prince led the way in person.

Thinking about the 50,000 taels donated by others, my mind is balanced.

The only unbalanced one is Duan Shaoqing.

When he thought about it, he was Kou Qingqing's uncle, and King Xiu valued his niece so much, so he should treat him differently as an elder, but he was just one of the "everyone" that King Xiu said...

Walking in the crowd and staring at King Xiu's back, Duan Shaoqing was heartbroken.

Xiu Wang took Xinyou for a while, stopped and told the palace servants waiting there: "Take care of all the distinguished guests."


"Miss Kou can take a stroll first, Xiao Wang goes to the door to greet visitors."

Xin You bent her knees and watched King Xiu go back.

As King Xiu, there is absolutely no need to wait for guests at the door. Presumably after this banquet, King Xiu will win a lot of fame.

Thinking about King Qing who went to Dingbei to reap a good name, King Xiu has such a temperament, whether it is intentional or not, Xinyou can understand.

She didn't dislike King Xiu much.

Although she learned from Mr. He that her mother left the palace only after discovering Queen Xiu's mother and son, she could see clearly that there would be someone else without Concubine An. Mother ran away not because of other women, but because she was disappointed in that person.

"Miss Kou, I am the owner of Jinde Rice Shop. I heard that Xingren Rice Shop is also your property..." A wealthy businessman came over.

Soon Xinyou was surrounded by a group of wealthy businessmen.

Duan Shaoqing saw it, and his face turned black.

This girl is really shameless, talking and laughing with a group of men!

He Qingxiao walked in and saw this scene, but couldn't help but smile.

Sure enough, as he thought, Ms. Kou will be the most eye-catching person in this banquet.

The subordinates who came with He Qingxiao had complex expressions.

Miss Kou is full of stars, but there is not even a living thing within ten feet of their adults except him. This difference is too great.

At this time in the palace, Emperor Xing Yuan read the final donation account book presented by Zhang Shilang, and his eyes fell on the name at the front.

"That is to say, Miss Kou is the one who donated the most money to the disaster area in Dingbei."

A little girl donated 50,000 taels of silver, which is really unexpected.

What kind of person is Miss Kou?

Emperor Xing Yuan became more and more curious.

"At this time, the lotus garden banquet is about to start?"

Eunuch Sun Yan should "Yes".

Emperor Xing Yuan got up: "Putting out the lotus garden, I will go and see the benevolent people who have donated money to Dingbei."