MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.191 ordered to leave BeijingAug 11, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.191 ordered to leave BeijingAug 11, 2023

Xin You lowered her eyes slightly, and answered Emperor Xingyuan's words: "The last time a girl saw Mr. Song Ling, Mr. Song Ling said that he had something to leave the capital temporarily, and he had already left the capital by this time."

This answer was obviously not what Emperor Xing Yuan wanted: "Then do you know where Mr. Song Ling lives in the capital?"

Xin You shook her head: "Minnv doesn't know, Mr. Songling comes to find her every time she submits a manuscript. Mr. Songling keeps silent about her background and where she lives, and Minnv doesn't ask much."

Emperor Xingyuan was not reconciled: "What about his appearance? Every time he sees you, he covers his face?"

"Yes, folk girls can only judge from their voice and figure. Mr. Song Ling is very young, maybe—"

"Possibly what?"

Xin You slightly raised his eyes to see Emperor Xingyuan's expression clearly: "Maybe he's still a young man."

Big Xia men are twenty and crowned, and those who are under twenty can be called young men.

"So young?" Emperor Xing Yuan looked at He Qingxiao who was standing aside in surprise.

At the beginning, He Qingxiao reported that Mr. Songling was a young man, but he never expected to be so young.

Thinking about "Painted Skin" and "Journey to the West", Emperor Xing Yuan thought it impossible.

Can such a book be written without certain experience?

"Miss Kou, if you can't see the face, will you make a mistake in judging only by your voice and body shape?"

Xin You thought about it, and said seriously: "Maybe I still have feelings."

"Feeling?" Emperor Xing Yuan thought it was funny.

"It's the feeling of a person. Although Mr. Songling concealed his appearance, his figure is different from the thinness of an adult man. He obviously has the thinness of a teenager, and his words and deeds when dealing with... Judging a person's age is not necessarily Just look at the outside."

Speaking of this, Xin You glanced at He Qingxiao from the corner of her eye.

The time she disguised herself as a man, she was defeated by the smell.

"Miss Kou has dealt with Mr. Songling many times, but she hasn't heard any information from him?"

Xin You slowly shook her head, and suddenly froze for a moment: "There is one...but the girl thinks that Mr. Songling is joking—"

"Tell me."

"When Mr. Songling revealed that he was going to leave the capital, the girl asked him where he was going and when he would be back. Mr. Songling pointed to the manuscript and said that he was going to the hometown of the Monkey King..."

Emperor Xingyuan grabbed "Journey to the West", flipped through it quickly, and his eyes fell on the opening line: "South of the Luojiang River..."

Turning back, there is another mention of the origin of the Monkey King, not only mentioning the south of the Luojiang River, but also pointing out the specific place—Wanyang.

Xing Yuandi closed the book suddenly, his heart beating rapidly.

Wanyang, is Xinxin in Wanyang?

Was it Wanyang?

Emperor Xingyuan's heart was agitated, but he could still maintain the emperor's deepness in front of Xinyou: "I know. Qingxiao—"

"The minister is here."

"You send Miss Kou back first, and then enter the palace. I have something to do for you."

He Qingxiao responded immediately.

"The daughter of the people resigns." Xin You was blessed.

Emperor Xingyuan's eyes fell on the cute buns on both sides of the girl's head unconsciously, and said in a strange way: "Miss Kou has worked hard today, and I will give you two pairs of pearls and flowers, and a box of pearls."

Xin You raised her eyes in surprise, then lowered them quickly: "Thank you, Your Majesty, for the reward."

When she left the palace, she had an extra box of jewelry in her hand, plus the reward from the lotus garden, she didn't need to add any more jewelry in a short time.

The wind and snow did not stop, Xin You and He Qingxiao rode alone in the car and rode alone, and they didn't say anything along the way. It wasn't until the carriage stopped that He Qingxiao said softly, "Miss Kou, rest earlier."

"Master He, be careful on the road." Xin You walked into Shaoqing's mansion and found Xiaolian waiting at the concierge.

"Girl, you are back." Xiao Lian's eyes fell on the box in Xin You's hand.

Xin You handed it to her: "The emperor rewarded it, please keep it carefully."


The two walked away, and the doorman clicked twice.

Biao girl is really amazing, the imperial gift is like running water.

He Qingxiao returned to the palace, the sky was already getting dark.

"Miss Kou sent back?" Before He Qingxiao came back, Emperor Xingyuan had read "Journey to the West" again and again, and he had calmed down.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, I have sent Miss Kou back to the Shaoqing Mansion."

Emperor Xingyuan nodded, and told He Qingxiao's intention to return to the palace: "Tomorrow, you will go to Wanyang in person to check for Mr. Songling's trace."

He paused and said again: "There is also the whereabouts of the queen."

He Qingxiao's eyes showed surprise.

Emperor Xingyuan's face darkened slightly: "Bring more people who are available, and don't need to ask more about others."

"The humble minister leads the decree."

When He Qingxiao was about to leave, Emperor Xingyuan called him: "If you find the queen, bring her to Beijing to see me immediately."

He Qingxiao intends to test Emperor Xing Yuan's attitude towards Empress Xin, showing embarrassment on his face: "If the empress does not want to go back to Beijing with my servant—"

Emperor Xingyuan said firmly: "Be sure to take the queen back to the capital, but don't be rude to the queen."

"I understand."

Backing to the Marquis Mansion of Changle, He Qingxiao took a few mouthfuls of food and plunged into the study.

Aunt Gui looked at the closed door and sighed.

The New Year's Eve is still so busy, let alone marrying a wife, he doesn't even have time to eat. The emperor asked Lord Hou to be the envoy of Jinlinwei Town, so it must be because of this intention?

He Qingxiao in the study was not dealing with various letters as Aunt Gui thought, but was opening "Journey to the West", reading every word.

The sun rose and the sun was clear, the sun was clear and there was not much temperature, and the snow piled up on the eaves and streets was dazzling.

Before He Qingxiao left Beijing, he went to the door of Shaoqing's mansion again.

Duan Shaoqing had a smile on his face, and when Xin You and He Qingxiao met in the courtyard, he felt a drum in his heart: The majestic Jinlinwei Zhenfu envoy came to the door for the third time, even if it is murder and arson, there is no need to do so, right?

In the courtyard, He Qingxiao said, "Miss Kou, I'm leaving Beijing today for Wanyang."

"Congratulations, Mr. Congratulations."

He Qingxiao was silent for a moment, and asked: "Miss Kou, do you have anything else to say?"

Xin You lowered her head slightly, and the dead grass lying down could be seen in the cracks of the blue bricks that had been swept away from the snow.

After a brief silence, she said, "I hope Mr. He can find out the truth and return to Beijing with the evidence."

"En." He Qingxiao responded softly, and then his voice became softer, "Mr. it Mr. Xin?"

Miss Kou said earlier that there was a way for the emperor to take the initiative to investigate Wanyang, but he didn't know what it was until yesterday.

Wanyang is mentioned in "Journey to the West", presumably there are other information about the empress hidden in this story, which is only known to the emperor.

Miss Kou is a member of Empress Xin, so it is not surprising that she knows some secrets, but how did Mr. Song Ling, who wrote "Journey to the West", know?

Or, Mr. Songling is also from that valley, and they were originally together. Or, Mr. Song Ling is Miss Kou herself.

Mr. Song Ling has become famous in the capital, but no trace can be found. Obviously, the latter is more likely. A person who does not exist naturally will not leave traces.

As he is, he knows some things well, but he can't ask them.

For example, is Miss Kou Mr. Song Ling, or Mr. Xin.