MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.209 Spirit monkeys send each other offAug 26, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.209 Spirit monkeys send each other offAug 26, 2023

Chapter 209 Sending off the spirit monkey

The Qianying Mountain in March is the most beautiful time. The mountain cherry is in full bloom, like clouds and clouds.

Xinyou and Xiaolian didn't care to appreciate it, so they left the coachman at the foot of the mountain to guard the carriage and horses, and made a detour to the bottom of the cliff.

The waterfall at the bottom of the cliff falls straight down, and the vegetation is luxuriant. It seems to be no different from last year.

"Do you still remember that cave?" Xin You turned her head and asked Xiaolian.

Xiao Lian nodded vigorously: "I remember."

How could she not remember, her Qingqing girl was sleeping peacefully there. This deep and silent cliff bottom and hidden cave also appeared in her dreams countless times.

The two followed their memory to find the cave.

The stone blocking the cave has climbed up the vines and merged with the mountain wall. If it wasn't for remembering the surrounding environment at that time, it would be really difficult to find that there is another universe here.

Xiao Lian stepped forward and cut the vines and weeds with the dagger she brought, revealing the original appearance of the stone.

"I'll move it." Xin You signaled Xiaolian to get out of the way.

"The servant girl should come."

Xin You patted Xiaolian's arm: "I'm strong, you can't move it."

Xiao Lian opened her mouth, a little frustrated.

Without the girl, she really can't do anything.

Xin You moved the stone away, and grabbed Xiao Lian who was about to go in: "Wait a minute, let the smell out."

After a while, the two got in one after the other.

The cave opened up, and with the light from the entrance of the cave, one could see the colorless curtains in the corner.

Xiao Lian covered her mouth and shed tears: "Girl—"

She grabbed Xin You, who was about to go forward, and said firmly, "Girl, let the maidservant come, the maidservant wants to collect the bones for my girl herself."

Xin You nodded and stepped aside.

Xiao Lian walked over, kowtowed to that place a few times, choked up and said: "Girl, the maid took you out of here."

She wanted to say to bring the girl home, but there is no girl's home in this capital.

Xiao Lian wiped away her tears, put on soft leather covers on her hands, and carefully opened the door curtain that wrapped the body.

The confidante had turned into bones, and it didn't take long for Xiao Lian to put Kou Qingqing's bones away.

She had red eyes, shook her hands, and forced a smile at Xin You: "Girl, let's go."

Xin You nodded silently.

The two left the cave, Xin You thought about it, blocked the entrance of the cave again with stones, and pulled over the vines to cover it.

Xiao Lian put the bundle that wrapped the bones on the ground, and went to the pool to wash her hands.

"Who?" Xin You suddenly turned around.

Monkey was taken aback by Xin You's reaction, jumped back and squeaked at her.

Seeing that it was the monkey, Xinyou relaxed: "It's you."

Xiao Lian also recognized the monkey, wondering: "Didn't the monkey be sent to another remote mountain, why did it come back?"

Looking at the monkey who was clearly showing affection, Xin You bent her lips: "It might be home-loving."

"It's really smart." Even knowing that monkeys are like children, Xiao Lian couldn't help but sigh.

The two of them walked back and found that the monkey was following them unhurriedly.

"Girl, doesn't this monkey want to go with us?"

Xin You looked back at the monkey, and actually saw a bit of leisure from the monkey's face.

This made her judge: "Probably not, it may be trying to send us off."

Since the monkey chose to return to Qianying Mountain, it can be seen that he has deep feelings for this place, and it would not be this reaction if he really wanted to leave.

Hearing Xin You said that the monkey was giving them off, Xiao Lian couldn't help but look at the monkey a few more times, and her grief eased a lot.

The spring is just right, and the sun is warm but not strong, pouring on the mountains and fields. Beside the carriage parked quietly at the foot of the mountain, the coachman was dozing off.

Xiao Lian woke up the driver.

The coachman rubbed his eyes and bent over embarrassedly: "Young lady, are you done?"

Xin You nodded.

"Hey, why is there a monkey!" The driver who spotted the monkey widened his eyes.

The monkeys jumped onto the carriage, nimbly climbed onto the roof of the carriage, climbed down again, and then got under the carriage.

The coachman opened his mouth in shock: "This monkey is so familiar!"

Speaking of this, the coachman's pupils shrank: "Girl, this monkey shouldn't be the Monkey King, right?"

Xin You's mouth twitched: "Uncle Sun thinks too much."

It seems that there are more people watching "Journey to the West" than she thought.

At this moment, the monkey suddenly heard screaming.

Xin You looked over and saw a black shadow crawling out from under the car.

It turned out to be a person.

The coachman was shocked: "The monkey has turned into a man!"

Seventy-two changes, and you still say it's not the Monkey King?

Until the monkey then got out from under the car, stepped on the man and shouted at Xinyou as if to claim credit.

For a moment, Xiao Lian was also led astray by the driver, thinking that this person was transformed from a monkey. At this moment, she finally realized: "Who are you?"

The man got up in a panic, when Xiao Lian saw the coachman and then saw Xin You, she plopped to Xin You and knelt down: "Please let me hide, girl, someone is chasing me!"

As soon as these words came out, Xiao Lian and the coachman took a breath together.

Especially Xiao Lian, clutching her bundle tightly, her heart beating fast.

Why did such a person suddenly run out and affect her family's girl's encore?

Xin You regained consciousness in a very short time, and calmly said: "Sorry, it's not convenient for you to hide in the carriage."

In the picture just seen, the people chasing and killing this person turned out to be officers and soldiers.

There is no monkey in the picture. He hid under the moving carriage, but fell down because he couldn't hold on, and was discovered by the officers and soldiers who were chasing him.

An officer swung a knife and chopped off the man's shoulder, while other officers and soldiers surrounded them.

"The person chasing you will be here soon. We are the only car on the road at this time. They will definitely stop the car to check, and then you will have nowhere to escape." Xin You pointed at the forest, "It's better to go to the forest first." Go hide in the mountains, maybe you can escape."

Meeting by chance, Xin You couldn't judge whether this person was good or bad, so he could only choose to avoid it, at least not to let his group get involved in any trouble.

in particular-

Xin You glanced at the baggage carried by Xiaolian from the corner of her eye, her pretty face darkened slightly: "If you insist on pestering, then we'll just wait here."

Knowing that begging was useless, the man kowtowed heavily at Xinyou: "Please pretend you didn't see me."

After speaking, he ran into the forest in the direction Xin You pointed.

Xin You withdrew her gaze and looked at the monkey squatting beside her, thoughtfully.

Without this monkey, the things in the picture would have happened. But the appearance of the monkey made her discover the person hiding, so she shouldn't have seen that scene again.

Contradictory and mysterious.

Looking at the monkey's eyes shining with wisdom, Xin You thought, maybe a spiritual being is a variable that cannot be explained clearly.

"Thank you, let's go home soon."

The monkey squeaked, jumped and ran away.

Backing on the carriage, Xiao Lian couldn't feel at ease: "Girl, who did you say that person was just now? Could it be a robber?"

"It's not like..." Xin You didn't say much.

Although the man was in a mess, she noticed that his hands were delicate, not like someone who came from a poor background and went astray.

"I don't know who is chasing him." Xiao Lian shook her head.

Not long after the carriage drove, a rush of hooves approached quickly.

(end of this chapter)