MTL - Ci Jinzhi - C.218 fulfilledSep 03, 2023

MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.218 fulfilledSep 03, 2023

Xiao Lian was very nervous because of Duan Yunchen's words, but Xin You didn't change her face.

"Of course people change, especially after going through bad things." She looked at the drunk young man with a sneer on her lips, "Does my cousin expect me to remain the same? It feels different to me."

At first, the Duan family members didn't realize that she was not Kou Qingqing, and after so long, they were even less afraid.

Duan Yunchen is not dull, so he naturally heard that this was a satire that he wanted girls to always please him.

He wanted to save face after all, the drunkenness receded in the cool night breeze, he said goodbye in embarrassment, and left without looking back.

Xiao Lian yelled at the direction Duan Yunchen left: "Who is it!"

Obviously he doesn't like girls, but he feels wrong when she finds out that she is cold to him.

"There's no need to let irrelevant people affect your mood. Let's go, go back to the house."

"Yes." The little maid followed suit and followed Xin You back to the East Courtyard.

At this time, King Qing had just returned to Prince Qing's Mansion from Guchangbo Mansion.

Uncle Gu Chang is still in mourning, King Qing is the only nephew, even if he is a prince, he always has to go there to show his face one day to look good.

Walking on the way back to the hospital, King Qing was in a gloomy mood.

Since his uncle's accident, he has never seen his father again, so he has no idea what his father's plan is. What is Jin Linwei looking for? Was it related to Uncle's death?

Too many problems weighed heavily on his mind like a stone.

The night wind in March carried the lake water and slowly blew up people's clothes. It was cool and comfortable. King Qing subconsciously turned his steps and walked towards the artificial lake.

A white crane by the lake suddenly spread its wings, causing ripples on the water.

King Qing paused, looked at the beautiful and quiet lake, and suddenly remembered what Xin You said to him to pay attention to the water.

Even though he felt it was nonsense, he inevitably felt a little offended, and King Qing returned to the main courtyard with a sullen face.

It was night, and the bathroom was steaming hot. King Qing got up from the bathtub after taking a bath to wash away his fatigue. After the maid wiped his body clean, he stepped out. The moment his feet hit the ground, his calf suddenly throbbed, and before he knew it, he had already fallen to the ground.

"Your Highness!" The servant girl fell to her knees in fright before she had time to support her.

The maid in charge of wiping and the maid carrying the change of clothes also fell to their knees in fright.

King Qing, who was on the ground with one hand, felt the tingling pain from his ankle, and his expression was distorted under the pain and anger: "A bunch of trash, don't help me up yet!"

The maidservants just woke up like a dream, and they all tried their best to help King Qing up.

King Qing, who had put on clean underwear, was sitting on the bed, and the good doctor who had been called in a hurry was dredging his sprain, smelling the faint smell of medicine, he remembered Xin You's words again.

Injured by water...Is that where it should be?

King Qing's first reaction was a coincidence, but after thinking about it, his expression gradually became serious.

Slipping and falling after taking a bath has never happened for many years, but it happened today, and I even sprained my foot... Could it be that what my cousin said is true, Miss Kou can really tell good fortune from a person's face?

King Qing pondered silently, and the more he pondered, the more he believed. And after believing it, the desire to see Miss Kou became more and more urgent.

"Hiss—" The pain brought Qing Wang back to his thoughts.

Originally this is inevitable when dredging the sprain, but the good doctor is rushing to apologize.

King Qing didn't blame him, but asked: "Will my king's foot injury recover tomorrow?"

The good doctor was secretly wondering that King Qing did not blame him, and said: "Your Highness's sprain is not serious, but you need to rest for at least three days if you want to fully recover."

"Then you can't go out tomorrow?" King Qing was annoyed for a while, but he didn't make things difficult for Doctor Liang, and waved his hand to signal him to back down.

This night, King Qing didn't sleep well, and sent his attendants to Qingsong Bookstore early the next morning.

Miss Kou has superb physiognomy, so can she judge the blessings and misfortunes brought about by her uncle's accident through physiognomy?

"His Royal Highness Qing invited me to the palace?" Xin You understood what happened in the picture after hearing the intention of the palace attendant Daoming.

Such as a small thing like a sprain, she has "seen" it countless times from different people, and usually chooses to remain silent. In order to win King Qing's trust, she had to say it out, but she did not expect to verify it that day.

With these speculations, Xin You became more calm, and smiled apologetically at the servant of the palace who was waiting to respond: "Sorry, I'm afraid it's inconvenient for me to go."

The servants of the palace hurriedly asked the reason.

Xin You said calmly: "I am the owner of the bookstore, and it is my duty to solve the problems of the guests. But after all, I am a young woman. If I suddenly enter the door of Prince Qing's Mansion, if word spreads, my reputation as a little girl is not worth mentioning. If If it is broken, His Royal Highness King Qing will die forever."

The attendant didn't ask anyone to move, and returned to the palace to relay Xin You's words to King Qing.

In the past, King Qing would definitely get angry, but now that he believes in Miss Kou's physiognomy, it will naturally be different.

"Please invite Miss Kou to drink tea at the teahouse not far from the palace."

Xin You was invited again and did not refuse.

The tea house not far from Prince Qing's mansion is elegantly decorated, and it is specially used to entertain wealthy people, and there is an elegant room specially reserved for King Qing.

When Xinyou arrived, King Qing was already waiting.

"I have met His Royal Highness Prince Qing."

"Miss Kou, don't be too polite." King Qing signaled one of his attendants to guard outside, while the other stayed in the elegant room.

His legs and feet are inconvenient now, out of caution, he will not rely on the innate advantages of men's physical strength to make things bigger.

After a while of silence, King Qing said, "Xiao Wang sprained his foot yesterday."

Xin You was polite and concerned.

"Miss Kou, do you know how Xiao Wang got sprained?" King Qing asked casually.

Xin You calmly said: "Slipped and sprained after bathing."

Qing Wangyin's casual scrutiny faded away, and his confidence was raised to 10%.

Last night he slipped and fell purely by chance, and it is impossible for Ms. Kou to bribe someone in the palace. There can be no other reason for being able to say the answer without thinking, other than being really proficient in physiognomy.

"Miss Kou, Xiao Wang has something to ask." King Qing leaned slightly, his expression solemn.

"Please speak, Your Highness."

"You told Dazzle that my uncle's death was related to me, can you tell me more specifically?"

Xin You looked at it carefully for a moment, then said after deliberation: "Minnv can only see that it has something to do with the south."


King Qing was stunned.

He knew in his heart that things in the north were not as beautiful as they appeared on the surface, and his father would be annoyed if he found out.

But what can happen to the south?

When King Qing asked again, Xin You shook his head: "Minnv can only see so much for the time being. But—"

"But what?" King Qing asked immediately.

"His Royal Highness has not yet ended the impact of this, and his fortune is not good after that. Recently, it is better to keep a low profile."

Before Mr. He has the result, please stop making troubles.

"Xiao Wang knows."

Seeing that there was nothing more to ask, King Qing ordered his attendants to send Xin You out.

The attitude of the master will naturally affect the attitude of the servant. The servant sent Xinyou out of the teahouse with a polite gesture: "Miss Kou, go slowly."

Xin You walked towards the carriage parked by the side of the road, and saw King Xiu walking towards him.