MTL - Ci Jinzhi

C.6 cousinAug 11, 2023

Chapter 6 Cousin

Xiao Lian is not stupid, but she was too young when she came to Beijing with her daughter, so she would not think about some things when no one mentioned them. Now hearing what Xinyou said, it was like piercing through the window paper, allowing her to glimpse the unbearable side of the warm and harmonious Shaoqing Mansion.

At this moment, her face was pale, her eyes were astonishingly bright, lit up by anger: "You mean, those family wealth, those family wealth—"

"It's hard to draw a conclusion, but now that it's confirmed that someone is plotting against Ms. Kou, I'm only guessing at the worst."

"It must be for the girl's family wealth!" Xiao Lian's eyes were red, and she was emotional, "The girl has not been out of the house for three years since she came to Beijing, that is, the master and wife have only gone out a few times this year after the filial piety. The mansion doesn't talk too much, doesn't cause trouble, only had two disputes with the second girl—"

"Have you had an argument with the second girl?" Xin You raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Xiaolian.

Xiaolian didn’t mention this when she talked about the second girl.

Xiao Lian showed a bit of embarrassment on her face, and her voice lowered: "It's not a dispute, it's the second girl who ran on the girl, and the girl didn't even talk back."

"Tell me carefully."

"Last winter, the girl made a forehead wipe for the old lady. The old lady was very happy and said that she would let the girl be her eldest granddaughter-in-law in the future and kiss her better. The second girl heard about this, so she ran to the girl and said goodbye. Thinking about some stupid things that you shouldn't think about. The servant girl didn't mention it to you, because she thought it was related to the eldest son, and it was not very good..."

Xiao Lian couldn't help weeping when she thought of her daughter being squeezed out by the second girl and crying on her pillow at night.

Xin You waited for Xiaolian to calm down, and asked Kou Qingqing's wet nurse: "Isn't the Zhuangzi where Nanny Fang is staying?"

"It's not far, and it's only an hour by carriage."

"Then wait for Mother Fang to come." Xin You pointed to the cage, signaling Xiaolian to put it away.

Only Xiao Lian and Nanny Fang stayed with Kou Qingqing in the Shaoqing Mansion, and Nanny Fang must be clear about Kou's mother's arrangements for her daughter's major affairs. And Nanny Fang was sent away for making a mistake in the Shaoqing Mansion for only one year, it seems a little subtle at this time.

Xiao Lian looked shocked: "Why did Mother Fang come?"

"Did Miss Kou ask her to come back after Nanny Fang left?"

Even the dispute between Duan Yunhua and Kou Qingqing was mentioned, Xiaolian didn't feel that there was anything to hide from Xinyou: "No, the girl has a good face, and she feels that Fang Nanny has made her lose face, even though she clearly misses Fang Nanny very much. , and never mentioned asking Nanny Fang to come back."

Xin You smiled: "I have a thick skin, I just want Nanny Fang to come back."

After hearing Xin You's explanation, Xiao Lian unconsciously covered her mouth.

"What's wrong?"

"Not only can you taste that there is something wrong with the medicine, but you can also pretend to be sick. You know a lot." Xiaolian's tone was full of surprise.

Xin You: "..." This kind of praise is unnecessary.

After a nap in the afternoon, when Xinyou woke up and looked at the rain-washed emerald green plantains outside the window to pass the time, the little maid Hanxue reported that the two young masters had arrived.

There are two sons in total in Shaoqing's house, the eldest son Duan Yunchen is from Duan Shaoqing and Qiao family, and the second son Duan Yunlang is from Duan Wenbai and Zhu family. Both of them are studying in the Imperial College, so they must have asked for leave specially to be able to come at this time.

Duan Yunchen—Xin You said the name silently.

The person who made Duan Yunhua speak ill of Miss Kou should really meet him sooner.

Hanxue opened the door curtain, and two men walked in. No, it should be said that the one who walked in the front was a teenager.

"Cousin, are you better?" The second son, Duan Yunlang, is sixteen years old this year, not much older than Kou Qingqing. He walked quickly to the bedside and sat down on a big horse with a golden sword. He looked at Xinyou with clear eyes.

"It's much better, my cousin should be studying now—"

Duan Yunlang hurriedly waved his hands: "My cousin has an accident, my elder brother and I don't want to study, my father thinks we are making trouble, so we must not allow us to follow..."

Duan Yunlang is a talkative person. Xin You listened with a smile, and turned slightly to look at the young man standing half a foot away.

Duan Yunchen wears a blue shirt and a Confucian scarf, which is obviously similar to Duan Yunlang's, but because of his outstanding temperament, he shows a bit of coquettishness.

This is a man who can attract girls just by his looks.

Thinking like this, Xin You's gaze stayed on Duan Yunchen's face for a long time.

"Let's rest assured that my cousin is fine. You take good care of your health, and my second brother and I will come to see you again in two days." Duan Yunchen opened his mouth with a gentle tone, but Xin You felt that he was in a hurry to leave with his slightly outward toes.

According to Xiaolian's description, Miss Kou is not an annoying girl, and Duan Yunchen's avoidance is probably related to the old lady's joke about kissing her.

He is unwilling to marry his cousin.

Duan Yunhua is not willing to this marriage, Duan Yunchen is not willing, what does the eldest wife Qiao think?

Thinking of what Xiaolian said about Qiao's politeness to Kou Qingqing in the past, the answer is not difficult to guess.

Xin You kept staring at Duan Yunchen in silence, obviously he misunderstood. The young man with a gentle temperament frowned, and his voice became colder: "My second brother and I have to rush back to the Imperial College, so we won't disturb my cousin's rest."

Compared to Duan Yunchen's avoidance, Duan Yunlang obviously didn't stay long enough, everyone came to the door and rushed back, pointing to his head and asked curiously: "Cousin, have you really lost your memory?"



"Huh?" It was Xiao Lian who spoke this time, and the little girl puffed her face and accused her harshly, "Second Young Master, how can you say that? Do you think that the girl doesn't remember anything, so she doesn't have to pay back the money owed to my girl?" gone?"

Duan Yunlang hurriedly glanced at the door, and covered Xiaolian's mouth: "Grandma Xiaolian, please keep your voice down, and let my elder brother know that I will be in trouble if I ask my cousin to borrow money to buy a storybook. You go to the outside room first, I have something to say Say to cousin—"

Xiao Lian saw Xin You nodded slightly, and let Duan Yunlang push her to the outside room.

"Second cousin, what do you want to say to me?" Facing the young man who came back and sat on the embroidered pier, Xin You spoke softly.

This second young master is still a child at first glance, and it is unlikely that he has anything to do with Miss Kou's accident. If you talk patiently, you may be able to ask a lot of questions.

"Cousin is not angry with what I said just now?" Duan Yunlangchi asked.

he thought to himself, and somehow blurted it out.

"My cousin is happy to see me lose my memory?" Xin You raised her eyebrows, "If my cousin can tell the reason, I won't be angry."

Duan Yunlang's eyes flickered, and he said for a while: "My cousin has been depressed about the death of my aunt and uncle, I think it's better to forget about the sad things."

"I see." Xin You smiled.

If she hadn't seen Duan Yunlang racking his brains just now, she might have believed it.

Duan Yunlang thought he was fooling around, chatted for a while, and seemingly had no intention of asking: "Cousin doesn't remember me and elder brother, does she?"

Xin You drooped her eyes: "I don't remember. But today, I didn't feel strange when I met my second cousin, but I felt very unfamiliar with my first cousin—"

Duan Yunlang's expression unknowingly relaxed: "Brother is so serious and upright, it's normal for my cousin to feel unfamiliar. Cousin, let me tell you, don't look at my brother's gentle and jade-like appearance, but he actually snores and picks his feet for more than ten days. bath…"

Xiao Lian listened through the door curtain, dumbfounded.

(end of this chapter)