MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely - C.525 Seventy-two emperors?Sep 13, 2023

MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

C.525 Seventy-two emperors?Sep 13, 2023

As the distance between the two strongest clones becomes farther and farther, the mutual induction becomes more and more blurred.

“As long as you return to the outside world, no matter how far away you are, you can sense the coordinates of the other party.”

Soul Master Clone No. 2 gradually flew to the boundary of the chaotic space, opened an entrance and flew out.

Hakusan constellation.

The soul master's body, which was comprehending the chaotic spiritual creature, received the message sent back by the strongest clone No. 2, and his heart suddenly moved.

“It turns out this is called a chaotic spiritual creature.”

“In other distant constellations, there is more than one powerful person in the Imperial Realm, and there are even existences above the Imperial Realm.”

“If the Xuansu constellation is really that powerful, maybe it can really find a way to break through to the next level.”

“The universe is so vast and infinite!”

The soul master couldn't help but sigh.

the other side.

Di Rui took Soul Master Clone No. 1 and flew in the chaotic space for about ten years before crossing the boundary of the chaotic space and entering a void of starry sky.

“Is this the Xuansu constellation?”

The soul master's clone looked around and asked curiously.

In his mind, consciousness has established some mysterious connection with the ontology.

What you see and hear is like experiencing it yourself.

Your own location is clearly sensed by your body at any time.

Di Rui nodded and said: "Yes, this is the Xuansu constellation. I will take you to my imperial palace first."

After saying that, he led the soul master clone to fly to a green planet not far away.

With the vision of the soul master clone, one can clearly see the large tracts of dense forest and the shimmering sea.

Like an uncivilized primitive planet.

Soon, the two of them landed in a luxurious palace complex covering several kilometers.

This is also the only place where the soul master's clone just scanned the area and found someone there.

Some guards nearby wearing standard robes immediately bowed and saluted: "See the Emperor!"

“Get some basic information about the Xuansu constellation and send it over. My new Taoist friend needs to know more about it.”

Di Rui ordered.

One of the guards immediately bowed in response and flew in a certain direction.

“Please sit with me for a moment.”

Di Rui and the soul master clone entered a palace.

Not long after the two sat down, the guard who had just left entered the palace and respectfully held a jade slip and handed it to them.

Di Rui took it and waved it away.

"Fellow Daoist Zhuang, in order to show my sincerity, I took you to the Xuansu Constellation and handed you the basic information. I hope you can keep your promise."

The soul master's clone nodded: "Don't worry!"

After taking the jade slip from the opponent's hand, the soul master's clone probed into the power of the soul.

At the same time as a massive amount of information poured into his mind, the body of the distant Baishan constellation also received this information, giving him a basic understanding of the Xuansu constellation.

If the information is not deliberately false, the territory of Xuansu Constellation is several times larger than that of Baishan Constellation, and its overall strength is far stronger than that of Baishan Constellation.

Let’s just talk about the top powerhouses that the soul master cares about most.

According to the information, Xuansu Constellation has seventy-two emperor realm experts, and there are also three known ancestral realm experts above the emperor realm.

Di Rui is one of the seventy-two great emperors.

The clone of the Soul Master sighed sincerely: "Seventy-two great emperors, as well as an even more powerful ancestral realm, are really exciting!"

Di Rui smiled proudly: "To tell you the truth, I have also met strong men from other constellations in the chaotic space, and I have also gone to other constellations to communicate."

“But among the major constellations that I know, the Xuansu constellation is far more powerful than any other constellation.”

The soul master's clone sighed in admiration.

“The Xuan Su constellation has a strong martial arts style, and continues to conquer from top to bottom. It always maintains the greatest vitality, which is probably one of the reasons for maintaining its strength.”

Among the basic information he knew, it was introduced that the entire Xuansu constellation is divided into several countries, and wars have never stopped.

Just like raising gu, they fight with each other all day long. Compared with the Baishan constellation that has been at peace for more than a billion years, the probability of a strong person appearing is naturally much higher.

Di Rui nodded and said: "Yes, this is also the philosophy of my Xuan Su Constellation - stay active and stay competitive."

“Even when we reach the Sovereign Realm, or even the Imperial Realm, we are never afraid of competition, and even encourage the emergence of more top experts, so that there will be a greater probability of breaking through to higher levels and guiding the way forward for others.”

Di Rui said proudly: "So, for every unfamiliar top powerhouse, we will not take the initiative to release hostility, but are happy to contact each other."

The soul master's clone nodded: "I understand."

Di Rui looked at him seriously: "So, now that you know what you want, it's time to fulfill your promise and take me to the White Mountain Constellation to get your Chaos Spiritual Item, right?"

Hearing this, the soul master's clone shook his head: "What I have learned so far is just a piece of information you provided. No one can guarantee whether it is true or false. Therefore, I want to go to other planets to find out for myself."

Di Rui's face darkened.

He looked at the soul master's calm face and said indifferently: "It seems that you are planning to go back on your word."

“I am a person who will do what I say, but I must first confirm the authenticity of the information you provide.”

“The information I provided covers all aspects. Is it possible for me to accompany you personally to confirm it bit by bit? Ridiculous!”

Di Rui said coldly: "Since you don't know what's good and what's good, don't blame me for being cruel!"

The voice fell.

A gray field instantly expanded, covering the two people and the entire palace complex.

The soul master's clone immediately released a powerful soul impact, causing Di Rui's movements to pause for a moment.

By the time Di Rui came back to his senses, the soul master's clone had already flown out of his chaotic realm and fled far away.

“Is this…the way of the soul?”

Di Rui’s face changed slightly.

There are also humane cultivators in the Xuansu constellation like the prehistoric world, but there are very few who are successful in cultivating.

Because human cultivation is several times more difficult than Heavenly cultivation, it is not necessarily stronger than Heavenly cultivation. On the contrary, the overall performance is weaker than Heavenly cultivation.

The way of humanity is equivalent to continuously improving the physical body, while the way of heaven is equivalent to directly learning to use weapons.

As far as ordinary people are concerned, a strong man who exercises all day long cannot withstand the blow of a weak young man.

Among the very few cultivators of the Human Way, the Way of the Soul is one in a million.

The strongest practitioner of the Soul Path known in the Xuan Su Constellation is just an ordinary strong man in the middle stage of the Saint King Realm.

Even so, the clone ability possessed by the other party is extremely difficult for someone of the same level.

“A person in the Holy King Realm can have hundreds of clones, and it’s hard to tell them apart in the same realm. If the Zhuang Jie in front of you is just a clone..."

Di Rui was moved in his heart and quickly reacted.

“No, the clone of the Soul Path is at least one level lower than the main body. Since the one in front of me shows the combat power of the Imperial Realm, it should be the main body.”

“As long as his body is killed, all the clones will naturally fall.”