MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely - C.531 The secret of the ancestral realmSep 13, 2023

MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

C.531 The secret of the ancestral realmSep 13, 2023

“What are the functions of chaotic spiritual objects?”

Jiang Heng asked.

Luo Lai said without hesitation: "Chaos spiritual objects contain the secret of breaking through the ancestral realm."

“The ancestral realm holds the power of creation and can open up a small world within the body, and it is a complete small world with all laws.”

“A powerful person in the ancestral realm can control all the laws with the help of the small world, and even apply the power of the entire small world to himself, erupting with unimaginable terrifying power.”

Jiang Heng couldn't help but his breath was stagnant.

The power of an entire small world blesses itself?

This kind of power is indeed far beyond his imagination.

But then he thought of the ancestors of the prehistoric world.

The other party controls the power of heaven and earth in the prehistoric world. Although it does not attack him directly, it is only used to suppress and move him, but he can also clearly feel that its intensity is at most slightly stronger than that of the ordinary imperial realm.

Far from reaching the power of an entire world.

“Could it be that Luo Lai is exaggerating?”

Jiang Heng thought to himself.

He asked again: "Have you personally seen the information you mentioned about the ancestral realm?"

Luo Lai nodded: "Of course I have seen it."

"The three ancestors of Xuansu sometimes compete with each other. I watched it once. In such a battle scene, any emperor-level strongman will definitely fall instantly if he is involved in it."

“The strength of the Ancestral Realm and the Imperial Realm are completely different.”

Luo Lai said with deep emotion as if he was thinking of the shocking scene he witnessed.

Jiang Heng believed five points in his heart.

But he did not go further on this topic, but asked: "What is the relationship between chaotic spiritual creatures and breaking through the ancestral realm?"

Luo Lai came back to his senses and continued:

“Breaking through the ancestral realm requires opening up a small world within the body, and opening up a small world requires a Chaos Spiritual Treasure as the core.”

"Without the Chaos Spiritual Treasure as the core, the small world is like a desert and can easily collapse. With the Chaos Spiritual Treasure, it is equivalent to planting a towering tree in the desert, with a large number of tree roots spreading underground, which can The earth becomes firm, even turning the desert into an oasis."

“So, the Chaos Spiritual Treasure is one of the core elements for breaking through the ancestral realm.”

“And a certain number of chaotic spiritual objects can be refined into chaotic spiritual treasures.”

Jiang Heng asked thoughtfully: "You mean, as long as a certain number of chaotic spiritual objects are collected and refined into chaotic spiritual treasures, we can break through the ancestral realm?"

“Of course it’s impossible!”

Luo Lai waved his hand: "The Chaos Spiritual Treasure is only one of the prerequisites for a breakthrough. You also need to understand the power of Chaos to a certain extent and master the power of the Grand Meng that is enough to create the world."

Clone No. 1 on the side murmured: "Chaos Spiritual Treasure? Power of Hongmeng?"

Luo Lai glanced at him and nodded: "Yes, these are the two most important conditions for breaking through the ancestral realm."

“What is the specific origin of the chaotic spiritual creature?”

Jiang Heng asked again.

Luo Lai shook his head slightly: "We have studied the Xuansu constellation for many years, but we don't know its specific origin, let alone how it was formed. We only know that there is a certain probability of encountering it in the chaotic space."

“Then how to refine the Chaos Spiritual Treasure?”

“The method is actually very simple, and it mainly requires certain cultivation levels, at least the late stage of the Emperor Realm.”

“Because the understanding of the power of chaos in the late imperial realm is strong enough, as long as you continuously input your own power of chaos into the chaotic spiritual object, you can slowly refine it and merge it with yourself.”

“After obtaining more Chaos Spiritual Treasures in the future, we will refine them little by little and merge them into a complete Chaos Spiritual Treasure within our body.”

“At this time, as long as you master the power of Hongmeng, you can gradually open up a small world in your body with the Chaos Spiritual Treasure as the core.”

Speaking, Luo Lai sighed.

“Actually, the process sounds very simple, but the actual breakthrough is not that easy. Whether it is the Chaos Spiritual Treasure or the power of Hongmeng, the two conditions are not so easy to achieve.”

Clone No. 1 nodded with deep feeling.

It has been decades since his body broke through to the Imperial Realm, and it is still in the early stage of the Imperial Realm. If he wants to break through to the late Imperial Realm, even if he does not encounter any bottlenecks, it will take at least thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

Let alone cultivating to the peak of the Emperor Realm and then realizing the power of Hongmeng that has never been heard of before.

Chaos spiritual objects are also rare.

Clone 2 has been searching in the chaotic space for decades, and has never found a second piece except the one it encountered by chance.

Who knows how long it will take to gather enough materials to refine an entire Chaos Spiritual Treasure?

It all depends on luck!

At this time, Jiang Heng suddenly asked again:

“You said that the small world inside the body opened up by the ancestral realm is all centered on the Chaos Spiritual Treasure. So after the world is opened, will the Chaos Spiritual Treasure still be there?”

“Or to put it another way, if you are in a small world, is there a way to find the Chaos Spiritual Treasure and destroy it?”

Jiang Heng asked this, naturally because of the prehistoric world.

According to all the information Luo Lai said, a strong person in the ancestral realm can open up a small world within his body and control the power of the world. Doesn't this coincide with part of the situation in the prehistoric world?

The only difference is.

Human Ancestor seems to be unable to perfectly control the prehistoric world, so that he cannot mobilize the power of the entire prehistoric world.

No, there is a little difference.

The prehistoric world is obviously not in the human ancestor's body, but somewhere in the chaotic space.

Hearing his question, Luo Lai shook his head.

“This involves the weakness of the strong people in the ancestral realm. It is an absolute secret of the strong people in the ancestral realm. It is impossible to reveal it. I am afraid that only a few strong people in the ancestral realm know it.”

Jiang Heng was not surprised and just nodded.

Clone No. 1 on the side asked again: "Can you capture the refined chaotic spiritual object?"

Luo Lai looked at him warily: "Of course we can't take it. Otherwise, do you think we seventy-two emperors can live in peace?"

Clone No. 1 sighed in disappointment: “That’s right!”

Jiang Heng had no other questions. He looked at Clone No. 1 and said, "Do you have any other questions? If not, I'll let him go."

Clone No. 1 thought for a while and was about to shake his head when he suddenly remembered something and asked quickly: "Do you have a method for positioning in chaotic space? Please teach it to me."

He thought of the time when he met Di Rui, who flew him for ten years and accurately flew back to the outside of his imperial palace.

Coupled with the fact that the Xuansu constellation knows the role of chaotic space, it will inevitably develop a method of positioning to facilitate the search for chaotic spiritual objects.

Sure enough.

Luo Lai nodded and said: "Yes, this is one of the common methods used by the top leaders of the Xuansu Alliance."

He took out a jade slip from the storage ring and handed it over without hesitation.

Jiang Heng also said: "Give me a share too."

Clone No. 1 looked at him in surprise, but didn't say anything.

Without saying a word, Luo Lai took out another jade slip and handed it over. Apparently he had a lot of it in his storage ring.

After Jiang Heng took it, he put it in the storage ring.

The seal on Luo Lai was then lifted.

"Hurry up and recover from your injuries. Aren't you a little unconvinced? Let's fight alone again!"

Jiang Heng’s mouth corners rose, revealing an excited smile.