MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely - C.532 You actually have a trump card?Sep 13, 2023

MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

C.532 You actually have a trump card?Sep 13, 2023

Luo Lai was not frightened at all and glanced at Jiang Heng with the same fighting spirit.

“Wait for me for a moment!”

After saying that, he flew a little further, sat down cross-legged in the void, and began to recover from his injuries.

Clone No. 1 glanced at him, then looked at Jiang Heng, and said with a smile: "Thanks to Brother Jiang Heng, this trip went so smoothly."

“You’re welcome, if it weren’t for the information you provided, I wouldn’t have been able to find the Xuansu constellation, let alone know so much.”

Jiang Heng also laughed.

He did gain a lot from this trip.

Although he had no contact with the powerful person in the ancestral realm, he finally learned some relevant information and guessed the opponent's possible weaknesses, which gave him a little more confidence in dealing with the ancestors.

Since the Chaos Spiritual Treasure is the core of the small world, it must be extremely important to the small world. As long as you find a way to find the Chaos Spiritual Treasure, it will be much easier to deal with it.

In the prehistoric world, there are only three planets that are most likely to be the core, especially the huge prehistoric world planet.

Of course he didn’t really intend to destroy the prehistoric world.

But after knowing this weakness, you can use it to blackmail the other party and make the other party obediently cooperate with your various requirements.

For example, enter the small world where the Aqua Blue Star is located.

Think of this.

Another doubt arose in Jiang Heng's heart.

If the prehistoric world is really a small world, then is the world where the Aqua Blue Star is located in it a lower-level small world?

Furthermore, Human Ancestor originally said that he had thousands of small worlds in his hands?

If it is really equivalent to the inner world of the ancestral realm, and he can let him mobilize his power, there is absolutely no way he can do anything to me.

“No wonder Ren Zu said that most of those small worlds were developing science and technology but not martial arts. Is it because the level of those small worlds was too low?”

When Jiang Heng’s thoughts were racing.

Luolai on the other side has been restored.

Although Jiang Heng's previous continuous attacks caused him serious injuries, they did not damage his original source, so he recovered quite quickly.

“Come on! Let’s have another fair fight!”

Luo Lai roared excitedly.

Jiang Heng looked over and said without looking back: "If you have something to do, please leave first. I might be fighting with him for decades!"

Clone No. 1 was startled for a moment, then nodded and said, "Then I'll take my leave first."

After saying that, he turned and left.

Jiang Heng transformed and once again transformed into a terrifying giant two million meters high, standing in the starry sky like a towering mountain.

"bring it on!"

Jiang Heng roared.

He casually slapped Luolai in front of him with his palm.

This time, he did not cast the Qiankun Forbidden Law Barrier. It was not because he forgot about it, nor did he deliberately let it go.

But to practice.

Before, under the siege of more than 300 demon ancestors, his potential point growth rate never reached the limit, and it only increased by about 5,000 trillion every day.

˜Almost half of the theoretical limit speed.

In the brief battle with Luo Lai just now, the average growth rate of potential points reached more than 70 billion per second.

It is much faster than before.

Although he has not yet reached the limit, for Jiang Heng, his cultivation speed has also been significantly improved.

There is no other way. His current cultivation level is too high and requires too many potential points. Most people simply cannot meet his cultivation needs.

Fortunately, Jiang Heng was able to leapfrog and fight. His opponent was terrifyingly powerful. The energy contained in each blow far exceeded the explosion of the planet, which could continuously provide him with a large number of potential points.


Jiang Heng’s cultivation speed has long eclipsed everyone else’s.

The two fought wildly.

Fight from the cosmic starry sky to the chaotic space, move around in the chaotic space while playing, and occasionally return to the cosmic starry sky.

This battle lasted for several months.

Luo Lai took the initiative to cease fighting with an aggrieved look on his face.

Although he is warlike by nature, facing a monster like Jiang Heng who is physically powerful enough to ignore any of his attacks, his fighting enthusiasm has long been exhausted.

It cannot be defeated, let alone defeated.

The battle that lasted for several months was nothing more than a stalemate. It was not at all the exciting and **** battle he imagined.

“Stop it! I lost!”

Luo Lai said helplessly.

 Jiang Heng looked at his personal dashboard. At this time, the potential points had soared to 20.3 trillion!

Seeing this, he no longer pestered the other party, but asked: "Do you know the location of the three ancestors of Xuansu? I want to challenge them to see the strength of the legendary powerful people in the ancestral realm."

Luo Lai was suddenly shocked and said quickly: "Although you are strong, you can never be the opponent of the three ancestors of Xuansu. You can't even withstand a single blow. If you challenge them, you are asking for death!"

Although he was injured and captured by Jiang Heng before, he was already hot-blooded and belligerent and had no hatred towards Jiang Heng.

for him.

Jiang Heng gave up joining forces with his companions, and even deliberately did not use the golden barrier to fight him fairly. This is enough to show Jiang Heng's aboveboardness.

So, after these months of fighting, Luo Lai has a little more admiration for Jiang Heng in his heart, and naturally he will not sit back and watch the other side die.

Jiang Heng shook his head.

Give instructions quickly in your mind.

“Upgrade [Xuanzhen Gangqi]!”

“Upgrade [Immortal Golden Body]!”

The potential points just accumulated are almost completely consumed.

A large stream of heat appeared out of thin air in Jiang Heng's body, deeply integrating with his body, making it stronger and tougher!

at the same time.

His body surface automatically generates an invisible defensive force field that is almost visible to the naked eye, and it quickly becomes more solid and tighter.

Another two techniques have been upgraded to the Hongmeng level!

And these two skills are both specialized defensive skills. This time, Jiang Heng's defense ability has skyrocketed again with this improvement!

In fact, although Jiang Heng did not confront the Third Ancestor Xuan Su head-on, he knew in his heart that the opponent's strength was definitely greater than any previous enemy.

According to what Luo Lai said, strong people in the ancestral realm can bless the power of the entire small world.

Concerning this point, even if Jiang Heng only believed 50%, he was still full of fear of the third ancestor Xuansu.

So, he did not dare to provoke the other party rashly.

Until now.

The newly added two Hongmeng-level defensive skills gave Jiang Heng greater confidence in saving his life, so he wanted to verify it for himself. How strong is the Ancestral Realm Mighty?

After accurately locating the strength of the powerful people in the ancestral realm, Jiang Heng can accurately judge the range of human ancestors' strength.

not to mention.

Luo Lai's attacks still cannot satisfy his ultimate cultivation efficiency. A strong person in the ancestral realm might be able to further speed up his cultivation speed.

After all the heat flow is completely integrated with the physical body.

Jiang Heng grinned: "How? Now, am I qualified to barely compete with the Third Ancestor Xuansu?"

Luo Lai was shocked.

After fighting for several months, he always thought that Jiang Heng's overall strength was barely better than his own.

But I never expected that the other party actually hid a lot of strength.

Especially the terrifyingly powerful physique, which seemed to far exceed the limits of his previous imagination.

“You actually have a trump card!”

Luo Lai couldn't help but murmured.