MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely - C.533 Martial arts sermonSep 13, 2023

MTL - Fantasy: My Skills Can Be Upgraded Infinitely

C.533 Martial arts sermonSep 13, 2023

"Although I can't figure out the bottom line of your strength, I must remind you that the power of the ancestral realm is definitely beyond your imagination. Don't risk your death rashly!"

Luo Lai reminded him with a serious face.

Jiang Heng waved his hand: "Don't worry! Just take me there."

Luo Lai sighed helplessly: "Since you insist, I won't advise you anymore. However, the whereabouts of the three ancestors of Xuansu are elusive, and no one knows their location."

Jiang Heng suddenly stared: "Then you tried to persuade me just now? I thought you knew!"

Luo Lai smiled awkwardly: "I'm just worried that you might bump into them accidentally and challenge them beyond your own control."

“Since we can’t find the Third Ancestor Xuansu, then you will fight with me for another fifty years!”

Speaking, Jiang Heng waved his hand and slapped the opponent with another palm.

Luo Lai dodged again and again, shouting: "I have already given up, there is no point in fighting anymore."

“Then you find a way to help me capture a hundred powerful people in the Tianzun realm to be my sparring partners. Otherwise, don’t leave.”

Jiang Heng kept moving his hands without stopping, attacking and shouting at the same time.

“One hundred Heavenly Lords?”

Luo Lai was suddenly shocked, "There are only over a thousand powerful people in the Xuansu Constellation in the entire Xuansu Constellation. Why do you need so many sparring partners?"

“Besides, no matter how many Heavenly Masters there are, they won’t be able to temper a strong person like you!”

"You don't have to worry about this. For me, as long as it is a fierce battle, it can sharpen my growth."

"But...there are so many Heavenly Lords, I can't summon them all at once."

"Then think of a way. For example, you can announce a public martial arts performance and summon more Tianzun realm experts. On the day of the martial arts performance, I will attack and kidnap a hundred of them. You can stop me so that others will not think that you are involved with this. Things are related.”

Hearing Jiang Heng's suggestion, Luo Lai hesitated for a moment.

Although he doesn't care much about the life and death of the weak, after all, those people are the backbone of the Xuansu Constellation, their juniors, and they are as large as a hundred.

He still felt a little guilty about betraying so many people.

While he was thinking, Jiang Heng's attacks were still chasing his figure, and even the golden barrier was released.

Seeing this, Luo Lai suddenly asked:

“You won’t kill them, will you?”

"I can promise that as long as they cooperate obediently, I will not take the initiative to kill anyone." Jiang Heng said firmly.

“In that case, I promise you.”

“Then make arrangements as soon as possible. Just remember to inform me in advance on the specific day of the martial arts performance.”

Jiang Heng stopped, changed back to his normal body shape, and put away the Qiankun Forbidden Magic Barrier.

Luo Lai sighed softly: "Don't worry, I will make arrangements as soon as possible. In two months, I will give a martial arts sermon in my imperial palace."

Jiang Heng nodded and disappeared in a teleport.

 Luo Lai returned to the imperial palace and began to order people to perform martial arts and publicity.

In fact, a famous emperor-level powerhouse like Luo Lai does occasionally give public lectures, and any powerhouse in the empire in the entire Xuansu constellation can go there to learn.

Every public sermon is a grand event for the entire Xuansu constellation. As long as the news is released, it is enough to attract a large number of powerful people.

This time is no exception.

When the subordinates of Emperor Luo Lai released the news of the martial arts sermon, it immediately set off a huge wave among the top powerhouses.

Countless powerful people swarmed to the planets near the Imperial Palace. Under the personal leadership of Emperor Luo Lai's subordinates, huge spaceships carried everyone to the Imperial Palace one after another.

There are many powerful people in the Zun Realm that ordinary people may not see in their lifetime, and there are countless powerful people in the Holy Realm.

Each huge flying boat brought hundreds of strong men and landed on the square outside the imperial palace.

Everyone who arrived one after another waited patiently in the square for the day of martial arts performance.

this day.

Luo Lai, one of the seventy-two emperors of the Xuan Su constellation, suddenly appeared on the high platform on one side of the square as if teleporting.

Many powerful men who were closing their eyes to meditate in the square immediately opened their eyes and looked at Emperor Luo Lai with burning eyes.

No one spoke.

Despite the huge crowds of people, the venue was completely silent.

Luo Lai glanced at everyone, and calmly began to talk about his martial arts insights, and demonstrated it himself from time to time.

All the strong men below were so engrossed that they almost forgot everything around them except Luo Lai.

at this time.

Another figure appeared out of thin air over the square.

"Are you Emperor Luo Lai? Do you dare to come out and fight me!"

The clear voice resounded across the sky.

Many powerful people in the square who were listening to the sermon attentively suddenly woke up and immediately turned their heads to look at the sky.

"Who is this person? How dare he openly provoke Emperor Luo Lai?"

Such a thought flashed through their minds.

Someone stood up immediately and shouted: "Bold! Are you qualified to provoke Emperor Luo Lai?"

Others also stood up and prepared to scold.

Luo Lai said loudly: "Everyone, sit down!"

Everyone immediately fell silent.

Luo Lai turned to look at the sky and said solemnly: "You and I will go to fight in the stars to avoid accidentally injuring others!"

After saying that, he stood up from the ground and took the initiative to fly towards the starry sky.

Jiang Heng also moved.

The two of them disappeared from everyone's sight in the blink of an eye.

Everyone started talking in an uproar.

"Who is this person? He seems to be a powerful man on the same level as Emperor Luo Lai?"

“If he is not one of the seventy-two great emperors, and no one knows him, then he must be the top powerhouse in other constellations.”

"However, my Xuansu constellation has a strong martial arts style. Among the same realms, in terms of foundation and actual combat power, I am afraid that no other constellation can compare with us."

“This person will definitely not be the opponent of Emperor Luo Lai.”

At this time, someone suggested:

“You think, should we follow them to watch their battle?”

Just when everyone felt a little excited about this proposal.

A figure appeared in the sky again out of thin air.

At the same time, a huge golden barrier expanded, covering everyone present.

Under the mysterious and powerful rules in the barrier, everyone suddenly froze in place like a sculpture.

Ordinary Saint Realm experts are at a loss of consciousness. Even those who are in the Zun Realm can barely maintain their consciousness, but they are unable to move or perceive the outside world, as if they are imprisoned in a void space.

What they don’t know is.

The next moment the golden barrier appeared, dense golden chains automatically bound the powerful people in the realm and pulled them toward the sky.

A big hand fished it down at the right time.

These more than a hundred powerful men were all held tightly in his hands.

next moment.

Jiang Heng's figure, together with a large number of powerful masters in Zhaixing's hands, disappeared into the golden barrier.

The golden barrier dissipated immediately.