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found that the electric light in the paper ball disappeared, Uchiha Mai said to Xiaonan: "Don't kill him, you still need him to work."

Door Master: …

My own apprentice is really not a human being. He first abused the other party, and then died without letting him die. He had to work for him.

"Okay, Mr. Mai."

Xiaonan nodded lightly.

A small breathing hole appeared on the paper ball.

"Call me to dance."

Uchiha Mai reminded.


Seeing Xiaonan pouting, she silently covered her mouth and chuckled.

Mai-sama is really gentle with girls.

No, no!

Tsunade-sama asked her to follow her to supervise Mai-sama. Now, Mai-sama has not only Colonel Tina, but also Xiao Nan, both of which are the targets she should guard against.

Mai Uchiha has seen the Ark Proverbs made by Anilu.

I have to say that this boat is really ugly, and the aesthetics of Anilu, a guy who likes to punch holes in his body, needs to be improved.

However, it is interesting that he can design a generator.

There are still 200 wind shells on the Ark Proverbs. Even if the power of Anilu is lost, it can still provide power for a period of time. The design of this hybrid power is still very advanced.

A neuropathy whose muscles have grown to the point of the brain can be a scientist, and Uchiha Mai doesn’t know how to complain.

He wanted an empty island.

At present, it is a little simpler to look at Ani Road.

But there is a problem, he doesn't understand why the sky island floats in the sky.

After thinking about it for a while, he took the people to the depths of the jungle.

This island was originally supposed to be part of Gaya Island, and the golden city of Shandora juts out from the jungle.

"Hey, where are you going now?"

Colonel Tina followed quickly and turned to ask Uchiha Mai.

Uchiha Mai didn't say anything. Didn't this navy colonel find that everyone was okay? No matter how much you talk, you can't do it undercover.

Seeing Uchiha Mai ignoring herself, Tina angrily continued to follow.

and the others went out of the woods and opened their mouths in surprise when they saw the huge city built of gold.

" that gold?"

Akai pointed at Shandora and murmured.

Whether in the ninja world or the pirate world, the value of gold is very high.

Colonel   Tina was also very frightened. She never thought that she would see so much gold. If you bring this gold to the headquarters, I am afraid it will be enough gold in the sky for many years, right?

Uchiha danced lightly and quickly took two steps, and then rose into the sky.

waved his right hand, and the huge golden city of Shandora gradually began to melt.

Seeing the flowing golden water, everyone was shocked even more than before.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Uchiha Mai did not answer the beautiful Colonel, but continued her actions.

Golden water began to seep into the land of the sky island with his thoughts, and with the thoughts in his mind, it turned into golden threads, forming a huge circuit that covered the sky island.

The entire island is a circuit board.

Uchiha Mai also wants to know if this unscientific way can provide power to the sky island.

This circuit is designed from the essence of some scientific machines from the Ark Proverbs, Grim Warships and Ninja World.

"Are you crazy?!!"

Colonel Tina shouted at Mai Uchiha in the sky.

Even if Uchiha Mai and his gang were there, it was impossible for Gold to let him take him back to the Navy Headquarters. She felt very distressed seeing so much gold disappearing in front of her.

After    Uchiha Mai landed, he waved lightly.

Mute and others followed immediately.

Tina bit her lip and quickly followed.

She really couldn't figure out why Uchiha Mai did this. Before, Uchiha Mai gradually became famous in the East China Sea because he was a pirate hunter. The headquarters analyzed that he is a person who likes money very much.

But why do people who like money so much squander so much gold?

After designing the circuit board, Uchiha dance also needs to design a core and power supply room, and the power system on the Ark Proverbs can be used.

At this time, he regretted sending the angle and Orochimaru to Beihai.

If there was a mad scientist like Orochimaru, he wouldn't have to have such a headache at all.

Although Orochimaru is more interested in biology and genetics, but in "Boren Biography", Orochimaru has made a lot of contributions to the industrialization of Konoha.

This kind of genius will shine in every aspect, but because he wants to pursue immortal life, Orochimaru prefers to study the field of biology.

Back to the Ark Proverbs, he changed the gold on the Ark Proverbs again and designed it into a generator set, so that the generator sends electricity to the surrounding of the empty island along with the buried gold wire.

As for the power.

Uchiha Mai thinks that Anilu can use the arc in the air to complete his heart network, so he can also use the arc to promote the sky island movement, right?

Electricity can generate magnetic fields and vibrations. There is always one of these two ways that can be used as power in the pirate world, right?

Finished designing the generator set and where Anilu stayed.

Uchiha Mai said to Xiao Nan: "Let him out."

The paper ball floating in the sky shattered, and As soon as Anilu showed her figure, she turned into an element and tried to escape.

"Oh, can you run away?"

Uchiha Mai gently pointed, and a thunder and lightning appeared in the sky, smashing on Enilu's body.

Anilu, who was knocked down by lightning, was stunned.

What the **** is this group of people?

If you are not afraid of thunder and lightning, you can still attack him with thunder and lightning?

"I would like to invite you to be an important member of Xiao's organization, would you like to?"

Uchiha Mai stood in front of Anilu and asked softly.

"Asshole, don't be too self-righteous!"

Following Enel's words, lightning struck Enel again in the sky.

The door master noticed that the thunderbolt was black and was not only shocked.

He has already trained his armed color, but can Uchiha Mai send his armed color to the thunder and lightning in the sky?

It is precisely because of the training of the armed color that I understand better that domineering is based on the human body itself, and attaching domineering to weapons is already very great, but Uchiha Mai did not move, so that the domineering of the armed color was attached to the thunder and lightning in the sky. Above, my apprentice is really getting more and more terrifying.


As the thunder and lightning in the sky continued to fall, Anilu was skeptical of his life.

After a few minutes, the **** of Sky Island finally opened his mouth and said softly, "I, I promised."

"Okay, then you are now the leader of the Xiao organization's power generation group, and you are responsible for the power of this empty island."

"What, how am I responsible?"

Anilu had a bad feeling in his heart.

Uchiha Mai pointed to the small house next to the generator set, and said with a smile: "You can release electricity inside the house to supply power to this empty island. It's an easy job for you."


This is not to treat him as a generator!

Anilu has realized that this terrible guy is using him as a tool.

He is Anilu, but God.

But in the face of life-threatening threats, he took his heart.