MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World

C.433 I'm invincible DoflamingoMar 06, 2023

Uchiha Mai and Minato waited for a day, and Monet was called back from Caesar by Doflamingo.

Now Monet has not been transformed into a harpy by Luo, and his hands and feet still exist. He looks like a scientific researcher with high glasses.

"Little Lord."

Facing Doflamingo, Monet said hello softly.

And Uchiha Mai and Namikaze Minato were completely ignored.

"咈咈咈咈... Monet, from today onwards, you are no longer a member of the Don Quixote family."

Doflamingo's words made the loyal Monet's eyes red, but Doflamingo lying there didn't care.

Since being rescued by him, the Monet sisters have been lost in Doflamingo's disguise, especially Monet, who almost regards Doflamingo as his own. It is no exaggeration to say that Doflamingo let her Monet would do anything without hesitation.

This is why Uchiha Mai fell in love with Monet.

is also a bad guy.

Doflamingo is so useful around him, and treats him as all his subordinates.

And Uchiha Mai, who can break stars with one punch, turned out to be a bunch of scammers.

Well, ghost sharks are not.

In addition to ghosts, even Tsunade and Terumi Mei, they also have their own persistence and fetters.

For example, Mai Uchiha said that he wanted to kill a few people in the village of Hidden Kiri. Terumi Mei would definitely dissuade him. If it was Monet, even if Doflamingo told her to kill his sister Shatang, Monet would have nothing to do with it. Execute without hesitation.

That's the difference.

That's why Uchiha Mai was willing to leave Monet and went to great lengths to tamper with her memory.

A beautiful girl who is loyal, has scientific research ability, and is a devil fruit person. Is there a better subordinate than this?

Unfortunately, Monet didn't appreciate it very much. He knelt on the ground and burst into tears, looking at Brother Doflamingo.

After opening his mouth, his voice was like a cuckoo crying, and he wept and asked, "Why, young master, did Monet do something wrong?"

Apparently for her, leaving Doflamingo was more terrifying than dying.

After being rescued by Doflamingo, Monet regarded Doflamingo as his whole life.

Unfortunately, she was only a speck of dust in Doflamingo's life.

"咈咈咈咈咈...No, you did a good job by Caesar's side, but now there is a good opportunity, as long as you go to Akatsuki to be Uchiha Mai's subordinate, I can get a lot."

After seeing the power of Yuan Fei, Uchiha Mai, and Sun Zhan, Doflamingo couldn't wait to become stronger, and then use his own power to destroy the world.

Hearing Doflamingo's words, Monet stopped crying instead.

looked at Doflamingo expectantly.

"So, it's good for the young master, and the young master also wants Monet to go, right?"

"Yes, you can just leave with Sandaimu."

"Okay, young master." After Monet got up, he looked at "Sarutobi Hizan" with a kind smile, and nodded politely and asked, "Lord Sandaime."

"Okay, okay, Dover, you must master the Unicorn Constellation Bronze Cloak as soon as possible. Now your strength is too weak, and it is very difficult for you to pass the test of the organization."

"Saruti Hiizan" smiled kindly.

"咈咈咈咈... Don't worry, I'll be the leader of Akatsuki's organization soon."

Doflamingo looked up to the sky and laughed. If he could defeat the general as easily as Mai Uchiha, would he still be shorter in front of Kaido?

"Then let's go."

Uchiha Mai took Monet out of Dressrosa Palace step by step.

Just when he walked out of the palace gate.

Monet turned his head and took a deep look, although Doflamingo could no longer be seen, Uchiha Mai still felt the infinite nostalgia for her.

is a soul who yearns for freedom like a bird, but he is willing to give everything to the man who can turn into a birdcage.

Even Uchiha Mai couldn't help but be moved.

His finger was on Monet's forehead, and the Snow Snow Fruit person fainted instantly.

When she wakes up again, she will forget about Doflamingo and her life will become more exciting.

Waiting for Uchiha Mai to leave with Monet, Doflamingo couldn't wait to return to the room.

Rubbing his hands, he looked at the bronze box on the table.

A unicorn is drawn on the quaint bronze box.

There are ten bronze garments in the original version. In addition to the bronze holy garments of 5 Xiaoqiang, there are also 5 Xiaowei.

Unicorn constellation Xiewu, Water Serpent City, Young Lupus Nachi, Leo Minor Man and Ursa Major.

Cada Masami has a principle that the ugly must die, the ugly woman is weaker than the ugly man, and the five weak ones are more ugly than the other, and the strength is also very bad.

The unicorn constellation Xiewu is the big one among the dwarfs and the most charismatic among the five.

Only the setting given by Masami Chetian is relatively pitiful. Xiewu is the licking dog of Shiori Saori. He is completely a tool man, so his strength is also weak, but in fact, the victory of the unicorn constellation is still possible. .

Don Quixote Doflamingo looked at the front of the box, the handle under the unicorn's head.

He stretched his hand carefully, then pulled out the handle and chain.

For a time, a dazzling light illuminated the whole room, and Doflamingo vaguely saw a unicorn breaking out of the box.

The next moment, he seemed to be standing in the universe as a whole, with mountains and stars behind him.

A unicorn rushed towards him.

The huge sense of threat made Doflamingo want to run, but his body didn't obey at all.

The unicorn passed through his body, and the stars behind Doflamingo were connected together to frame the shape of a unicorn, which was the constellation of the unicorn.

And the parts of the holy clothes also flew out of the box one by one, and they were buckled on Doflamingo’s body one by one.

As the last horned helmet that belonged to the head was buckled, Doflamingo made a pose unconsciously, bending his left arm forward and right arm slightly, his feet spread apart.

Then Doflamingo felt the great power contained in his body.

As if he can mobilize the power of the stars at any time, this feeling of power is far greater than when he ate the offline fruit.

"咈咈咈咈...Is this the Unicorn Constellation Cloth? What an interesting and terrifying power!"

Seeing himself reappearing in the room, Doflamingo felt a little itchy.

At this moment, Doflamingo thought of some of his enemies.

For example, after their family gave up their Tianlong identity, they madly targeted their pariahs. Although those pariahs are dead, there are still many pariahs in this world.

Or some four emperors of the new world.

Maybe there is no hatred, but it can make him fear, which itself is a provocation to Doflamingo.

Doflamingo has an idea to try.

Then there is the most difficult enemy to deal with - the Tianlong people.

Ordinary draconians are trash, but draconians also have elites, and they have naval protection.

What they want in the end is that they have the legendary weapon, and the leader of the dragon people, Im.

Even if he got the Holy Cloth, Doflamingo didn't dare to provoke Im.