"Xiao organized an attack on Wano, the beast Kaido was killed by Uchiha Mai"

As the news bird flew all over the world, the news also caused an uproar around the world.

Kaido is not likable, but he is the Four Emperors anyway.

Navy Headquarters, Marshal's Office.

The Warring States Marshal lined up on the table after seeing the newspaper, and asked angrily: "What are our CPs doing, we saw such a big thing happen from the newspaper!"

"Zhan... Marshal of the Warring States," the messenger wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "According to the escaped Wano country miners, the Akatsuki organization has mastered an empty island, so they can approach Wano country without knowing it. ."

"Go down."

Sengoku clutched his forehead, Moonlight Moria died not long ago, the vacancy in Qiwuhai has made the sea even more turbulent, and many pirates are eager to try, but one of the four emperors has died by now.

After thinking about it, he called Five Old Stars.

"Resolve this matter immediately, we can acquiesce Uchiha Mai as the new Four Emperors."

"But the Akatsuki organization is very dangerous!"

Sengoku was not very satisfied with the handling of the Five Old Stars, Uchiha Mai could have done unforgivable things to the Navy before.

"Then do you have a way to defeat the Akatsuki organization?"

You phone bug Sengoku fell silent for a while.

He knew why the Five Old Stars asked him to solve it as soon as possible, because the minerals of Wano country are very important to the world government and the navy.

Although he was unwilling, Sengoku knew that now was not the time to act with anger.

He has no better way.

Whitebeard and redhead were surprised when they saw the newspaper, and they felt that the sea was about to become unstable again.

The other four emperors, Charlotte Lingling, known as BIGMOM, became furious after seeing the newspaper and began to go crazy.

"Please calm down, mother!"

Katakuri has not seen her mother so angry for a long time.

Several children persuaded together, and they didn't even dare to go up to stop it.

Bryn shivered with fright.

Charlotte Lingling has serious personality problems, and the experience of the Sheep House is her biggest pain.

As for Kaido, it's not her concubine, but Charlotte Lingling has always treated Kaido as her younger brother, and told Kaido when Kaido joined the Rocks Pirates, "Rocks is not trustworthy, what's the matter? Talk to yourself." Kaido's fruit was also given by Charlotte Lingling when Rox disappeared and the pirate group disbanded.

He should be Charlotte Lingling's last bond.

The Four Emperors, who never grew up, lost his little friend.

"I'm going to kill you, Uchiha Mai!!"

Charlotte Lingling, who had vented her whole life, cried bitterly.

Several children can only appease the mother, and then persuade them later.

They are indeed very arrogant, but they also have to face what kind of opponent.

Kaido was so strong that he was killed by Uchiha Mai, Charlotte Lingling's children didn't think they could beat Uchiha Mai.

They can also pretend to be aggressive in front of Doflamingo, and they are afraid when they meet someone who can kill the Four Emperors.

Uchiha Mai was quite satisfied when she saw her photo in the newspaper.

Photography is good.

And in the next report, he actually saw Hatake Sakumo, and there was an unexpected person on Hatake Sakumo's boat-Princess Mononoke Perona.

How did the two of them get together?

Is this Hawkeye Green or Sauron Green?

Kakashi is going to have a new mother?

Uchiha Mai must congratulate Kakashi.

"The Hatake Pirates collided with the Tenryuto, and two members were hunted down"

Magic Body Art!

The members who received the signal appeared one by one.

Except for Doflamingo.

Uchiha Mai hasn't arranged a lot of flamenco's affairs.

"Kakashi, congratulations, Sakumo-senpai found a girlfriend."

Uchiha Mai covered her stomach and laughed.

Kakashi rolled the eyes of the dead fish and said impatiently: "If you have nothing to do, don't call me, I'm on a mission."

"Kakashi, correct your attitude!"

Hatake Sakumo glared at his son and said.

In the face of Konoha's leader, he dared to be emotional.

The    corner licked his lips and asked, "Hatake Sakumo, we haven't seen each other for a long time, do you want to meet?"


Kakashi angrily reprimanded, this coercion probably wanted to use his father's head in exchange for the bounty.

Orochimaru watched them quarrel with a smile, and when it was over, he said to Mai Uchiha: "Master Mai, leave Kaido's body to me, I'm very interested in him."

"Don't worry, I'll keep it for you, but it's inconvenient to study in the Navy. I'll talk about it when you get back."

"Okay, Mr. Dance."

Orochimaru stuck out his long tongue and licked his lips.

After    into this world, he quickly became addicted.

A completely different world, representing infinite possibilities.

Beast Kaido is one of the experimental subjects he wants.

I didn’t expect that after taking refuge in Uchiha Mai, his scientific research path would become so easy.

Very satisfied with this boss, Orochimaru.

The figure of Minato, who arrived late, appeared and explained, "I caught a group of samurai just now and I'm interrogating them."

"Wait, samurai, kid?"

Uchiha Mai became interested and asked, "They are in your hands now, Minato-sensei?"


"Pull that kid into the slideshow, I'll take a look at him."

"Wait a while."

Uchiha Mai was very suspicious, and it was Kozuki Momonosuke who was caught by Minato.

Kozuki Momonosuke is the young master of the Kuri Kozuki family in the country of Wano. When his father Kozuki Oden was killed and fled, he and his retainer, the samurai fox fire Kinemon, played the role of father and son.

In the original book, Momanosuke, Kinemon, and the four of them, Kanjuro Shower, and Raizo Ninja Mist, are scheduled to go to Sau together by boat. Afterwards, he drifted to Dressrosa because of the shipwreck.

Being caught by Watergate is very normal.

If it is really Momanosuke, Uchiha Mai will definitely not let that kid go.

In the whole One Piece, Uchiha Mai hates Kozuki Momonosuke the most.

But now is not the time to kill Momonosuke.

Because he was curious about one thing, that is Momonosuke's younger sister, Kozuki Hiyori, who is the girl disguised as Xiao Zi, who is already in her 20s. Why is Momonosuke only 8 years old?

Later, although he grew up, he was transformed into an adult by the power of the fruit, and he was still an 8-year-old child at heart, so what happened to this little SP, Momonosuke, was not very scientific.

Uchiha Mai really wanted to find out what was going on.

"Dance, those invaders were taken by Doflamingo."

After a while, Watergate came back and reported it.

"ok, I get it."

Uchiha Mai nodded and said, "Tell me what that kid looks like."

"Samurai head, bald on top, pink yukata, clogs, the whole group is dominated by him."

"Okay, it's alright."

Uchiha Mai is basically sure that it is Momosuke.

In that case, it is time to negotiate with Doflamingo.