MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World - C.459 Shichibukai, the new orderMar 06, 2023

MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World

C.459 Shichibukai, the new orderMar 06, 2023

After hearing the news, Uchiha Mai did not feel strange.

After all, Doflamingo's ambitions were already there.

But Uchiha Mai still has to do something.

Even if Doflamingo became the Fourth Emperor.

It is impossible for everyone to be convinced, and Wano will not be peaceful for a while in the future.

Who told Mai Uchiha to kill Kaido instead of Doflamingo?

There are always some pirates who will get lucky and think that Doflamingo is just taking advantage.

Although the Four Emperor Pirates came out, the other pirates in the regiment would not pose any threat to Doflamingo.

But Doflamingo will be very uncomfortable for some time to come.

This is the same as flies and mosquitoes flying around you.

They can't hurt you but they can disgust you.

Uchiha Mai decided to communicate with the Navy.

Now that he occupies Dressrosa, he should take over the position of King Shichibukai.

Of course, he is not the one who will succeed King Doflamingo until he goes to Shichibukai.

It was Akai, who was working every day in the Dressrosa Palace.

The title   Shibukai is too cheap.

Uchiha Mai is nothing special.

But there is a king who is under Qiwuhai, and it is quite interesting to be his own subordinate.

Navy Headquarters.

"Marshal of the Warring States Period, this is the latest news." A messenger knocked on the door and walked into the marshal's office, handing him a piece of paper.

Marshal Sengoku picked it up and took a look.

immediately widened his eyes.

Because of Moonlight Moria died.

Doflamingo announces that he is the fourth emperor.

There are two vacancies in the position of    Shichibukai.

The navy is ready to hand over one of the positions to Jiaodu, because the pirate hunter is very powerful.

Although hunting pirates for money.

But it is a good thing for the navy, and the navy is happy to see it.

The Warring States Marshal did not expect Uchiha Mai to stare at another vacancy in Shichibukai.

For this position, there are really no good candidates in the Navy.

He once considered Blackbeard who defected from the Whitebeard Pirates.

But just think about it.

After all, Blackbeard defected from the Whitebeard Pirates after killing his comrade.

The Whitebeard Pirates will not give up the pursuit of Blackbeard.

If the navy gave Blackbeard the position of Shichibukai, it would be equivalent to provoking the Baiguzi Pirates.

It is possible to trigger an all-out war between the Navy and the Whitebeard Pirates, which the Sengoku Marshal did not want to see.

So there has been no suitable candidate to fill the position of the last Shichibukai.

If Akatsuki organizes that Matekai, that's fine.

The news from Smoker and others, that Matekai's strength is not bad.

And the most important thing is that he now has his own power. Although Dressrosa is in the hands of Uchiha Mai, Matekai is taking care of it.

After thinking about it, the Warring States period decided to hold a meeting.

Not long after    explained to the messenger, Lieutenant General Crane and Garp appeared in his office.

"I heard that you asked us to discuss Qiwuhai?" Lieutenant General Crane asked first.

The Warring States Marshal nodded and said: "Yes, the position of Shichibukai has been vacant for a while, and now Uchiha Mai is eyeing the last position."

"If it's Uchiha Mai, I don't have any opinion. He becomes Shichibukai, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages." Admiral Tsuru picked up the teacup, took a sip, and nodded.

"Don't ask me, I'm just here to hear what you want to say." Kap said vaguely with senbei in his mouth and another sip of tea.

The Warring States Marshal wanted to beat up this old thing.

But he still held back his temper and said to Lieutenant General Crane.

"It's not Mai Uchiha, but he recommended his subordinate Matekai. So now I have a headache too, if it's Mai Uchiha, it would be great. His bounty is so high that he can't be brought to justice, right The authority of the navy and world government is also a weakening."

"I see." Admiral Tsuru nodded and said, "It's really troublesome, but I think it's better to accept Mai Uchiha's suggestion."

Seeing the inquiring eyes of the Sengoku Marshal, Admiral Tsuru continued: "Let Uchiha Mai's subordinates become Shichibukai, and he will also restrain himself. Always think about the position of his subordinates before doing things."

The Warring States Marshal nodded his head. That's true.

Uchiha Mai does things too freely.

If you can use a Shichibukai to tie Uchiha Mai, it is also a very good deal.

"Since this is the case, I agree to his request." The Warring States Marshal received it.

"No, don't worry." Lieutenant General Crane stopped the Sengoku Marshal with his hands and said: "Let that boy Uchiha Mai come to the headquarters, let's communicate with him face to face, it happens that our knowledge of him is also very shallow, if we meet. I can get to know him better.”

The Warring States Marshal nodded in agreement.

"Okay, let's do it like this, I'll let Mai Uchiha come over."

Even though he said so, the Sengoku Marshal did not dare to guarantee that the Uchiha Ball would come to the Navy Headquarters.

That young man is very strong and won't worry about his own problems, but he has no reason to do things and just does whatever he wants.

So there is no doubt as to whether the Uchiha Ball will accept his invitation to come to the Navy Headquarters Sengoku Marshal.

When Uchiha Mai saw the reply, I couldn't help laughing.

He naturally wouldn't worry about his own safety.

But he really did not expect that the Navy would invite him to visit the Navy Headquarters.

You must know that his strength is very strong.

In case of any conflict in the Navy Headquarters, it may directly destroy the Navy Headquarters.

I don’t know if those navies have confidence in their own strength, or what?

In this case, Uchiha Mai will not lose face.

He agreed to the invitation of the Warring States Marshal.

decided to visit the Navy Headquarters in a few days.

But there is one more problem he needs to solve before that.

That's the problem with the boat.

Although he stole two warships from the navy before, the first ship was returned to Akainu and the others when he robbed the second ship.

And the second warship he stole was also brought back to the Navy Headquarters by Colonel Tina.

So now, although Uchiha Mai is very famous on the sea, he doesn't actually own any boat.

As for taking Sky Island directly to Uchiha, I never thought about it.

That is his trump card.

The people who saw their empty island in Wano before are basically dead.

So this news should not be revealed, at least Uchiha Mai has not heard any relevant news now.

He is still waiting for the war to use the sky island to fall from the sky, so now the sky island will definitely not be exposed to the navy.

In this case, you can only grab a ship first.

Anyway, it’s not that I haven’t done this kind of thing before.

You can't let him drive the Nine Snake Pirates to the Navy Headquarters, that would expose the relationship between him and Hancock.

Although Nine Snake Island has already flown into the sky, he is not afraid of the slaughtering orders of the navy.

But it is the same with Sky Island, this is the surprise that Uchiha Mai is prepared to leave to the top of the war.

He flew aimlessly from Dressrosa.

Ready to find new victims.

Immediately he found a boat on the sea.

Seeing the flag of the Big Mom Pirates on the sea, Uchiha Mai chose to give up.

Charlotte Lingling is a very troublesome person.

Uchiha Mai doesn't want to care about her.

But he didn't expect that the other party saw him and attacked him.

Uchiha Mai flashed and appeared on the deck.

stared at each other and asked, "Why are you attacking me?"

"Mai Uchiha?" Charlotte Owen asked with some doubts.

After all, they were going to Dressrosa to invite Mai Uchiha, and it was a coincidence that they met directly now.

"it's me."

Charlotte Owen handed over an invitation and said, "Mother invited you to the tea party."

"Not interested in."

Uchiha Mai threw it aside.

Charlotte Owen widened her eyes and said, "Did you know that you killed Kaido to make your mother furious, and now you have the opportunity to explain to her face to face, you don't cherish it?"

Charlotte Owen seemed to see something incredible.

His tone made Uchiha Mai very impatient.

The other party attacked him, originally Uchiha Mai wanted to rob the boatman and kill him.

Now he doesn't even want a boat.

He jumped up from the opponent's boat.

Everyone on board was staring at his figure.

But when their eyes returned to the plane, they found that a huge wave was shot at them.

The whole boat was overturned.

At this time, a whirlpool appeared on the sea surface.

The group did not even have a chance to struggle, and they were swept into the seabed.

Uchiha Mai pouted.

These ants who can't see where they are are really annoying.

Even if it is easy to kill.

will also be disgusted by them.

Don't say anything about Charlotte Owen, even Charlotte Lingling he doesn't care.

I still feel like I am some kind of crown prince. It is a great gift to invite him to participate in Aunt's tea party.

There are too many people with brain problems in the pirate world.

They don't even think about it, they can kill Kaido themselves.

What more does Charlotte Lingling have?

After flying for a while, Uchiha Mai finally grabbed a boat.

Now there are not too many powerful pirates in the World Cup.

So the ships we grabbed were ordinary, not even a pirate group.

In order not to let these ants affect his mood, Uchiha Mai chose to kill everyone directly after boarding the ship.

Two days later, return to Dressrosa.

The   Xiao organization finally made its first large-scale operation.

Sugar and Monet sisters, Konan and Mute, as well as Anilu, Akai and Senju Tobirama, follow Mai Uchiha to the Navy Headquarters.

And Rayleigh and Xia Qi, the dog couple, were left by Uchiha Mai in Dressrosa to handle official business.

Now Uchiha Mai is not afraid of them running.

It is estimated that even if they were told to run, they would not leave.

Rayleigh didn't want to save Ace because he was afraid of getting into trouble.

But following him during this time, seeing the power of Akatsuki's organization, Rayleigh is impossible, and he doesn't want to save Roger's son.

And **** Nine Snakes is all over Dressrosa.

Xia Qi had to think about the consequences if she ran away.

Hancock is a wolf-hearted daughter.

Although she will protect the mother-in-law.

But also to whom to face.

If Uchiha Mai requested.

Hancock might do it himself.

It is rude to say that Rayleigh and Xia Qi have been kidnapped.

The ropes that tied them were invisible.

After several days, Uchiha Mai and his party finally arrived at Marin Fando.

Kakashi and Tina, who greeted them at the port, saw Mai Uchiha's face turned green.

A few days ago I heard that Heavenly Gold was robbed.

Everyone lost contact.

They don't know what's going on yet.

Now the Navy has one head and two big.

All the officers had photos of the ship in their hands, but Uchiha Mai swaggered to the Navy Headquarters.

This is for fear that others will not know that he stole the gold from the sky.

Before the two of them could act, the navy had already reported to the Warring States Marshal.

Sengoku's face twitched after hearing this.

"Welcome to the Navy Headquarters, Mai Uchiha."

Kakashi pretended to be unfamiliar with Uchiha Mai and his party.

"Yo, isn't this the lieutenant from Rogge Town, who has become a major general? You are promoted so fast, aren't you the illegitimate son of the Warring States Marshal?"

Uchiha Mai's yin and yang voice is very loud.

The other navies were all angry.

After all, Kakashi's efforts can be seen by everyone, and he is the new idol of the Navy Headquarters.

Kakashi's face was also not very good.

I didn't expect the **** Mai Uchiha to say that.

Kakashi has always had a wish to beat Uchiha dance, but unfortunately his strength is not good.

But he still kept it in his heart silently.

"Come with us and take you to the Marshal's office."

Kakashi said with a strong smile.

Uchiha Mai stretched out his arms and wrapped his arms around Tina's shoulders. Lieutenant General Tina's body instantly stiffened a lot, but there was no objection.

On the contrary, those navies reacted greatly.

"Damn pirates, dare to touch Lieutenant General Tina."

"Bastard, I'm going to a duel with you."

"Let go of your dirty hands!"

Uchiha Mai hugged the beautiful lieutenant general, pulled her down beside him, turned his head and said, "If it weren't for your face, they would all be dead."

Tina wanted to refute something.

But his ears were blown by the hot wind and his whole body had no strength.

Finally got to the marshal's office, and Lieutenant General Tina hurriedly sat beside Lieutenant General Crane.

The Warring States Marshal was looking at Uchiha Mai, and Uchiha Mai was walking around casually.

took a look, and there is nothing good in the marshal's office.

poor force.

"Welcome, Mai Uchiha, Matekai." Lieutenant General Crane stood up and smoothed out.

Originally, Akai was Uchiha Mai's subordinate, so he didn't need to say hello.

But since Akai is going to become Shichibukai, that is also a character.

"Hello, mother-in-law."

Akai shook hands politely, and then asked: "Why didn't I see Mr. Cap? He gave me a lot of pointers in Rogge Town, and he forgot to take his cloak."

The Warring States Marshal's face twitched again.

**** it!

The cadres of   Xiao's organization all wear the navy's cloak of justice, which is also an embarrassment to the navy.

And this thing started with Karp.

But today is not planning to settle accounts with Akatsuki.

So he squeezed out a smile and invited the group to sit down.

Then asked Uchiha Mai: "You want Matekai to become Shichibukai, what else do you ask for?"

"No, I didn't expect it for a while."

"Then can you not fight us?"

"I try my best."

Uchiha Mai said with a smile.

Try your best!

When the Warring States Marshal heard this, he wanted to do it.

I have never seen such an arrogant pirate before.

Be polite even if Doflamingo sees him.