MTL - Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World

C.461 Blackbeard's Shichibukai locationMar 06, 2023

"Oops, Fire Fist Ace with a reward of 500 million Bailey, and two other bounty offenders from the Blackbeard Pirates." Jiaodu's face was full of smiles, licking the corner of his mouth.

Blackbeard then remembered that although he was guilty of heinous crimes, he had no reward.

Think about it.

The newly promoted Qiwuhai on the opposite side shouldn't do anything to his group, right?

Although there are two bounties in my group, the bounty amount is not high, the highest is only 20 million Bailey.

In this case, it is absolutely unwise to add Ace to your own group at the same time.

"The thief hahahaha, Jiaodu, let's defeat Fire Fist Ace together, and then hand him over to the navy, how about you get a reward."

's eyes lit up as soon as he heard it.

Although he can master all kinds of ninjutsu, it is still a little tricky to deal with the nature-type Devil Fruit.

and the Blackbeards.

Now he can get Blackbeard, the gang will not make trouble, and even promise to help himself.

The    corners felt that it would not be a big problem to temporarily let the two bounty criminals of the Blackbeard Pirates go.

"Damn, do you want to deal with me together?" Ace pointed at Jiaodu and Blackbeard.

Not only was he not afraid, but he said eagerly: "Then come on, let you see the strength of the captain of the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates. I will never embarrass my father."

Speaking of Whitebeard, the scars on Ace's face were shining brightly.

It is because of his stupid loyalty to Whitebeard that Titch wants to recruit him.

saw Ace mention Whitebeard again.

Blackbeard directly chose to do it. His hands hit the ground.

Ace was even more excited when he saw it.

His right hand waved.

"Yan Shanggang!"

The temperature near    has increased by dozens of degrees.

The wall of fire all day long, no, the sea of ​​​​fire surrounded a few people in the center.

As a person who has five hearts and can use all-attribute chakra, his horns cruelly split his mouth, and his hands quickly slapped the ground.

"Water Tunnel · Water Curtain."

In an instant, a powerful water cannon shot out of the mouth of the Earth Resentment Yu Shuidun Mask and shot at Ace.

Even a team of Ace who thought they could win quickly avoided it, because the devil fruit person was most afraid of water.

And Tiki, who just slapped the ground with both hands, also widened his eyes.

He didn't expect the new Shichibukai to have this ability.

The ability to control water can be said to be the bane of every devil fruit person.

Blackbeard even wanted to take the opportunity to sneak attack on Koto, but he still held back.

After all, if they were to turn back and beat them in such a situation, with Ace, Blackbeard felt that their group could not bear it.


Ace didn't expect Kakuto's abilities to be so tricky.

Just now he used the musket to suppress the blackbeard's sniper. It was very cool, but now the news is coming. People keep spraying water cannons at him. If he doesn't dodge, his end will be miserable.

Not to mention himself, even the surrounding fire wall will disappear.

Such a tragedy will happen when a devil fruit person encounters water.

Dodged behind the ruins of the house, Ace shot a lot of flames with one hand.

"Mirror flame."

This move is somewhat similar to the previous Yangami Tsuna, except that the Engami Tsunade is to circle the enemy to prevent the opponent from escaping, and this move is to quickly form a wall of fire at the position where Ace points to block the opponent's attack.

Although water restrains fire.

But because Ace's wall of fire was too large and the temperature was too high, the water cannon in Koto had evaporated before it reached the wall of fire.

Ace, who got a breather, hurriedly activated a powerful skill.

Because besides the Blackbeards and Jiaodu, he didn't dare to waste time.

Firefly-like glowing dots are constantly scattered.

As a ninja, Kakuto discovered the problem right away.

quickly found a place to hide.

After all, many ninjutsu with weird breath can kill people.

Although his horns have five hearts, he doesn't want to be seriously injured unless necessary.

But the Blackbeards were not so lucky.

Firefly and Fire Dharma are Ace's important attacking methods.

The destructive power of this move depends entirely on how many fireflies he can unleash.

Ace uses his hands to create a lot of small glowing fireballs similar to fireflies floating around the enemy, and finally all gather on the opponent, and then explode in one breath to deal damage to the enemy.

In short, the longer the charging time, the higher the skill damage.

This time Ace learned to be smart.

Let the fireflies fly to the sky first.

He kept making fireflies behind the ruins of the house.

It was too late when Blackbeard and others discovered the abnormality.

They were surrounded by fireflies.

A huge explosion centered on them.


Blackbeard's gang was blown up.

lying on the ground covered in smoke.

Blackbeard simply fainted from the pain.

The side effects of dark fruit are so obvious.

At this time, the corners slowly walked out of the shadow.

Looking at Ace with his hands on his knees and gasping for breath, Jiao Duo showed a smile and said, "Fire Fist Ace, who has a reward of 500 million Bailey, has no ability to resist now, so I will use your head in exchange for the Navy's bounty."

"and many more."

Blackbeard, who had just woken up, hurriedly stopped Kouto.

"He's Gol Roger's son, hand him over to the Navy."

What a joke, Blackbeard still wants to use Ace for the position of Shichibukai.

Even if Shichibukai is full now, he has to improve his status in the navy.

"So what? Will Roger's son be worth more?"

The    corners prefer to trade heads for bounties.

He doesn't like taking people with him.

Because many ninjas have secret techniques, it is quite dangerous to carry a living person, and maybe the money they get will fly away.

"I, I am willing to give you an extra 500 million Bailey, as long as you and I send Ace to the Navy!"

"Well, where's the money?"

Jiaodu locked Ace with Hailoushi handcuffs, turned his head and asked.

Hailoushi handcuffs were mailed to him by Uchiha Mai through the phone.

"I don't have that much money right now, count what I owe you, and I'll pay you back when I have money!"

Blackbeard Titch opened his arms to persuade.

"That's fine, but if I borrow money, you must pay interest. You owe me 500 million baileys, and the annual interest is 2 cents. The monthly interest is 10,000 baileys. If you don't have a month, it will be calculated as one month, which is fair and reasonable. ." The horns were so small that they were very happy.

The Blackbeards are all numb.

I heard that Jiao all likes money, but I didn’t expect that he likes money so much.

Now he even played with them to buy Ace's life on loan.

But Titch can only agree.

After all, it is not easy for him to find another suitable candidate to send to the Navy under the current situation.

The    corner finally smiled with satisfaction.

The financial industry can be more profitable than being a bounty hunter.

But he doesn't like the small ones, so he found such a big customer as the Blackbeard Pirates. The corners have decided to cultivate their consumption habits.

strive to keep not paying, keep paying interest.

On the way to the Navy Headquarters with the Blackbeard Pirates.

Blackbeard did not forget to fight for the corner.

"Would you like to join my pirate group with me? When the time comes, we will become the overlords of the sea and overthrow the era of those people with Whitebeard!" Blackbeard tried to show off his eloquence, and saliva kept coming from his Splashes out from between the teeth.

Jiao Du was a little wary, looked at Blackbeard and said: "You have a good idea, if you want to pull me into your gang, you don't have to pay back, right? Tell you that no one in this world can lend me money. Don't pay the money back, or let you see what the strongest debt collection group is."

Kakuto is lending money to others for the first time, and he has no idea in his heart, thinking about whether to spend money to persuade Uchiha Mai to let Uchiha Mai help him collect the money together.

But he was a little reluctant, and wanted Uchiha Mai to do it, and the money was definitely not a small amount.

Uchiha Mai doesn't care about money, but he is full of bad fun. Knowing that he likes money, he definitely wants to make himself bleed.

Kakuto decided to keep staring at the Blackbeards and accept a few more brothers, and then come to me to collect debts.

On the way, Blackbeard still did not forget to persuade him to let Jiaodu join his pirate group, but unfortunately the things he said were completely unattractive.

Even if Blackbeard tempted him with countless money, the horns were unmoved.

Because he knows one thing, that is, he has countless money, but without strong force, he cannot protect his wealth.

And the most powerful person in the world is Uchiha Mai, how could he betray Uchiha Mai?

After a few days, the group finally arrived at the Navy Headquarters.

I saw that it was Shichibukai.

The soldiers of the headquarters were jumping for a while.

The Warring States Marshal was informed and saw a group of people in the reception room.

He was also curious, why did these two groups get together?

There was also some vigilance in his heart.

"Marshal of the Warring States Period, we are here to give you a gift!" Blackbeard said flatteringly after laughing.

As a man who would do anything to achieve his goals, he never cared about his face. Now facing the marshal of the Navy Headquarters, it doesn't matter if he has a humble attitude.

"Oh, what gift?" the Warring States Marshal asked curiously.

Before waiting for the black beard to speak, the corner was the first to speak: "Ace, captain of the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace with a reward of 500 million, I don't want to know about the deal between you, but my reward is fast. give it to me."

The Warring States were all confused by them, and they didn't know whether these people came to give gifts or to collect bounties.

Blackbeard quickly explained: "I heard when I was in the Whitebeard Pirates that Ace's father is Roger, and he is the son of One Piece."

The Warring States Marshal's eyes widened. The world government and the navy had sent countless people to search for Roger's wife.

But those CP agents didn't find Roger's wife, and the newborns of the right age were killed by the Navy and the World Government.

I didn't expect Ace to be Roger's son.

The Warring States Marshal still had some impressions of Ace's mother, but the date of the woman's child's birth did not match. Now that he heard Blackbeard's statement, he believed it a little.

This is a great thing to catch Roger's descendants and publicly execute them.

is another major benefit for the authority of the navy and the world government. After all, Uchiha Mai has slapped the navy in the face before.

"So the two of you are not together, our Shichibukai wants Ace's bounty, and you want to get benefits through Ace, am I right?" The Warring States Marshal asked with a smile.

"Yes, yes, there is no problem at all, I am trying to give up Roger's son in exchange for a Shichibukai position." Blackbeard's eyes widened and he said excitedly.

Only when he gets the position of Shichibukai can he make the next plan.

"But now the Qiwuhai is full." The Warring States Marshal said with an embarrassed expression.

"When will you give me Ace's bounty?" Jiao Du asked impatiently, he didn't want to waste time here.

The Warring States Marshal waved his hand with a black line and asked the messenger to take him to collect the bounty.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Shichibukai, who had accepted the money, left the Warring States Marshal.

When    and Kokaku are together, it always feels like they're making a shady deal.

The Warring States Marshal looked at Blackbeard and asked, "Now that Qiwuhai's position is full, whose position do you want to get?"

"Is it possible to get his position as long as I kill a Shichibukai?" Blackbeard's eyes widened, thinking of the legendary woman who was the most beautiful in the world.

It's okay if Hancock is his own woman.

The Warring States Marshal just said it casually, but now he finds out that Blackbeard's ambitions are probably bigger than he imagined.

said quickly: "I advise you not to mess around, otherwise the sea will become unstable again, and I will give you an answer as soon as possible."

"Alright then, I'll be waiting for your reply, Marshal of the Warring States Period." Blackbeard was a little disappointed.

When the Blackbeard Pirates left the Warring States Period, the marshal slapped him on his desk.

The desk creaked overwhelmed again, but it still stood upright.

Now Crocodile has become a criminal and is imprisoned in the advance city.

Moonlight Moria was killed by Doflamingo.

But both positions are already filled.

The remaining few Qiwuhai are not easy to use the Eagle Eye style and the five old stars are 80%, and the agreement has become the king's Qiwuhai.

Even if he is a marshal, he can't move the position of Hawkeye.

And the big bear agreed to participate in Vega Punk's human transformation project.

Maybe this position can be vacated, after all, Big Bear soon lost his will.

And the murlocs are very flat, and his position is very representative.

This is the symbolic meaning of the peaceful coexistence between Fisherman's Island and the world government, so the symbolic meaning of this location is greater than the actual, and it cannot be easily moved.

Not to mention Matekai, if Matekai's Shichibukai position is canceled, Uchiha Mai will definitely not give up.

Compared with Blackbeard, the Warring States Marshal thought Uchiha Mai and the others were more terrifying.

And Hancock, the head of another Nine Snake Pirates, is not to be underestimated.

Now it seems that only the position of the big bear is the easiest to vacate.

Then we can only urge Vega Punk to quickly destroy Big Bear's self-consciousness, and then cancel his Shichibukai position, naturally it will not cause any waves.

The Warring States Marshal felt very tired.

Always think about these messes every day.

He has been dealing with those criminals a lot recently, and his head hurts more and more.