The spear general couldn't hold on any longer, and was killed after being injured several times in a row, only then did Lu Feng rush towards the bow and arrow general.

The bow and arrow general is not a speed flow, and it is impossible to escape in front of Lu Feng, only to be crushed.

Lu Feng let the dragon of ghost bats come out and charged into the air.


It was a little difficult for General Balf to deal with Artoria, and he was already very depressed in the air, when he suddenly found Lu Feng standing on the back of a giant creature, killing him in the air.

At this time, he realized that his two deputies had also been killed.

To be honest, before coming here, General Balf didn't think of this at all. He called the three division commanders, but it was only because Lu Feng and the two escaped the carpet saturation bombing at the headquarters of the Giant Bear Legion, which made him think it might be possible. It will be a bit of a hassle.

Based on caution, he brought more people over.

But now the fact is in front of him, the three division commanders were killed as soon as they appeared, and now his two deputies were killed so easily, which made him a little unacceptable for a while.

Moreover, he could see that Lu Feng and the two were very young.

But the fighting ability shown is completely inconsistent with age.

"Withdraw, you can only withdraw first."

Although General Balf was ruthless in order not to let No. 18 escape, the person who bombed the Giant Bear Legion would not frown, but once it was his turn, he would not be so calm.

At this moment, General Balfe's first thought was to escape.

Therefore, he violently fell to the ground, then made a broken line, flapped his wings, and at the fastest speed, he wanted to leave the battlefield and fly to the place where the sixth and seventh divisions were stationed.

But his speed can't compare with Artoria at all, it's not a bloodline problem, but the speed and reaction attributes are not as high as Artoria.

Therefore, Artoria sprinted diagonally, and appeared in front of General Balf, vowing the sword of victory, and slammed it from a long distance.

General Balfe continued to break the line, dodging the attack while fleeing.

In just a short time, Lu Feng had already arrived.

Facing the siege of the two great masters, General Balf could not even have a chance to escape. After more than ten moves, he was hit by Lu Feng and fell to the ground, smashing a huge deep hole, and he was exhausted. breathed in.

The weapon of the spear general is blue equipment that can bring out the infinite world. This thing is very expensive, and Lu Feng took it easily.

Lu Feng set the meeting place in the forest, and the three of Bai Xue arrived in about ten minutes later. There was a team channel, and after a few adjustments, they would meet.

"It's so miserable here." Wu Linger looked at the woods in front of her that had been scorched and scorched by the blast, as well as a large number of tanks that were parked on the ground and couldn't move.

"Thank you so much." No. 18, a beautiful woman, said gratefully.

"It's still early to thank you, we're not out of danger yet, we'll evacuate immediately." Lu Feng asked the Ghost Bat Dragon to come out, bring a few people with him, and leave immediately.

At this time, countless cruise missiles suddenly appeared, densely filling the air.

In the satellite image, seeing that General Balf was defeated, the new commander Dilly was also anxious, so he directly started a bombing attack here.

Luckily, Lu Feng and the others had already lifted off and quickly evacuated to the south. Those missiles were not of the tracking type, but only saturated bombing. Within a few kilometers of the north bank of the South Giant Bear River, they were razed to the ground, but Lu Feng and the others had already crossed the river.

Next, the way back was relatively safe, only when I was about to cross the border, I was attacked by missiles, but I got rid of it safely.

After entering the territory of the Qinglong Empire, the task completion button to rescue the undercover intelligence personnel appeared, and the pursuit of the Giant Bear Legion of the Snow Wolf Empire did not appear. It was considered a successful escape.

Lu Feng confirmed that the mission was complete.

[Complete the side mission: Rescue the undercover intelligence officer]

[Difficulty: Silver]

[Evaluation: Excellent]

[Sub-squad No. 69690001 has contract servants, the contract master will receive 150% reward weighting, the potential points will be distributed proportionally, and other contract masters will receive]

【Get 80000 points】

[Contract Master gets 10 Potential Points (for 4 Skills only), Contract Servants get 9 Potential Points (for 3 Skills only)]

【Get two magic beans】

[Items have been stored in the inventory, pay attention to check]

There are also a lot of potential points provided by the side quests, and they basically top a lot of people's dungeon clearance rewards. After all, most people get low ratings.

Qiao Shan had been waiting near the border for a long time, and soon Lu Feng and the others learned more information from Yue Yingshan.

No. 18 has quite a lot of information.

Including the high-level status of the Snow Wolf Emperor, as well as the current situation of the capital of the Snow Wolf Empire.

In the current Xuelang Empire, Emperor Xuelang has the final say. Those who oppose Xuelang Emperor have basically been eliminated. In this process, the three of Rambo have made great contributions.

This may also be the fundamental reason why the three of Rambo were appreciated by Emperor Xuelang and able to mobilize this world war. Rather than saying that the three of Rambo used the Titan, it would be better to say that they used the Emperor Xuelang.

Then, based on the status of the Great Snow Wolf in the Titans, they got the results they wanted.

The status of Emperor Xuelang in the Titans is unknown, but at least he is a leader of a certain faction. After taking control of the entire Xuelang Empire, his status should rise a lot.

This time, the Snow Wolf Empire joined the White Shark Country camp, in a sense, to improve his status within the Titan.

As for other situations in Titan, Eighteenth does not know.

In addition, the current situation of the Jokhang Empire is likely to be similar to that of the Snow Wolf Empire, because the Snow Wolf Emperor is likely to have a secret cooperation agreement with them, and he will cooperate with the Snow Wolf Emperor and support the White Shark Kingdom together. people.

That is to say, although it has not yet surfaced, the Titans are also divided into many factions.

In addition, in order to improve his status in this organization, a big man like Emperor Lian Xuelang was willing to pay so much and take risks.

As you can imagine, this organization is actually quite large.

Because of the mission of the Infinite World and the uncertain factors that may be encountered in reality, Lu Feng and the others would not tell Qiao Shan the information they obtained from the Bao family.

But with the information on the 18th, the Qinglong Empire also knew that those gold-level people in the White Shark Country were all Titan giants. This information was quite explosive.

Qiao Shan did not dare to take it lightly.

So in the next few days, there were discussions within the Qinglong Empire, and then they went to the Falcon Empire. Just like the Qinglong Empire, the concerns of the Falcon Empire's top management were as big as the internal differences.

But the information provided on the 18th became a decisive bargaining chip.

Five days later, the Qinglong Empire and the Falcon Empire announced at the same time that they would join the Three Kingdoms camp of the Black Dragon Empire and declare war on the White Shark Country camp.

Almost on the same day as the declaration of war, Bao Yu and many senior members of the Bao family were taken away by the Special Operations Bureau, and some of them fled, leaving only those who were not powerful and had low status in the Bao family.

The entire Bao family basically fell apart, and the Bao Group's share price plummeted.

In fact, the Intelligence Section has already grasped that some members of the Bao family have joined the Titans. Although the document does not say anything, declaring war on the White Shark camp is actually declaring war on the Titans.

Therefore, the Bao family was bound to be invited to drink tea, and this ended.

On the day Bao Yu was taken away, the side task of removing hidden dangers was prompted to complete, and the evaluation was quite high, reaching the excellent + level, which was only one step away from perfection.

However, the reward obtained was lower than that of rescuing the undercover intelligence personnel. Lu Feng got 9 potential points, and Arturia got 8. It could be seen that this task was less difficult than rescuing the undercover intelligence personnel.

"What we already know is that the three of Rambo strengthened their integration and completely controlled the intelligence departments of White Shark and Anping. Now the White Shark is no longer the small country it used to be, and their strength is not generally strong."

This is the basic information of the three Rambos, including the headquarters of the other party's intelligence department.

"Qiao Shan promised that information about Rambo could be shared with us in the future as a reward for rescuing No. 18 this time."

Yue Yingshan said: "Also, although the empire has declared war on the White Shark camp, it is only that more than half of the people in the council agree. In fact, more than 20% of the people disagree."

"Based on the situation of the two empires, Xuelang and Da Zhao, there should be Titans lurking at the top of the Azure Dragon Empire," Lu Feng said.

"Yes, the possibility is quite high, and the same is true for the Falcon Empire. Less than 70% of them agree to go to war."

Moon Shadow Shan said.

"The biggest problem is that the Titans have actually joined the war, and the gold levels announced by the White Shark Country are probably not theirs."

"With their strength, they are fully capable of declaring that their titans can make White Shark an empire, or directly occupy White Shark, and annex small countries around White Shark to form a new empire, rather than invade Anping Country."

"In this case, the seven major empires must carefully consider it. Even if they invaded Anping, perhaps the Black Dragon Empire would not dare to go to war easily."

"But they didn't come to the table."

"The reason why the Qinglong Empire and the Falcon Empire declared war is not because the White Shark Country was controlled by the Titans and became their marionette, but this reason."

"We are concerned, and many families in the council are concerned, that the goal of the Titans is not just a matter of joining the Imperial Club."

Yueyingshan said: "Because the Snow Wolf Empire and the Jokhang Empire have basically been controlled, what about other countries?"

"Obviously the Titans want to be an empire above an empire." Lu Feng interjected.

"They want to unify Terra." Artoria also said: "This is what any emperor in ancient times wanted to do."

"In the modern civilized world, this is impossible. In fact, after the end of the player war, the number of countries in this world has increased several times."

Yue Yingshan said: "That's what we are worried about, so this time we passed the resolution to declare war."

"Let the big guys take care of these things. In our mission, we need to kill the Rambo trio. Obviously, we need to do it ourselves. It feels a bit difficult." Bai Xue said suddenly.

"The three of Rambo have done so many things for Emperor Xuelang with their silver-level strength. I think their strength may not only be frontal combat capability."

Wu Linger said: "We need to do more preparations."

"The matter of gathering intelligence is still handed over to Qiao Shan. The Intelligence Section has been infiltrating the White Shark Nation. We'd better wait for a while, and it's better to have more detailed information about the three people before we go."

Yue Yingshan said: "As for finding them, it's not difficult, everyone will read it. I have a warning scroll, which is for players. After using it in the dungeon, if it encounters players of different camps, it will automatically alarm, and it will be valid until the dungeon ends."

"You actually have such a good thing."

Lu Feng was surprised for a while. Miss Yue is really well-connected. There are many kinds of warning props, but the number is very small, because there are no vending machines for sale.

Although the name is a warning, the original function is to prevent sneak attacks, secret calculations, etc., but in fact, the biggest role of this is to search.

Because the enemy will give a prompt when they enter a certain range, which is equivalent to an additional search skill that is temporarily used in the copy.

Therefore, with this kind of props, it will be more convenient and simple to search for enemies.

"The range is not wide, only within 30 meters, but it can be quickly determined whether the three of Rambo are in the headquarters building of the White Shark Intelligence Department." Yue Yingshan explained: "Qiao Shan will also get the address of the other three, So you don’t have to worry too much about finding someone.”

"We'll meet outside."

Lu Feng and Artoria rushed to meet Yueyingshan's team, because the warning scroll was a scope item, not a team-specific item, so someone needed to be close to the item's coverage.

And now they're using the squad channel, kept separate.

Next, there is only waiting, waiting for more information about the three of Rambo, including the places they frequent, skill assessment, etc.


White Shark Country, the capital city.

This country's newly integrated intelligence department is completely independent of the Special Operations Bureau, and they occupy a ten-story building here.

In the afternoon, in the corridor on the top floor of the building, a professional female white-collar worker in formal attire held a tablet, passed through the open security door, stepped up the stairs, and pushed open the iron door to the top of the building.

On the roof platform are two men, a fat young man leaning on the guardrail, looking at the city scenery in the distance.

A tall and sturdy young man crossed his chest with his and stood at an altitude of one meter away from the guardrail. He had no wings behind him, as if he was just floating there.

"This world is really prosperous, and such a chaotic small country also has such a large-scale capital." The tall and strong young man sighed.

"Do you feel pity?"

Fatty said: "I think it's strange that the Black Dragons did not bomb here, but now that all the seven empires have entered the game, I think this place will soon turn into ruins."

"Maybe." The tall and strong young man said expressionlessly.

"Boss, the information from the Snow Wolf Empire has been sent. I think we have found our target."

The female white-collar worker in formal attire was Xiao Mei from the Rambo trio. She handed the tablet to the sturdy young man standing in the air, who was their team's captain, Rambo.

That fat man is a sharp knife.

One of their main quests is to take down Terra's top player team.