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C.8v10 Kill Bao NanhaoMar 06, 2023

"Just do it." Yue Yingshan agreed.

They only had two breakthroughs, one was Lu Feng's guess, Bao Nanhao, the mastermind behind the scenes, and the other was the killer Liu Fan team.

The stronghold of Liu Fan's team is very secretive, and they often change, which they haven't grasped yet.

It was much harder to follow them than to meet Bao Nanhao directly.

Unlike Bao Nanjie, who often stays in the imperial capital, Bao Nanhao often stays in Linzhou, south of the Yangtze River, because that is the home base of their Bao family, and Bao Nanhao is more concerned about the management there.

Lu Feng and the others acted separately. As soon as he and Artoria got off the plane, there was Bao Nanhao's movement from Yue Yingshan, because Yue Yingshan and the three passed by on a private jet, which was faster.

"Bao Nanhao drove out." Yue Yingshan said, "It's better to be outside. Be prepared. I'll tell you his location along the way."

"it is good."

Originally, Lu Feng planned to visit Bao Nanhao's mansion directly, but when he was outside, it would be better if he suddenly appeared in front of him.

Linzhou was also Lu Feng's base camp. When he and Artoria walked out of the airport, a car was already parked there.

They got into the car and drove directly to Bao Nanhao's location according to Yue Yingshan's prompt.

When Bao Nanhao drove out, he received a call from the killer Liu Fan, asking to meet outside to talk about the mission because of an unexpected situation.

The three of Liu Fan did not live in Linzhou. They lived in a county close to Linzhou, so they could drive there very quickly.

The reason why Bao Nanhao is only notified now is because the situation he encountered was rather special, and he himself hadn't figured out what was going on.

Therefore, the three of them discussed for a whole day, but failed to make a decision on what to do next.

Their mission is definitely not complete.

But it's obviously not their fault that an expensive associated copy card is gone, but as long as the target information provided by Bao Nanhao is correct, it is not Bao Nanhao's fault either.

Liu Fan's intuition told him that there was no problem with the information provided by Bao Nanhao.

Who will be responsible for the loss of the associated copy card?

The mission failed so inexplicably, and it was disgraceful to Liu Fan and the others, because they knew very well that their employers might not believe their explanations.

Because if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't necessarily believe it.

This morning, the three of Liu Fan still made up their minds. This matter can't be delayed, and they still have to explain it clearly. It really can't be done. They make an exception to complete the task in the real world.

The real world is of course not an infinite world, but if you vote, there is no risk. People are all lucky.

So, the three of them went to see Bao Nanhao together.

Bao Nanhao's car has been driving west of the city. The nearby streets have become wider and wider, and there are fewer and fewer people. There are many factories on both sides of the road. This is an industrial park.

There are many people in the entire industrial park, but except for the morning rush hour and evening rush hour, there is almost no one on the road, and it looks quite deserted.

This is a characteristic of the suburban industrial park here. There are canteens and canteens inside the factory. Some workers even live in the factory area, and they cannot set up stalls on the streets outside. Workers usually don’t have time to leave the factory except to commute to get off work.

At the end of the main road in the industrial park is a factory that has been abandoned for a long time.

In such industrial parks, there will always be a few factories that have not been sold, because all the things have been removed, and there is nothing but empty buildings, so they will not even bother to hire a gatekeeper.

The iron gate of the abandoned factory was hidden, and the car could not go in. It was unnecessary to run to open the door by himself. Bao Nanhao parked the car on the side of the road and got out of the car.

"The gate of the factory is artificially opened. After entering, there is the square in front of the main office building. There are three people standing under a big tree on the left side of the square. They are the trio of killer Liu Fan. They cannot be seen on the road outside the factory. ."

Yue Yingshan's voice appeared on the team channel, which was much easier to use than a cell phone.

"We saw that Bao Nanhao found Liu Fan and the three of them, turned around and walked towards them."

The three of Yue Yingshan sneaked into the roof of a building in the opposite factory, and they could clearly see the situation there.

"They started talking, and Bao Nanhao got angry."

Yue Yingshan said: "It is estimated that there is no way to pull you into the dungeon world. Liu Fan and the three came to explain what the mission could not accomplish."

As long as the side quests are received, this is of course not difficult to guess.

Lu Feng's car passed on another street and stopped at the gate of the abandoned factory.

Although Lu Feng is also professional in following the car, but with the support of Yue Yingshan, they don't need to follow the car, they drive directly to the target location from another road.

This is faster, almost watching Bao Nanhao stop not far away, and then walk into the factory.

"It turns out that everyone is there, so it's easy, we're in, it should be exciting." Lu Feng opened the car door and came out with Arturia.

Glancing at Bao Nanhao's luxury car parked in front of them, Lu Feng stood for a few more seconds and seemed to think a little before entering the abandoned factory with Artoria.

"Bao Nanhao, it's a coincidence that I saw you here. The question is, this is an abandoned factory. What are you doing here?" Lu Feng smiled and said, "Could it be that you lost too much money and are planning to buy the factory to restore blood. What?"

Of course, Lu Feng didn't just hurt people.

This also means that he was passing by and saw Bao Nanhao by chance. On the surface, he understood that he thought that Liu Fan and the three were the owners of the factory and wanted to sell the land and workshop of the factory.

This is very important.

Lu Feng had to let everyone know that they didn't follow Bao Nanhao, nor did they appear here because of the Infinite World mission.

There should be no surveillance in the factory, but there are on the nearby streets. It was also for this reason that he stopped by Bao Nanhao's car for a while outside.

At the same time, saying this is also about going to Bao Nanhao's army and asking Bao Nanhao to explain the identities of the three Liu Fans.

In a word, Lu Feng had already taken the initiative.

"Lu Feng?!" Bao Nanhao was startled, he didn't understand how Lu Feng and Artoria were here, and he didn't know what to say for a while.

After all, he was dealing with Lu Feng, and now he was talking about this matter. No matter what, he was a bit guilty of being a thief. There is a limit to a person's psychological quality.

The three of Liu Fan were even more shocked. The three of them looked at each other a few times, not knowing what to say.

Of course they recognized Lu Feng and the two of them. As the target of their assassination, and the target's teammates, it was impossible for them to fail to recognize them.

They really didn't expect that Lu Feng and the two would actually appear here.

It was really an accident. Did they see Bao Nanhao parked and came in, so they followed up, or did they do it on purpose and followed them all the way?

At this moment, countless question marks in the hearts of these three people are churning.

"Hey, the three of them are so young, they don't look like factory owners. This man seems to be holding it. It's a weapon, right?" Lu Feng pretended to be surprised.

Liu Fan's three people, the female killer on the left, like Liu Fan, was empty-handed, and the right was also a male killer, holding a saber in his hand.

There's nothing strange about Epic weapons, they have the right to wear them, but they don't wear them all.

In the real world, it's not a gangster, nor is it a law enforcement officer. There is not much opportunity to fight and kill. Bringing a weapon is more like a ritual and a status symbol, just like wearing a formal dress to attend a meeting.

When talking to someone about the business of selling a factory, but not attending a ribbon-cutting or attending an important meeting, do you need to bring some weapons?

Lu Feng looked around again at the deserted and deserted factory, and added again: "Bao Nanhao, what are you doing here? Everyone, it seems that we have disturbed you."

"In this way, we'll just do it for you. You only need to get the result you want." Liu Fan said to Bao Nanhao, "It's here, you can go too."

Liu Fan decided to make an exception to take the last route and kill Lu Feng in the real world.

The job of the three of them, the female killer, is to create multiple confined spaces, up to five, and then isolate all the people in the target team in different confined spaces.

There were only two people Lu Feng and Artoria, so only two confined spaces were used.

In fact, this is not teleportation, just separation, and she herself cannot enter any confined space, that is, she cannot participate in combat.

This kind of confined space is not unbreakable, in addition to being automatically released when the time is up, it can also be broken by attacks.

In addition to teleporting himself, Liu Fan's spatial ability can also bring other people by touch.

In addition, the space ability of the swordsman male killer is also transmitted by himself, but he can't bring other people, which is weaker than Liu Fan's.

Their most commonly used assassination tactic is to separate all members of the target team, and then two male killers Liu Fan enter the target's confined space and jointly kill at the fastest speed, that is, when the others break the confined space. Task.

Then, depending on the situation, whether to silence or not.

If the other party breaks the confined space, it is likely that they have discovered the secrets of the female killer's confined space, and maybe they will isolate again and kill people.

If not, they are likely to leave immediately.

In short, whether the companions who kill the target in the dungeon world depends entirely on the situation. Because of the existence of the "Infinite World Law", it is discovered that they did it. In fact, they don't care. What they did was not a clean thing, but their skills The issue of secrecy over weaknesses is even more important.

But in the real world, it is different. It must be silenced, and even Arturia must be killed.

Because there is no equipment in the real world, the confined space created by the female killer is weaker, so Liu Fan asked Bao Nanhao to help, meaning that he took Bao Nanhao to kill Lu Feng.

His fellow swordsman male killer went to kill Artoria, at least for a while, so as not to let the confined space be broken.

Because there was a gap between the two closed spaces, Liu Fan was afraid that people would run away, and there was surveillance on the street outside.

"Okay." Bao Nanhao gritted his teeth and agreed.

He didn't know the specific skills of Liu Fan's trio, but he also knew a little about the appearance, which was the characteristic of Liu Fan's trio's fame in the killer world.

At any time, they can fight against one person with multiple people in a confined space, which is why their mission success rate is so high.

And because the confined space is sealed, what happens inside is unknown to the outside, so complete privacy can be achieved.

"Hey, what are you talking about?" Lu Feng pretended to be stupid again.

"Do it." Liu Fan gave an order.

Immediately afterwards, the swordsman male killer standing on Liu Fan's left clanged and pulled out the saber in his hand. His attack method was swordsmanship.

Liu Fan hardened his skin, and then added a rock armor to the clothes of the four people on his side, including Bao Nanhao, that is, the clothes are armored, with characteristics similar to rocks, and his attack ability is a branch of elemental soil. rock.

Bao Nanhao did the same, and immediately released a lucky spell to add a little luck to the four.

The female killer was in charge of creating a confined space to separate Lu Feng and Arturia. She raised her hands and slammed her again, but she was suddenly stunned.

She found that her ability was invalid, and in the real world, there was no system prompt, she only knew that she had failed, and there was no way to open up a confined space for isolation.

Because the ghost bat dragon jumped out of the pet space and appeared in the air, directly with Ereston, blocking the female killer's space ability.

Immediately afterwards, the ghost bat dragon was a ground thorn. Although the rock armor was added, the four of them were fine, but their movements were also affected.

As for Lu Feng, he sneered, his movements were extremely fast, and when Liu Fan finished adding the rock armor, there was a crackling sound from his body.

A game coin has already appeared in his hand. In order to release the railgun, he deliberately ordered a lot of game coins.

"What is that, dodge quickly."

Liu Fan's intuition was very strong, he shouted, and ran away without doing anything.

With a bang, the beam of light flashed past, and the super-electromagnetic cannon bombarded the location of Bao Nanhao and the others, blowing away the big tree.

Bao Nanhao and the female killer were blocked by the ground thorns, and they fled slowly. They were blasted out and smashed to the ground. If it wasn't for the rock armor, the thorns alone would have been enough for them to drink a pot.

"Fuck." Liu Fan hasn't reacted Why Lu Feng and the two were not separated by a confined space, the female killer was already injured.

The windows of the building of a nearby factory have been opened, and there are many people watching. I don't know when it started. These people actually stopped working and all watched the fun. Some people even took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Obviously, someone has called the police.

Liu Fan was a little bit overwhelmed, and their plan to use the confined space to kill Lu Feng and the two had completely failed.

But the bigger problem is not that.

Lu Feng didn't use the railgun anymore, Cheng Ying and Po Jun appeared in his hands and in front of Bao Nanhao who had just stood up.

Pfft, two strikes in a row, one of Bao Nanhao's arms flew up, and the other stabbed into his heart. It was precise and ruthless, and the rock armor was useless under Lu Feng's attack.

Bao Nanhao spat out a mouthful of blood. He didn't understand why he was so unscrupulous, but he couldn't avoid these two swords at all.

Lu Feng's next strike made Bao Nanhao completely lose his ability to breathe.