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C.13v12 Lu Feng's goalMar 06, 2023

The real difficulty of this master trial mission is to end a world war within a month. It is impossible for it to take only one month.

But Lu Feng will still try hard.

The Titans were able to draw so many epic levels under their banner, relying on Yue Tenghai's status as a god-level player, or Yue Tenghai deceived others, causing the illusion of a god-level difficulty level.

Lu Feng felt that he could start from this aspect. As long as the Titans were dismantled, then perhaps the war could be ended in a short period of time.

Lu Feng came out of his room. Arturia was in the hall downstairs, sitting on the sofa. Before Lu Feng told her about the plan to suppress him by force, he told her to wait for him.

"Shanshan has informed the undercover agent and asked him to pay attention to Yue Tenghai and the others." Arturia stood up, "She is stronger than she thought, and she didn't mess up after knowing the truth."

Yue Tenghai is god-level, so Yue Yingshan's mother and brother were basically killed by Yue Tenghai, which is almost conclusive evidence.

Because in the prophecy of the Apocalypse witch, what they saw was that the god-level killed Tan Xiaohua.

It is estimated that Tan Xiaohua is about to investigate Yue Tenghai's side, so Yue Tenghai has murderous intentions.

Even though Tan Xiaohua had already determined that it was Yue Tenghai who killed Yue Yingwu, they knew each other after all, and they belonged to the same family, so it would be easy to meet up alone.

As long as Tan Xiaohua didn't know that her investigation results had been discovered, she would never have thought that Yue Tenghai would take the opportunity to attack suddenly.

Then, as long as Yue Tenghai suddenly slaps the car they are sitting in, Tan Xiaohua and the driver may not even be able to react.

This is probably the reason why Yue Tenghai went out in person, because the success rate of his assassination was too high.

These things made sense right away.

Regarding this point, Lu Feng also asked Artoria to tell Yue Yingshan to raise her vigilance.

Yue Yingshan is indeed very strong, and her current position can be described as extremely dangerous.

Yue Tenghai might not care too much about Yueyingshan, but Yuetailan was different.

If Yue Tenghai finds that the trouble is in the air and plans to do it, then everything will be a showdown, and Yue Tailan will most likely have to use Yue Yingshan to operate.

But Yue Yingshan not only did not plan to escape, but also did not forget the layout of this plan.

The undercover agent was, of course, Xiang Zijun. After the last meeting, Lu Feng gave him a secret cell phone and card.

That kind of equipment is more dangerous to put on the body, and most of them should be placed in a safe place and checked at a fixed time, so there is no way to make instant calls, but you can use text messages and other contacts.

It's the old way, there are loopholes in any non-reincarnation world, even if the central world takes over, Lu Feng took out the shadow, and Artoria immediately knew that Lu Feng was now in the dungeon world.

She was a little surprised why she couldn't enter together, but remembering Lu Feng's previous inquiry, she probably knew that Lu Feng's dungeon this time was very special.

"Let's go to Qiao Shan, remember to bring miniature earplugs, contact needs."

There is no way to use the team channel now, but Qiao Shan still provides a safe communication tool, and the mobile phone and card for Xiang Zijun are also from Qiao Shan.

Lu Feng and Arturia went out to meet Qiao Shan together.


Yue Tailan and his son usually live in their large manor located in the valley north of the imperial capital, which is also the headquarters of the Yue Tailan faction.

At 8:40 p.m., Yue Tenghai saw a person, and his face turned ashen.

It was a middle-aged man, Yue Tenghai, one of the many secret agents scattered in the Qinglong Empire's imperial capital. He came to report the situation because they found Lu Feng and Arturia here.

There was a lot of trouble in the White Shark Capital City, and Lu Feng and the two were already on the blacklist of the Titans, and they were also the focus of their attention.

Although he didn't know Harbinson's whereabouts, Lu Feng's presence here had already explained a lot of things.

"It's all rubbish."

Yue Tenghai was furious. The intelligence department in the White Shark Kingdom disappointed him too much. Not only did they let Lu Feng and the others escape, but they still hadn't found out.

When the spy left, Yue Tenghai only thought about it for a second, then got up and left and went to Zhao's house.

At present, the Intelligence Section is still under the control of Qiao Shan. For important matters, Yue Tenghai does not dare to use electronic equipment for fear of being monitored, so they can only discuss some matters in person.

"What, immediately execute the backup plan." Zhao Xuantian was a little surprised when he heard Yue Tenghai's words.

The so-called backup plan is that if the parliamentary vote loses, Yue Tenghai and the others will directly use force to seize the power of the Qinglong Empire.

At the same time, it was completely eliminated by force and did not agree with the faction that the Qinglong Empire joined the White Shark camp.

This is what Lu Feng was worried about before.

Of course, in Yue Tenghai's plan, in addition to seizing power by force, it also continued to divide and win over.

Assassination of members of the council is just a plan, and although they have great expectations, they have not put all their hopes on that.

For this reason, they completed the layout half a month ago, and many gold-level players have sneaked into the imperial capital of the Qinglong Empire, and they can even not use those people in the Qinglong Empire Council.

These people are masters of the Asa God's Domain, and they are basically the gold-level people who have disappeared from the sight of the intelligence agencies of various countries. Most of their records are still silver-level or even bronze-level.

And after the operation of the Zhao family, most of them have the legal new identity of the Qinglong Empire, which was laid out very early, not after the war.

Because the people of Asa God's Domain do not only have one or two identities, they have many identities, and they all used the help of the Titans lurking in various countries to get them.

They were preparing for war a long time ago.

Therefore, even if these people enter in wartime, they will not be tracked by the intelligence services.

"Harbinson was caught, and he has to give something. He still knows some of our plans. As long as these things are spread among the members of the parliament, we will definitely not be able to win this vote."

Yue Tenghai said: "Anyway, the ending is the same. It's better sooner rather than later. Start action immediately."

"it is good."

Zhao Xuantian is also the director of the Special Operations Bureau, but he does not serve as a guard here. He is in charge of the front-line battle, just for this parliamentary matter, so he came early, and the front lines are all remote control.

Of course, the seizure of power by force also includes the removal of the gold-level non-sect members who participated in the frontline. Zhao Xuantian is responsible for these.

The Titans also acted here.


When Lu Feng and Arturia arrived at Qiao Shan, Li Xingliang and a lot of gold-level people who were staying in the imperial capital had already gathered there.

Qiao Shan had already told these people about Lu Feng's previous excuse, so they were very curious, how did Lu Feng know about the god-level, and also wondered what it was like to be promoted to the god-level.

Of course, also very suspicious.

The fact that Lu Feng has been promoted to the **** level is also very doubtful to most people.

However, Lu Feng did not say that he had been promoted, but only said that he already knew what the **** level was, which caused more doubts.

"I think everyone should already know who the god-level Titan is and where it is now." Lu Feng said straight to the point: "The message I want to bring to you is that Yue Tenghai is not god-level at all."

"Not god-level?" Li Xingliang and the others looked surprised and stared at Lu Feng, wanting to hear what Lu Feng said next.

But Lu Feng just clenched his fist and raised his arm.

The embossed purple-gold Ouroboros on the back of the hand is extremely dazzling.

"The real god-level is the purple-gold Ouroboros brand, not gray. Yue Tenghai failed the trial. He is taking advantage of the fact that others don't know what the god-level is about, so the information is poor."

Lu Feng said.

"It turns out that the **** level is a purple-gold embossed brand."

"Although Yue Tenghai failed, he found that the brand of the Ouroboros had also changed, so he began to seek to control the entire Terra by himself. This man's ambition is really big."

The others seemed to wake up, almost no one didn't believe Lu Feng's words.

There's nothing wrong with that, the purple-gold color looks more atmospheric and convincing than the gray. If Lu Feng's purple-gold Ouroboros brand is not a god-level mark, then Yue Tenghai's gray brand is even less so.

In fact, Lu Feng also took advantage of this inertial thinking of outsiders.

"However, isn't Yue Tenghai afraid of coming out of the real **** level? He was blinded by ambition." One person said.

"Once he controls the whole of Terra, what's the use of a real god-level? Will those lords under him give up the power they have, or risk following a new god-level?"

"Yeah, that's impossible."

Many said.

Before this point, Lu Feng hadn't thought about it, but it wasn't the point. The former White Shark Kingdom was an example.

In fact, people who can stand at the peak of power are not stupid, but no one really cares if they will be taken down by others in the future.

What's more, once the entire Terra is obtained, there is no need to say the result. Yue Tenghai will use his power to suppress the entire player group, and there will inevitably be fewer and fewer people entering the epic realm in the future.

Because Yue Tenghai will do everything possible to prevent the appearance of the **** level, this is just a basic habit and method.

The suspicion of ancient emperors was based on this habit.

"We still have to continue to suppress the plan by force. The Titans will never allow this parliamentary vote to fail, because it will affect their entire plan."

Lu Feng said: "Harbinson has been escorted here. Yue Tenghai and the others will know sooner or later. Don't forget that they also carried out an assassination plan last time."

"Yes, this time is a good opportunity. The Wang family also controls a team of people in the special operations bureau. With their participation, the operation will be easier to succeed." Li Xingliang said: "We now have God-level, and Harbinson, we have the initiative. right."

Although Lu Feng is not a member of the council, nor is he any official in the Special Operations Bureau, his status as a **** is extraordinary, and Qiao Shan and Li Xingliang seem to be following Lu Feng's footsteps all the time.

So, he seems to be a leader.

Others have no objection, and this time the violent crackdown will continue, but it will be postponed until the early morning.

Because Lu Feng told Qiao Shan not to suspend the plan, but when they heard that Yue Tenghai was god-level in the Wang family before, they stopped to call.

Some members who are not absolutely reliable, they also did not call in advance, originally planned to be notified a few hours before the launch, but now it has been delayed.

Lu Feng had no opinion on this.

Qiao Shan and the others acted immediately.

On Lu Feng's side, at about 1:30 in the morning, he suddenly received a call from Xiang Zijun.

"There are a lot of strange people in Yue Tailan's house. I have never been here before, and I don't know them either." Xiang Zijun said, "It is estimated that something will happen today. Please pay attention."

Xiang Zijun also informed Yue Yingshan, because Yue Yingshan said before that he should pay special attention to what happened at Yue Tailan's house in the past two days, and there might be major events, so he sneaked into the vicinity of Yue Tailan's house.

Because he is Yue Tailan's confidant and knows the security layout over there, it is easier to approach without being discovered.

It was almost early in the morning, and he planned to leave, but suddenly he saw a person he had never seen before, and he was immediately alert and stayed.

Because Yue Tailan's house is not an ordinary place, it is impossible for people with no status or confidants to come to be a guest, not to mention this kind of time.

Then, as more and more people came over, he felt that something big was going to happen, so he immediately notified Lu Feng and Yue Yingshan.

Next, Yue Yingshan also had a phone call with Lu Feng.

Lu Feng immediately went to look for Qiao Shan.

"Those who are ready, start action now." Lu Feng decided to plan ahead. "Those who are not ready, inform them to continue gathering and rush out in batches."

In these matters, his sensitivity is not lower than that of Qiao Shan, the chief of the intelligence department. He thinks that Yue Tenghai may have been alerted.

When Lu Feng told what happened at Yue Tailan's house, Qiao Shan immediately agreed.

The only concern is whether they are strong enough to deal with the Titans' men.

"Let all the people from the Special Operations Bureau go over and surround the Yue Tailan family." Lu Feng suggested that the strength of the Special Operations Bureau stationed in the imperial capital was quite good, and at least half of them were at the epic level.

Even if they are at the gold level, they can't summon so, they can still win with numbers.

The action speed of the special operation giant bureau was very fast. They had armored vehicles and air units, so it only took half an hour to assemble. Together with Lu Feng and the others, they surrounded Yue Tailan's house in one fell swoop.

As for the Zhao family, Lu Feng and the others have no hands, so they can only leave it alone for the time being.

However, the people from the Zhao family who joined the Giant Titan have all gathered at Yue Tenghai's house. Those who did not join the Giant Titan did not know that the Zhao family was involved in this incident. They were still sleeping and had no idea what happened. what.

The large manor where Yue Tailan usually lives is no different from the castle. There are usually a large group of people stationed there, and they can easily find the approaching special operations bureau.

The searchlight in the front yard of the manor was bright, and Yue Tailan led the housekeeper and a few others to come out as soon as possible.

"What are you doing?" Yue Tailan asked without going out the door, but standing on the high platform of the security tower near the door.

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