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C.25v8 Recruitment of intelligence chiefsMar 06, 2023

"Thank you Uncle Qiao, I will definitely ask you for help if you need it," Yue Yingshan said.

Qiao Shan's position in the empire is very special. He is the chief of the Intelligence Section of the Special Operations Bureau.

The Special Operations Bureau belongs to the military system, referred to as the Operations Bureau. It is composed of three or more Ouroboros. It is a high-end combat force that is good at unconventional operations, which is different from the ordinary army.

Its subordinate intelligence section is also the strongest and most efficient intelligence department in the country.

Therefore, Qiao Shan is actually the intelligence chief of the Qinglong Empire.

Qiao Shan also has his own responsibilities, but if there is a need, Yue Yingshan will definitely go to him to the extent he can help, but it is not needed yet.

"Just don't see outsiders." Qiao Shan pondered for a while, then suddenly asked, "Are you familiar with a man named Lu Feng?"

"Lu Feng, it's okay, we are friends." Yue Yingshan replied.

She wasn't surprised that Qiao Shan noticed Lu Feng, Lu Feng's growth rate was too fast, and it was so fast that it made people speechless.

In fact, she has also been following Lu Feng.

In just a few months, he appeared in the epic space, even Yue Yingshan did not expect it.

Now, she didn't dare to mention recruitment anymore. After entering the epic realm, her status would be completely different. If Lu Feng entered the Yuezhi Enterprise now, he would have to give the player team the leader position.

That would cause a lot of problems, including being focused on by Yue Tailan.

"Then it's easy to handle. The Alia who is with him, I think they should have formed a team for a long time." Qiao Shan paused before asking: "I want to ask, the details of that Alia, you do you know?"

"Is her name Alia?" Yue Yingshan saw her last time, but she didn't ask her name. She wasn't sure if Qiao Shan was talking about Artoria.

"You don't know her name?"

Qiao Shan talked about Arturia's appearance, and Yueyingshan finally confirmed it, because the dull hair was too conspicuous, and Yueyingshan was also impressed.

"She should be Lu Feng's cousin." Yue Yingshan finally understood that Qiao Shan came here today, not by chance, but on purpose.

"Cousin?" Qiao Shan asked in an inquiring tone.

"Is there a problem?" Yue Yingshan was a little puzzled, she remembered what Lu Feng told her.

"Of course there are problems."

Qiao Shan said: "We found that she is from the White Shark Country, but her ID card is likely to be fake because she has no parents."

"It's okay to be an orphan, but it's weird that you don't have any friends over there."

"If it was because of the homeless orphans re-applying for the ID card, it would make sense, but the time when she applied for the ID card was too close, because apart from buying a plane ticket and checking in at the hotel a few days ago, she had never been in White Shark before. There is any trace of activity in the country, as if she appeared out of thin air a few days ago."

"Nor have any electronic consumption records been left with us."

"She has entered the epic realm. In a country like White Shark, she can get a lot of privileges, but she doesn't seem to reveal any information about her own strength."

Qiao Shan continued: "The only information we can find about her comes from the surveillance cameras within ten miles of Lu Feng's residence, as well as the witness records in the epic space."

"You mean there is something wrong with her identity." Yue Yingshan said.

"It's not just the identity problem." Qiao Shan said to himself: "She is very similar to someone."

"Who do you look like?" Yue Yingshan became interested.

Qiao Shan did not answer this question.

In fact, Qiao Shan wanted to say that Alia seemed to be the king of knights in the dungeon world, but he dismissed the idea without any hesitation, because he thought it was impossible.

He came today for a very important matter, and it was not the time to be joking.

He thinks that he used a skill that changes his appearance, permanent effect or temporary effect. This skill is rare, but it is not uncommon for Qiao Shan.

Although if it is not a unique skill, it seems like a waste of skill, but in fact, this ability is very useful, because human ability is not only combat power.

In the field of intelligence, this skill is extremely useful, especially the temporary effect, which is a coveted ability of intelligence personnel.

If you can learn to correspond to some of the abilities, behaviors, and even the way you speak, you will be an absolutely first-class spy.

"We noticed that Lu Feng and Alia were because of the Titans." Qiao Shan began to go straight to the subject, "The Titans also looked for them both."

"Is it the Titans that appeared in the last two years?" Yue Yingshan probably understood Qiao Shan's intentions. "It is said that the Titans only need people from the Epic Realm."

"Their recruitment has been accelerating recently, and I feel that their demand for members has become greater and greater. Maybe they have begun to plan some actions." Qiao Shan said: "In the future, they may bring serious problems. question."

A simple player organization, no matter how many epics gather, will not make him feel that there is any threat.

But if this organization, even the Intelligence Section of their Empire's Special Operations Bureau, can't penetrate, can't understand the boss and other high-level leaders behind it, and even knows not much about the internal situation, then it will be more terrifying.

how to say.

The so-called empire does not refer to a country controlled by imperial power, but refers to a powerful regional dominant country, a superpower that can control the situation in a certain region.

Terra has only seven empires, except the Qinglong Empire, the rest are the Red Dragon Empire, the Black Dragon Empire, the Falcon Empire, the Snow Wolf Empire, the Tianwu Empire and the Jokhang Empire.

Terra's current world pattern is dominated by these seven empires, and this situation is formed after the end of the player's war.

The war that is currently taking place in Terra is also limited to a few regions and small countries.

There has been no war between the superpowers since the end of the player war. At most, they use the agents they support in those small countries to fight.

These seven empires are already the most powerful forces in Terra, and it is not a player organization in the general sense that any country in front of them can achieve this level.

It's not surprising that Qiao Shan thought this was a little scary.

Moreover, according to the information that Qiao Shan currently knows, there are many high-ranking officials of the country among the members of the Titans, and there are many at the level above the county governor, indicating that they are still infiltrating into various countries.

This is not something that ordinary non-governmental player organizations can do. Qiao Shan is not only curious, but also faintly worried about the boss behind the Titans.

Not only the Titans, but also in recent years, the gold level has suddenly decreased.

Although the gold level has always been rare, Qiao Shan does not think that it will be so much less all of a sudden, which shows that some silver levels hide the fact that they have been promoted to the gold level.

And they are well hidden and have not been discovered by the intelligence agencies of various countries.

Yes, it is all countries, not only the Qinglong Empire, nor only the seven empires.

Various major powers with stable domestic situations, including the seven empires, have their own interests, and even have various frictions with each other, and fierce competition is inevitable.

But their interests are the same when it comes to dealing with informal organizations like the Titans, as well as all kinds of things at the gold level.

Intelligence exchanges in this area are very common, and there are also many cross-border cooperation.

This problem is not just as simple as hiding strength, because these gold levels also give up the gold-level privileges provided by countries and even the seven empires.

Who would be willing to give up the power at hand? Still the behavior of so many people at the same time.

This thing is also scary.

Qiao Shan's intuition told him that something big might happen in the future.

"Will the Titans really cause such a serious problem?" Yue Yingshan said.

"I hope not."

Qiao Shan said and returned to the purpose of this time: "That Lu Feng's growth rate is very fast, I haven't seen anyone who can enter the epic realm in less than a year. And Alia's speed should not be slow. , the important thing is that she probably has very special skills, which may be the reason why the Titans like them."

"Uncle Qiao means that he wants to recruit Lu Feng and Alia?" Yue Yingshan asked.

"Yes, let them enter the Special Operations Bureau. I hope you can lead the way. This matter must be carried out in secret and must not be disclosed to anyone. I know they are in a little trouble. Because of some business conflicts, Jiangnan Bao's family people are working against them behind their backs."

Qiao Shan said: "You tell them that as long as I join the Special Operations Bureau, I can make Alia naturalized, or any brand-new legalization, regardless of whether Alia's original identity is fake or not, and I won't even ask her any background. valid identity."

It has the style of an intelligence chief, and directly uses transaction conditions that people cannot refuse.

Obviously, Qiao Shan was well prepared, all he needed was Yue Yingshan to pull the strings so that his appearance would not be so sudden.

"No problem." Yue Yingshan agreed immediately.


At Yan Xiaoming's place, Lu Feng received a call from Yue Yingshan, and they agreed to meet at a cafe.

"Miss Yue, you know her so well, she actually remembers your phone number. It seems that you have a good relationship." Yan Xiaoming said in surprise: "It's easy to have her here. Bao Nanjie fixed it."

"I met before, thank you for this."

Lu Feng came here to find out who was behind him.

The current Lu Feng is no longer the low-level leek he used to be. Although he has always kept a low profile and has not made many friends, he still has no problem trying to figure out some things. What's more, the scale of the family's business is not small, and the contacts there have not been used.

Yan Xiaoming only asked a few people to know why Director Lin was so concerned.

Lu Feng wouldn't be surprised that Bao Nanjie was doing things behind his back. After all, he had already been here once the last time the new store opened.

Lu Feng went to see Yueyingshan.

"Is Alia really your cousin?" Yue Yingshan chose a remote corner with only the two of them nearby, she asked straight to the point.

"Anyone can be a cousin as long as they want, this is called a sworn cousin." Lu Feng replied.

Yueyingshan rolled her eyes.

"I know the Bao family seems to be dealing with you." Yue Yingshan said, "I have a channel to get you out of this predicament."

"Thank you, Miss Yue is really reliable. I'll treat you to a big meal one day." Lu Feng said quickly.

"Don't thank me first, I don't have that kind of energy." Yue Yingshan also said quickly.

"You are too modest." Lu Feng replied.

"Do you know about the Special Operations Bureau?" Yue Yingshan asked.

"The sharp knife inside the army, the core combat power of the player's war era, the special operations unit, which was later renamed the Special Operations Bureau, really exists." Of course Lu Feng knew, but he just pretended to be surprised.

This is the high-end combat power of various major powers. It is usually not visible because it has always been hidden within the army. It is a special unit with extremely high combat effectiveness, and it is also good at secret operations.

The reason for the name change is that the scope of responsibility has increased, not just dealing with wars.

"They want to recruit you and Alia secretly. They won't ask about Alia's background. They can give her legal status, including naturalization, a new identity, and choose whatever you want." Yue Yingshan said.

"You're here to be the middleman."

Lu Feng knew Yue Yingshan's intentions, but he didn't expect to be targeted by the Special Operations Bureau so quickly.

Of course, there is a high probability that they did not participate in the matter of embarrassing Arturia. It should only be a problem of Bao Nanjie, because this is not the style of the Special Operations Bureau.

Maybe they will take advantage of Bao Nanjie, but the probability of collusion is extremely low.

Judging from the fact that they sent Yue Yingshan to act as an intermediary, it seems that they are also revealing goodwill.

"Yes, but I only convey what they mean, the decision is yours."

Yue Yingshan said: "However, I can give a suggestion and a reminder respectively. The suggestion is that this is a good opportunity. You know that the Special Operations Bureau is an authority, not a game management bureau. Entering the Special Operations Bureau is also a lot of players. A coveted target for the Board’s elite.”

"As a reminder, the person who recruited you is related to the intelligence system, so this recruitment must be carried out absolutely secretly, and no one can know about your entry into the Operations Bureau."

Yue Yingshan had a hunch that Qiao Shan's purpose was not entirely for solicitation. As a friend, she still planned to remind her.

"It's okay to join the Special Operations Bureau, but they still have to give her the legal status of Alia."

Lu Feng's answer was completely beyond Yue Yingshan's expectations.

She thought she would either agree or refuse, but she made this request without agreeing.

"It seems that Miss Alia hasn't come Do you want to ask her for her opinion?" Yue Yingshan said. On the phone, Artoria was invited, but only Lu Feng came over.

"I can help her decide. I said she was my cousin."

Lu Feng didn't care about Yue Yingshan's reminder just now, because it was impossible to join the Special Operations Bureau, and he wouldn't let himself be restrained.

Yueyingshan rolled her eyes again.

"Are you sure you won't join, will they solve the problem of Alia's identity?" Yue Yingshan asked.


Lu Feng shook his head and answered honestly, but the conversation changed: "However, I think that apart from the seven empires, the other big countries should be happy to give Alia an identity, maybe they will be a little worried, but as long as they enter the silver level, they should There will be no more hesitation."

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