MTL - Go Legend - C.3 Yuzi Catalpa all the way RaoMar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.3 Yuzi Catalpa all the way RaoMar 06, 2023

Chapter 3 Yuzi Qiluo all the way to Rao

Hearing the girl Xiuqin say this, Zhao Daokai laughed: "Haha, that's what it is, I understand."

Li Xiang glanced at Zhao Daokai: "What do you understand?"

"I said why Qinhuai Wujue's reputation is not obvious, dare to be loved by the river crab."

Li Xiangping listened for a while, but I must admit that Zhao Daokai really got the point.

Thinking that Zhao Nian's "Miscellaneous Notes of Houbanqiao" was written in the Qing Dynasty, and he listed a character like Ge Nen as the first of the Qinhuai's five must-sees, then you don't even have to think about it, you know that our country has river crabs This is a tradition from the Qin Dynasty, so this book must not escape the fate of the crab, even if this is just a "memoir of an old driver".

Just as the three of them were standing outside the painting boat, bragging and chatting, two more beauties in ancient costumes came out of the painting boat. These two seem to be slightly younger than the previous one. Well, look at these two. Dressed up a bit like an ancient maid.

The two "maids" whispered a few words to the embroidered qin girl, and then the beauty in ancient costume who claimed to be embroidered qin said to Li Xiangping and Zhao Daokai:

"The two gentlemen, are all ready now, why don't you get on board with me now?"

"Ok okay."

The three beauties led the way, Li Xiangping and Zhao Daokai were a few steps behind and boarded the painting boat behind.

Looking at Yingying Yanyan walking in front, especially at the graceful waist, Li Xiangping touched his best friend with his arm and said with a low voice:

"Okay, Daokai, I have made progress. Well, today's routine is quite new, I like it."

As a best friend, Zhao Daokai certainly knew what Li Xiangping meant. Hearing this, Zhao Daokai smiled lewdly, but on the surface he pretended to be serious:

"What's the routine? Don't think about it for me. By the way, I forgot to tell you something. This kind of painting boat is a kind of tourism project that the local tourism department has just launched. It is very formal, so you, Don't keep thinking about the things in heaven and earth."

Li Xiangping smiled indifferently: "That's of course, the routine in the world back then was nothing more than making a group of professional players pretend to be amateurs, which made a bunch of idiots flock to them, but today's routine is to make a bunch of amateurs The players are just pretending to be professional players. This routine is good, and this routine is quite innovative. So Dao Kai, don’t worry, I will play the cards according to the routine. You want to say that you haven’t seen any routines before? Are you afraid that I will make a mistake? card?"

"You guy"

Zhao Daokai also stared at the backs of those graceful girls and said with a smile:

"But then again, I feel that the beauty named Xiuqin just now looked a little bit special when she looked at you. By the way, you happen to be playing chess, so I'll see if you can look like a human. Lao Shi took her down like that."

"Haha no no no, Lao Shi is a chess master, how can I have that ability."

Li Xiangping didn't take Zhao Daokai's words to heart. He came to this place to play today. If it's nicer, it's called Nostalgic Sichun.

In modern society, the game of drinking flower wine and playing Go is outdated. It takes a long time to play the game of Go. In the modern fast-paced society, who still has time to play that game?

However, beyond Li Xiangping's expectations, when he actually boarded the painting boat, he actually saw a pair of chess sets, which were Go sets, not chess sets. And this chess set is also placed in a very conspicuous position among the painting boats.

Li Xiangping was overjoyed when he saw this scene, but he was relieved when he thought about it, thinking that since the beautiful woman dared to call her "Xiuqin", how could this boat have to pretend to be a Go?

But when Li Xiangping saw the chess set, especially when he could see a little more clearly, his eyes were a little inseparable:

"Huh? This pair of chess!"

Hearing Li Xiangping exclaimed in a low voice, Zhao Daokai didn't know why: "What's wrong?"

Li Xiangping did not answer immediately, but stared at the chess set for a few seconds before saying:

"It's nothing, I just feel that this chess set is a bit special, hehe! It's interesting, this painting boat is a bit interesting."

After hearing what Li Xiangping said, Zhao Daokai also pretended to look at the chess set, but he could not see why, so he whispered to Li Xiangping:

"Besides it looks a bit quaint, it doesn't feel anything special."

Li Xiangping laughed in a low voice:

"Don't know the goods, this is a typical Chinese chess set, especially the chessboard, the authentic 楸枰."

"楸? Chinese chess set?"

Li Xiangping glanced at him: "You can't blame you if you don't understand this, after all, what's popular on the market are devil's goods, and most people also use Japanese-style chess sets as authentic, such as the old man in my family, who got one some time ago. The Japanese torreya wooden plate makes him so happy that he will show off his friends every day. What he doesn't know is that the real Chinese chess set, especially the real catalpa, is the real one. The treasures of chessboards are much higher than those of the devils. There is a so-called chessboard made of one tree and two trees, and the piece in front of me seems to be the real one."

"Yeah! So powerful?"

Zhao Daokai first exclaimed, and then he continued: "楸枰楸枰, I seem to have heard this name, but why have I never seen this thing on the market?"

Li Xiangping nodded: "It's normal that you haven't seen it before, because the craftsmanship of this kind of chessboard has been lost in the Ming Dynasty, so the catalpa tree that still survives is extremely rare, although I heard that some people have re-developed it. This kind of chessboard, but imitations are imitations after all, and they are still not on the same level as real catalpas."

"Why is this?"

Li Xiangping glanced at him: "You should have heard of "Diancui" of Liyuanhang, "Diancui" has now been lost, and the loss of Qilu is actually the same as the loss of "Diancui". "

Zhao Daokai suddenly realized: "So that's how it is."

Listening to Li Xiangping's explanation, Zhao Daokai naturally understands that the disappearance of "Diancui" is not because of the complexity of the production process, but because the kingfisher used to make "Diancui" is almost extinct, and you have no raw materials. Well, that's a bit of a fart, Cui.

The situation of the catalpa tree is actually similar. In modern times, the catalpa wood that can be used to make the catalpa tree has been very difficult to find, even more difficult to find than the Japanese torrent tree. Even if this process is restored, it will be difficult to make it. A real catalpa.

"Then do you think this piece is a real 楸"

At this time, Zhao Daokai didn't know what to think of, he looked at the bamboo tree, and suddenly said to Li Xiangping:

"I heard you mentioned Uncle Li just now, hehe, I suddenly remembered that Uncle Li's birthday seems to be next month, right?"

Hearing Li Xiangping's heart move, he heard the sound of the strings and knew the elegant meaning. He and Zhao Daokai looked at each other, and then said in unison: "Go, go and have a look."

As Li Xiangping approached the catalpa tree, he still sighed in his heart. He said in his heart that he did not forget his filial piety when drinking the flower wine, and he still remembered to buy gifts for his old man, so no matter what he said, he could be called It is a "Chinese good dude".

After approaching the chessboard, Li Xiangping lowered his head to observe the chessboard carefully. After he saw it clearly, Li Xiangping's expression became serious, and he whispered to Zhao Daokai:

"Daokai, tell me honestly, this painting boat, and the girl who embroidered the qin, where did they come from?"

"What's wrong?"

"If I'm not mistaken, this chessboard, this chessboard, this should be the real 楸枰, not a modern imitation, and it seems to be the legendary piece"

"Ah! Is this still a real antique?"

Before Li Xiangping finished speaking, Zhao Daokai was already excited when he heard the first half of Li Xiangping's sentence.

Because Li Xiangping told him just now that the real zucchini was lost in the Ming Dynasty, if this piece is true, then at least this is an antique before the Ming Dynasty.

But, how can real antiques appear in this place?

According to what Zhao Daokai just said, this painting boat is just a tourism project that has just been developed by the local tourism department. The chaff, the quail, and the quail chanted the ox, the edge of the edge, the gap between the horns, and the exchange.

Zhao Daokai only remembered the last half of Li Xiangping's sentence: "By the way, what did you say just now, what is the legendary piece?"

Li Xiangping ignored him, but he took out a magnifying glass from his pocket like a magic trick, and then picked up the magnifying glass to observe the chessboard carefully.

Zhao Daokai smiled when he saw Li Xiangping's appearance, "Yo, that's good, Xiangping, now he still carries a magnifying glass with him, by the way, Uncle Li now asks you to take care of that antique construction company"

Li Xiangping still ignored him, and continued to watch carefully with the magnifying glass, his surprise became stronger and stronger, and after watching for a while, he straightened up and let out a long breath:

"You can't go wrong, it really looks like the legendary piece."

"Huh? What are you trying to say?"

Li Xiangping looked at Zhao Daokai: "Although you are a stinky chess player, you should have heard of "Danghu Ten Game"."

Zhao Daokai was annoyed: "I still know how your ugly name came from, what do you mean?"

Li Xiangping ignored him, stared at the chessboard for a while, and then said word by word:

"If I didn't see it, the chessboard in front of me should be the chessboard Fan Shi used when he played "Dang Lake Ten Games"."

"Ah?! Silk!"

Hearing Li Xiangping say this, Zhao Daokai was speechless, and he took a deep breath. Indeed, if Li Xiangping didn't talk nonsense, then this breath of cool air is certainly worth breathing.

Just, is this possible?

The two didn't speak for a while, Li Xiangping and Zhao Daokai looked at each other, and when they came back to their senses, they turned their eyes to other places at the same time, looking for the beautiful girl named Xiuqin.

It should be said that the reaction of the two of them is normal now. If you want to solve this mystery, the most direct way is to ask the beauty who claims to be embroidering the qin.

Just at this time, the beautiful girl named Xiuqin walked over with a smile:

"The two gentlemen, are all ready, can the boat sail now?"

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, Li Xiangping stabilized his mood and warned himself to be calm, anyway, you have to ask clearly after everything.

Coincidentally, it suddenly rained outside. Li Xiangping was moved, he smiled and said to the girl Xiuqin:

"Yuzi and lily all the way, the most suitable eaves, rain and bamboo are Xiaoxiao, that's all, now please go to the boat with the embroidered qin girl."

(end of this chapter)