MTL - Go Legend - C.876 Why is his brain so clear?Mar 06, 2023

MTL - Go Legend

C.876 Why is his brain so clear?Mar 06, 2023

Chapter 876 Why is his brain hole so clear

Li Xiangping just got off, this is a step of "depending on".

Of course, in today's situation, this move can also be called "top"--

Before this move, Brother Zhe just made a step of "single level jump".

Yes, it is the "single-level jump" known as "every level has no evil hands". Black chess is facing the middle of the belly, not only expanding his eye position, but also aiming at the connection with his other piece of chess, so today's this game. In this situation, Brother Nie's chess move is an extremely just way of treating orphans.

However, Li Xiangping's 80th move just "topped" on Black 79. And as soon as his move was played, the "single-level jump" that originally looked extremely just, but now it seemed less just.

Li Xiangping's move was once again ignored by many masters in the spectator room.

The reason why everyone didn't think about it here is very simple--

As Ma Xiaofei said, Li Xiangping's hand was an attack against common sense.

You must know that the pattern formed today is that Li Xiangping is on the attacking side, and Brother Zhe's current task is to control orphans and move. They all say "move and use the key", so the trick that Li Xiangping used just now is basically what he often used when he was treating orphans. Has anyone seen the "attack and use the key"?

It cannot be said that there is no such thing, but in Go, this kind of chess is indeed very rare.

It's not because of anything else, because in Go, when you are on the attacking side, what are you most worried about when attacking?

Considering that chess is played alternately by one person and one hand, when you are on the attacking side, the most important thing to beware of is actually being "borrowed" by your opponent.

It is precisely because of this that you should beware of this, so when you are attacking, it is very taboo to use techniques such as "lean", "touch" and "top"—

These techniques are all in direct contact with the opponent's sub-power, and once the sub-powers of the two sides are entangled together, it is easy to be borrowed by the opponent.

It is precisely because of this reason that in Go, people only use "rely" for maneuvering, and as for attacking, that is "flying for attacking", "towning for attacking"....

Whether it is "flying" or "town", the emphasis is nothing more than a non-sub-force contact.

For example, in today's game, before everyone saw Li Xiangping's "top" step, the most researched part of the research laboratory was actually a "suppression" step. Everyone was dismantling it just now. If Li Xiangping used this conventional attack method , he can get enough benefits.

But this seemingly normal and common method simply won't work. According to everyone's calculations, if White 80 chooses "the head of the town", then Brother Nie just needs to simply play three and two, leaning left and right. Or get in touch with your home base.

Black can completely deal with his only lone piece at a very small cost.

It is because everyone has considered this, so just now, the spectator room was still discussing whether Brother Jin would be upset today.

But as soon as Li Xiangping's anti-common sense move came out, these voices disappeared immediately. After the initial surprise, all the experts in the laboratory began to sigh and admire.

Everyone is sighing that Li Xiangping's brain circuit is really strange, and he can actually use this kind of anti-common sense attack method, and then praise Li Xiangping is really unfathomable, and his calculation and imagination ability is indeed higher than others. --

Because everyone knows that a method like today could never have been improvised by Li Xiangping.

Well, if it is possible to switch to other chess players, many wonderful players are indeed the product of "ingenuity".

But for Li Xiangping, this is rarely the case.

Especially in today's game of chess, it is almost impossible.

Because in the eyes of everyone, although "Brother Ji" played very well before, this "good" is also as good as everyone expected. Every move of Brother Ji is online, which reflects her professionalism, but All her tricks are not beyond the scope of everyone's cognition.

Since this is the case, then at the level of Brother Jin, can she have such a big advantage over Li Xiangping who wrote the "Mysterious Preface" before 80 moves?

Of course no one would believe it.

Since no one believes it, why is there a situation before Black 79?

That is of course because Li Xiangping should have counted the move of White 80 very early. Because of this move, Black's previous advantage is just an illusion.

Li Xiangping must have seen the previous illusion long ago, so he will allow the situation before Black 79 to appear.

What's so wonderful about Li Xiangping's white 80? You can simply take a look at the actual combat process behind:

After Li Xiangping took the "top" step, the opponent's "take" and other means naturally did not exist. In the case that it was impossible to take the lead, the opponent should have nothing more than two kinds.

One is "pull" and the other is "long".

All the experts in the research lab quickly realized that although facing this kind of "top" method, "pulling" is the most common response, but in today's game of chess, this most common response seems to be inappropriate.

Because no matter which side Black "pulls", Li Xiangping will definitely cut it off, and a "twisted cross" will be formed locally.

Since there are more pieces of white chess around, Li Xiangping's two cuts are valid, and there is no life-and-death problem, so once black is cut off, considering that it is not fully alive, no matter how hard it struggles , No matter how much the first move is in the local area, in the end, Brother Xie must go back and honestly work on his own dragon.

Of course, the big dragon will definitely not die if he dies, but the piece that was "pulled" before will most likely die without a hitch, and it will become a move that damages the goal.

Although a chess piece only has 2 eyes, it is irrelevant in today's large-scale offensive and defensive battle. However, the pattern of this chess game today is rather special. If black chess dares to "pull", then once the chess piece dies without a hitch, then It is not as simple as 2-eye chess, but it will give White the empty potential in the mid-belly area.

Since the "pull" is not enough, there is actually only one response left to Black.

He can only “long” honestly, or “retire” honestly.

In actual combat, Brother Nie did it like this. It took her about seven or eight minutes to figure out that the two "pulls" were not valid, and then she made the most correct response in this situation, she went to the chessboard" "Tian Yuan" direction honestly "retreat" one hand.

It's a pity that at this time, even if Brother Xie was completely right, it would be of no help. Facing her "retreat", Li Xiangping chose the unbearable "hard post".

Well, under normal circumstances, this kind of "hard sticking" is very vulgar, and the Japanese call it "car-pulling".

But in today's game, this method is vulgar and powerful, vulgar and effective, because black still does not dare to "pull", she only needs to pull Li Xiangping to cut off immediately. The chess pieces that come in will still face the consequences of no end.

After black "retreat" 3 moves honestly, Li Xiangping saw that the local price was almost the same, so he made a very chic "Xiaofei"--

As soon as this move is played, in the center of the entire chessboard, White has already seen about 10 to 15 points of empty potential.

More importantly, even if Black has "long" three moves in the mid-belly area, her overall dragon is still not alive, and the most urgent task is to make the dragon alive first and then——

Once he dares to take the lead, even if he is not in danger of death or death, it will be even worse for White.

However, after a few more moves on the board, black has a new problem—

Although Black's entire dragon still won't die, but because White has so much potential to become empty out of thin air, this requires Black to be able to make a living while she can't make a second move—

Once Black makes a backhand to work, and Li Xiangping frees up his hand, as long as he steadily adds a move in the mid-belly, and completely realizes the potential of the empty point, his number of eyes will be overtaken in one fell swoop.

With brother Jin's level, of course she can see this, so after Li Xiangping took the step "Xiaofei", she began to sigh, and began to weigh, should she do the work first--

At this time, we really need to make a good balance.

In fact, at this time, Black does have a way to make a live dragon first, and this method is very simple, let alone a master like Brother Xing, I am afraid that with an amateur 4 dan, today's life and death will not be difficult for him.

But this method is very lossy.

If Black wants to make the first move, she must grab a "rush first move", which is not only vulgar, but also loses the number of games.

In other words, in the current situation, Brother Jin can perform a series of "command-type" moves to ensure that his dragon will do the work first.

However, this series of command-type moves is very damaging, not only will it lose 2 chess, but also sell the aftertaste of Guanzi around 6.

The so-called "official aftertaste", everyone can understand that this official may be grabbed by Li Xiangping, or it may be grabbed by Brother Jin.

This kind of official can be considered as one person and half, so if Brother Jin sells it, it can be considered that she has lost 3 chess.

In this way, if the two are added together, if Black wants to move first, she must lose about 5 Guanzi first.

In professional competitions, the value of 5-point officials is of course very large, which is already close to a sticker, so of course Brother Xi must consider it carefully.

Brother Jin didn't think about it for a long time this time, after all, the mid-abdominal potential there is about 10 to 15 meshes, which seems to be bigger than the loss of 5 meshes.

So after hesitating there for about two or three minutes, Brother Xie made a move. She chose the very damaging quick move, making sure that her big dragon was the first mover, and then she went to break the mid-bellied potential that White had just formed.

The outcome of this game of chess is thus decided!

It's not that Brother Jin's choice is wrong, but at this time, it doesn't really matter how she chooses.

Because of Li Xiangping's mid-abdominal potential, even if someone breaks it first, it is impossible to complete the return to zero.

15 eyes will definitely not make it, and it is very difficult to get 10 eyes first, but there are still around 5 eyes.

Even if there are no 5 eyes, there must be 3 eyes.

Therefore, if we calculate the general ledger, in today's battle, Brother Jin lost about 10 chess.

At least at least will be required, loss of 8 items.

Today's chess share is to give way.

It was so cheap before 100 moves, so for Li Xiangping now, of course, there is no suspense about this move.

The final result is exactly that.

In today's game of chess, Brother Zhe worked diligently to collect the officials, but at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, both sides of the game already knew the final result.

At about 4:40 pm, Li Xiangping finished collecting the last official with a purpose, then he raised his head and smiled and said to Brother Xi:

"Mr. Rui, it seems to be a good 4-eye, right?"

Brother Jin smiled bitterly: "Yeah, Xiang Ping is really amazing."

(end of this chapter)